Grown Ups

29 04 2010

Ok. So you all rock and voted for my gravatar. I was leaning either 1 or 3 and you helped me pick #1!

It hasn’t updated for me on my page yet but I’m slowly changing over on all my sites. Mah siitteeees, yo. I’m so ghetto and cool.

Also, I wanted to tell you all why I feel like a grown up. Why Big Daddy and I are totallllly grown ups. It’s not because I went to change my name this week at the social security office. (Although that was an enriching experience in other cultures and Let’s Make a Deal… sort of.)

No, it wasn’t that. What made us big kids was we finally got a bed frame for our bed. I’m not talkin’ a fancy headboard. I’m talking the thing that keeps your bed off the floor. We broke ours a while ago (get your mind out of the gutter… it was actually B, chasing pugs, who jumped on the corner of the bed, thus bending the leg and rendering it useless) and put off buying a new one because we’re dirt poor. So we splurged. And… wait for it… I’m a big kid now!

PS- no, the pugs are NOT enjoying having to get up onto the bed. But they’re using their pug stairs, don’t worry.




3 responses

29 04 2010

I’m going to change my name at the SS office tomorrow. Eek!

29 04 2010
Stacy Marie

How did I KNOW that you had pug stairs?! You are definitely one of my favorite people and its getting crucial that I meet you in real life!

30 04 2010

LOVE that photo. I think its the DIXIE tongue that does it for me.

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