Basements are Creepier than Me.

3 05 2010

We have a house. And it has a basement.

Let me backtrack. Big Daddy and I were really serious really quickly. While we wanted to “serve our time” and grow our relationship for a while before getting married, we still moved quickly into other couple-y things. Like, we moved in together after eight months. Big Daddy bought the house but naturally I helped pick it out. Only thing I didn’t realize I would have such a problem with? The basement.

It’s cobweb infested and just generally creepy down there. The literal ONLY reason I go down there is to do laundry. But that won’t be happening anymore anytime soon. Why?

This is a representation (created artistically by me) of what it looks like when we run the washer now.

Yep there’s all sorts of fountain-y, woosh-y explosions of water out of that pipe thing. Twice (you know, during each rinse cycle.) Big Daddy assumes that there’s some clog or blockage in that pipe. I hope it’s not a sock. God knows they always go missing. But anyways so yea, it explodes water as if it’s a Disney movie kissing scene, and then forms a river which flows down to the drain in our basement. Which worked out fine. This started pre-wedding so we just let it happen. Until this week, when our basement drain also stopped working. Which I realized when I came downstairs and saw a swimming pool in our basement. It looked something like this:

Oh look, there’s our vacuum graveyard on the right! Sigh, the vacuums we killed with all our pug hair. Thank you sweet Jesus for our Dyson! But I digress…

It’s probably not that big of a deal to fix (hope?), but we’re pretty poor. Like, when I want pizza I consider getting Little Caesar’s carry out poor. So that drags it out. And now that we can’t use our washer, this means two things. 1) I have zero reason to go in the basement and would like to just sort of close it off and board it up. 2) While we save money/try to remember to call a plumber… I will have to use a laundrymat. Laundramat? Laundry Mat? Why is spell check not approving that? Is that not a real word? Anyway I have to go to a laundry place. I’m not even sure if they make them anymore, but yes, we’ll be visiting one at some point. I never used one in college (my dorms had laundry rooms, the sorority house had washers and dryers, and my apartment had them as well) so I’m more from the spread-laundry-out camp than the two-loads-efficiently camp. It’s going to be really weird and I hope to find one with wi-fi so I can document my journey.

FYI, I had to go into the basement to take those pictures. I hope you realize how much I do for you all, readers. All five of you.




14 responses

3 05 2010

LOL you crack me up… and is it Laundromat?

3 05 2010

Haha I love the artistic interpretations of the water. That basement looks terrifying, though. My basement is SUPER scary, too. One of my cats accidentally got down there (mom left the door open) and had a legit cat-meltdown. Like, it sounded as if some one were murdering him over and over. Cats (or any living creature for that matter) should never make the sounds he made.

Good luck at the laundromat. Please document it. I’m sure there is such amazing people watching. Be like OMGMom and take pics on your phone of people who piss you off.

3 05 2010


3 05 2010

We appreciate your sacrifice haha! What a mess…hope y’all are able to get it fixed soon!

3 05 2010

We don’t have a basement in our house, but I definately agree with you…basements can get creepy…AND I hate going to laundrymats. I’ve been a few times in my life but I always managed to try and make trips to my parents house to do laundry every week. ha ha ha!

4 05 2010

Kelly, you might think of contacting a local plumber and bartering. Maybe you could help with some marketing/PR work for his business? Just a thought? Also, depending on what the actual problem is you might be able to turn the water off and disconnect the pipe and check out the blockage situation or replace the pipe part. (I speak from experience as our laundry at the house has leaked a few times) Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

4 05 2010

Lexi, I am in awe of your can-do attitude!!! If only I could force my fatass off the couch to investigate. I find myself wishing you still lived next door! 🙂

4 05 2010
Cindy G.

I hated the basement in our house where we grew up, it always creeped me out – felt like someone was watching me. Love your artistic representation of the water 🙂 I know there are some laundromats out there – most of them that I have seen around Indy are combined with something else, usually a tanning place. So hey, maybe you can do your laundry and tan at the same time!

4 05 2010

See, this is why I told Rick we couldn’t have a basement! I hate them! If its a big gigantic house with open space and a walkout door and natural light – thats one thing, but a regular old basement?! No thank you. I’m sure there are laundromats around – we actually have one by our neighborhood. Come visit me, bring your laundry and we’ll have an adventure! Or I guess, you could just use our washer and dryer that’s located in the mud room – above ground! 😉

4 05 2010

Twinnie! I am so sorry about this laundry drama!

Your drawings were so life-like, I foresee a second career as an artist in your future.

I would do your laundry for you if I lived in Indy!!!


4 05 2010

A – Thank you for braving the basement to take pictures for us 🙂
B – That sucks! Hubs had to use a Laundromat 2 apartments ago and it was the worst :-/ Yes, they do still exist…. do you live close to your parents? I would go there instead!

6 05 2010

Oh they still make them. You know those “Laundry and Tan” radio commercials?? Oh yeah baby!! Well even the one I have been to in Carmel is gross, ghetto and dirty. YES CARMEL! I have to take my comforters to the laundromat to use their mega $5 mumbo-jumbo sized washer and dryers (I am too cheap to use a drycleaner).

7 05 2010

You crack me up! I agree that basements are scary. I should take a picture of the “basement” in our new place. It’s half crawl-space/half basement and it is beyond creepy. All dark and low-ceilinged, with dirt and plastic tarp things all over. There is a hatch and ladder to get into it from the “master bedroom” which is becoming a spare room (not sleeping in a room with a creepy hatch) and there is a mini door outside to get to the basement too… yuck!!

7 05 2010

That’s how ours is too Jess! Just with stairs. The tarp-covered crawlspace is too scary for words!!!!!

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