A Blogger’s Sadness

31 05 2010

I am sure that any of you who have read about the Hog Roast or Indy 500 that were going on this weekend are anxious to hear about the debaucheries that occurred. And of course… outlined with photos of every moment.

Well my friends, you will not be getting that. I took some amazing pictures over the course of both days. And then at the Indy 500, I dropped by camera in the bathroom stall. Disgusting. The bottom part popped open and the battery flew out. Not unusual- I quickly picked it up and popped it back in.

Then I got back to our spot on the lawn and tried to take a picture. Fail. My memory card apparently came out as well in the fall. I raced back to the bathroom stall but couldn’t find it. So besides these two iPhone pictures, there are none.

Thank goodness I took one to upload to Facebook! Our bus (yes we take a bus there) had a white-trash theme so we dressed it up.

We also partied hardy on the bus there and back. My first beer bong was at 9:30am. On the way back, there was a dance party going on.

So yes, I’m sad. A blogger’s joy in taking photos is the ability to share with their readers and ultimately, friends. So ultimately, not having them is a blogger’s sadness. For me it’s a huge disappointment to lose the photographic memories of my favorite weekend of the year. I emailed my friends to hopefully get some pictures from them, but in the meantime… we’re getting some food to make me feel better. And if anyone has a memory card they don’t need, feel free to tweet me.


Pugs, Buggs, and Brugs

28 05 2010

I haven’t really talked about my dogs yet, which makes me sad, since they’re basically my life.

Big Daddy and I have three pugs. Which is not entirely true, we technically have 2 and 1/2 pugs. One of them is a Bugg, aka Boston Terrier x Pug.

In December 2007, we adopted the two girls. They were rescued from a puppy mill where they had been bred (and had the saggy boobies to prove it!) which is the main reason I hate Amish people. But that’s another story for another day. Anyway, may I introduce you to our first pugs:

Sophie Soph

And Dixie Bugg

A little less than a year later we got Harley aka Sir Harles. He was a rescue although he wasn’t from a puppy mill, just a surrender. (More and more dogs were surrendered due to the economy. Please always consider adopting!)

Here’s sweet Harles

And those are my babies! Harles, Sophie, and Dixie aka DAT BUGG!

Today I was browsing hybrid dogs online (aka designer dogs, a horrible trend in general, since cross-breeding is unpredicable as far as personality, looks, etc., often leading to surges in surrenders when their popularity dies out. However, I was searching because I find it fascinating to play “what does dog A + dog B produce?”) While searching, I found this. The Brug.

HOLY EWOK! It’s a Brussels Griffon x Pug. I saw the picture below and nearly died. I sent it to Big Daddy and he felt the same.

It looks like Sophie with a bad 80’s perm! I won’t ever get one from a breeder or anything, but you better bet that I’ll be checking rescues for Brugs until the day I find one I can snatch up!


27 05 2010

Before I discuss my feelings on no complaint day, here are the complaints I recorded throughout the day:

  • 7:15 am Mad that Big Daddy took the last cheddar Babybel cheese. Consider complaining text. Remember it’s no complaint day. Go to work without my delightful dairy mid-morning kick.
  • 8:57 am Discuss insurance plan questions and options with coworker. Have to be reassured that I am expressing concerns/questions not complaints. Realize that it’s a thin line.
  • 11:20 am Coworker does incorrect transactions yesterday, causing me two times the amount of work today. I guide her as to how to do it correctly, and she does it wrong again 2.5 times. Tongue = bitten.
  • 3:33 pm Realize Rick Sanchez is on CNN in our office. Fight need to share how much he annoys me.
  • 3:45 pm STFU RICK SANCHEZ.
  • 5:05 pm Leave work and remember that Big Daddy’s car is now my car. It’s maroon with black interior. It’s like 90 degrees. So hot in the car I am sweating in places no person should and can barely touch the wheel. Miss white car with tan interior. No one present to complain to.
  • 6:07 pm Realize buns for meatball sub dinner are moldy. Have to eat meatballs on… toast.
  • 8:32 pm Feeling hungry for a sweet treat. Convince Big Daddy to pick up McDonald’s $1 hot fudge sundaes without complaining how badly I need sweets. SUCCESS!

Out of my whole day, these were the notable complaints. Not bad! A few times I would find myself saying something and realizing I could phrase it differently (talking about Big Daddy’s casual work dress code, and saying how different it is to not have to buy two wardrobes, for example) to sound less complain-y.

