Mall Magic Eye

24 04 2010

If you haven’t read my about section, you don’t know that I have the world’s best job. I’ve said at all of my jobs that they could be a sitcom. For example, my first job was working at a Sorority’s NHQ. If you thought MTV’s Sorority Life was bad, you should’ve seen what it was like for a chunky, stubborn, Jersey-girl like me in an image-obsessed superficial office environment. I may or may not have been given etiquette brochures by my boss. Hilarity ensues!

But this job, this one takes the cake. It’s entertaining and everyone is nice. And things happen. Like a few weeks ago. A delightful older woman who claimed she was “not a prude” took me over to a popular lingerie store since there was something inappropriate in the window.

Do you see what I see? I did a scientific (read: I drunkenly asked friends) poll and about 50% of them saw some pre-penetration. Including my old lady whistleblower friend. Who swore it was her husband that noticed it first.

In any case, it’s just her heel. And they changed their windows a week or two later. But what do you see – heel or… man-meat? I was pretty pumped I could see both since I could never see those Magic Eye things as a kid, and this feels like redemption.




5 responses

24 04 2010

Bahahaha, I see both too!

25 04 2010

I guess I don’t see it….just the heel of her foot. Dagnabbit! I could never see the ‘magic eye’ things either!

25 04 2010

I just see the heel of her foot. Surprising since I tend to be a bit dirty minded 🙂

25 04 2010
Jem- Aqua Bride

This is so funny. I saw the heel but upon closer inspection, I can see how someone could see the “other thing”. lol, too funny

28 04 2010

Oh my gosh, I didn’t see it until I looked realllllly hard! But now that you say it….

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