The Sweetest

25 04 2010

My husband is the sweetest. He read my new bloggy-blog here and was all, you’re not mediocre! And I was all, but I’m not not-mediocre! And he was all, you’re selling yourself short!

So yea, I thought that was really nice of Big Daddy (his college nickname and now his blog nickname) to care about that. He thinks I’m good at things. I tried to explain that I’m really not, that most of my escapes end up being funny yet unsuccessful, thus proving them blog-able, but not not-mediocre. But anyway, he had a point. So I changed my blog name from kjpugs’ exercises in mediocrity to kjpugs: ordinary in indiana. Since we’re all pretty much ordinary, right? I know I am. For now. Until my distant relation to Rosie O’Donnell is picked up by the media. Then I’ll be famous. (True story- my step-grandma was her mom’s cousin. Or something like that.)

Since you don’t know him quite yet, here’s a quick pic of me and B:

That would be us on the first night of our honeymoon. The day before our horrible sunburns. See? Famous people don’t burn. Ordinary ones who forget to put sunscreen on their own legs do. (Although his were second degree blistering burns. Mine were just regular old burns.)

So there ya go. Slight change. I’m running with it!




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25 04 2010

…second degree blistering burns? Awww! Terry got those on our trip to Disneyworld 2 years ago…fustrating because even though you try it does make a vacation less-fun if you’re in pain. He had it all over his back. Poor guy!

25 04 2010

I’m following the new blog. Thanks for linking over.

I’m still debating on what I’m going to do with my wedding blog. I already claimed the name of another blog if I decide to change it to a regular blog.

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