No Complaint Day. Overall, it did me no good. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was proud of myself for limiting the superfluous complaints that might annoy others (like how bad my lunch is, or how much I hate Rick Sanchez.) But complaints can also be A) valid, B) cathartic, and C) hilarious. I think it’s important to remember your audience, and to monitor your complaint gauge. No one likes someone who is complaining 24/7. But I’m not sure anyone likes someone who is bland and biting their tongue all the time either!


26 05 2010

What a wonderful, yet busy, complaint-free day! I sure picked the wrong day to go complaint free. Not that I’m complaining. And yes, I had to use that qualifier a few times today. I realized complaints walk a fine line. I had work issues where I felt like voicing concerns walked that delicate little line between concern and complaint. In case you were wondering, I recorded all notable complaints in my iPhone notes and will share them when my 24 hours are up. I have been interested by the “results!”

I am happy to share that Big Daddy is going back to school. His degree is in public finance, but he’s in a sales-focused job that doesn’t use finance quite as much as he’d like. He wants really badly to further himself, especially in that field, and is so driven to do so. See, he had what you would call… how do I put this… a shitty time growing up. He isn’t like me, talking all fondly of middle school dances and trips down the shore, big fluffy marshmallows and rainbow colored unicorns. He was one of those people who was excited to peace the fuck out and get to college. College was more of an escape where he came into his own, instead of a scholastic experience in academic excellence. Now, he wants to get A’s and work hard. It makes me so proud of him! I love seeing him motivated. He’s going to get an associate’s degree in accounting to bolster his financial experience and see where it takes him.

I promise I have a point. See, he got this form today about getting a parking pass.

He read through and looked at the examples for the car make, model, and color (below the lines he filled in.)

Aka our car’s make, model, and color.

I really hope they realize we do, in fact, have a green Camry. And that he’s not a copy-cat or compulsive liar.

Thanks & Complaints

26 05 2010

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Blog Buddy Appreciation Day! I traveled through your blogs and found some really awesome insights about why we blog, blogging friendships, and the blog world vs the “real” world. It was so interesting and enlightening! I added a bunch of blogs to my reader and can’t wait to keep going through the BBAD posts tonight. If you see one, or if you wrote one, feel free to tweet it at me (@kjpugs) or comment here!

If any of you already follow me on Twitter, you know how my night at the laundromat went yesterday! I have a ton to fill you all in on, and will soon. But this morning, I wanted to announce what I’m doing today. I’m NOT COMPLAINING today. At all.

Last week, Kathie Lee and Hoda said something about going a day without complaining. And I realized, I probably complain way too much, and should give that a try. I set the day for to following Tuesday, aka yesterday. However I forgot and had complained enough before 7am that I felt it wasn’t fair. So I started it up today. Wish me luck! Mostly I think I’m overthinking it, but if this can help me cut down on my extraneous complaints, and make me think a little more before opening my yapper, then it’ll be success.

Come visit me on Twitter and encourage my non-complaining day!


25 05 2010


I am so lucky to have a ton of Blog Buddies to Appreciate today. I’ve picked three to share, but trust me, I could do thirty!

First- My Bloggie Bestie, Laura.

When you can’t have a blog buddy nearby, just make a stick of her!

Laura and I commented a lot on each others’ wedding blogs. In September last year, I got this message on Weddingbee, subject: “It’s Miss Mojito!”… “Just wanted to say hi… we always chat on each others’ blogs and I see you often on WB so just thought I would say hi… for some reason I always feel so similar in your thoughts and posts so I feel a connection with your blog! 🙂 Wish we were local so we could do a meetup… they are so fun!” I was so jazzed – I felt like a celeb had contacted me. Her wedding blog was so inspiring, and I felt the same way. Move forward three months, and I’m calling her hours after finding out a certain relative I don’t care to discuss went back on her promise to help with our wedding, leaving our celebration in jeopardy. (Read about it here.) I immediately could talk to her about anything. She calls me “K$$$$” and makes me smile. Of all my blogger friends, she is without a doubt the farthest from me. I hold out hope for a blogger meetup in Vegas (any takers?) so I can finally give her the hug she deserves. Laura, not only did your blog inspire me, but you supported me. You are hilarious, fun, and make me smile. I am so lucky that you are my blog buddy!

Next up is the one and only Steph.

BW3’s in nowheresville!

My first wedding blog / wedding board admirer. Much like Laura, she messaged me on Weddingbee. We responded similarly to a thread (read: not in the majority) and she sent me a message, subject: “we were meant to be friends…” among which was the phrase “Ok, I promise I’m not stalking, just thought it was funny.” Stalking? I’m in love. Steph and I are really lucky to live within two-ish hours of one another. We’ve gotten together three times, once with husbands in tow, as you’ve read. We have so many things in common, especially super-sweet husbands and ADORABLE dogs, and I really love her new blog. Stephanie, you are an incredibly comforting and encouraging person that I’m lucky to have in my life.

The last Blog Buddy I’m going to mention is someone who has been with me for almost two years. My sweet Twinner. She was my blog buddy way pre-wedding blog… yes she has a pug blog like me! (Although I absolutely suck at updating it now. And she reminds me of that!) When I first read her blog, I thought she was a lonely old woman. (HAHAHAHA sorry Twinnie.) Eventually we started emailing from my pug email, then started chatting on gchat (back when I had it at work… le sob) and texting. We have so much in common – even our first names and last initials – that we call each other “Twinner.”

Yea, I’m creepy, and photoshopped this pic of “us.” Don’t judge me, I was unemployed.

Twinner is a wonderful light in my life. She gives me advice, recipes, and laughs. We email every day now that I’m gchat-less, and even though she doesn’t like cheese (!??!?!) I adore her. If Twinner could’ve been one of my bridesmaids, I would have been down. Big Daddy is always asking about my Twinner and what she thinks about the things going on in our lives. I ALWAYS go to my Twinner when I have silly issues that I’d be too scared to mention to anyone else. Twinnie, thanks for always being my better half and guiding me. You are such a special person! (And not in a Dixie way!)

I have so many blog friends that I am lucky to know. In celebration of them, I’ve added some blogs to my sidebar. (Edit: ok I can’t figure out how to do that. Share if you know. It’s coming… eventually.) If you want to be on there, just comment! I was a few thousand unread deep in my old RSS feed so I just started over. Enlighten me.

Thanks for being a part of Blog Buddy Appreciation Day! You still have time to post your own! Be like me and post about bloggers who became your friends. Or, be like I could have, and post about how you pretend The Pioneer Woman is your BFF and you make meatballs together every Friday then watch reruns of Friends. Or is that just me?

Either way… today is a great day to be thankful for what blogs do – bring people together.

Mi dispiace, Sicilia.

24 05 2010

I feel like I’m a traitor to my heritage.

My dad was mostly Italian. A generation or two back, his family was from Sicily. Their last name was Giuffre when they came to Ellis Island. My mom’s family were mostly Irish. So ignoring that I’m adopted, that makes me Irish/Italian, like most of New Jersey. I have something close to thirty cousins, my mom is the oldest of ten, and my dad had two families (he was fostered due to abuse.) I LOVE having a huge family, with great Italian and Irish traditions. Being in New Jersey throughout my childhood meant that you never ordered Domino’s – there were great local pizzerias everywhere. I miss the shore, I miss going to NYC for a show, but most of all I miss good pizza. Italian everything infiltrated my life.

After my Sophomore year of college, I spent a summer in Italy. More specifically… Sicily. I actually never made it up to the mainland. I spent those weeks here, in Taormina.

In the back there towards the coast is a beautiful, ancient amphitheater where I saw a premier of Batman Begins with celebrity guests like Andie MacDowell, Malcolm McDowell (no relation), and Jason Biggs. Amazing. Except for the sweaty Italian man whose back was up against my knees. Ancient people were shorter.

I spent my time in Taormina eating…

(15 pounds worth…)

And drinking…

Hmmm… cute. And yes, that is Wyborowa Wodka. Way better than grappa… ((shudder))

I got a B in Italian language, an A in Mafia Studies, and an A- in Sicilian culture. I loved it there. I was conversational in Italian and drank it all in.

So why do I bring this up?

After growing up in Jersey, and living in Sicily… until this year, I had never seen The Sopranos or The Godfather.

Insult to injury? They filmed The Sopranos in the town I grew up in. I saw them filming more than I saw the show.

In my defense, I grew up kind of sheltered. My parents weren’t so much for allowing us to watch MTV or VH1. It was more Mel Brooks movies and Broadway musicals.

Big Daddy got me a Sopranos box set of all seasons for Christmas last year. We are about three or four seasons in. And on Saturday, I finally saw The Godfather. It made me miss everything Italian from my past, and wish my family was a little more murderously loyal. Just a little.

I also was able to gain a little Italiano street cred when I deciphered some of the non-subtitled Italian conversation in the movie. Booyah. (ps- “mi dispiace, Sicilia” means “I’m sorry, Sicily.” After going so long without seeing The Godfather, I feel as though I owe the region itself an apology.)