6 05 2010

I am so lucky that I have an AMAZING Mom. I called her by her first name for a few years during college but she was not a fan. In protest she called me “daughter” instead of KJ. So we compromised and I now call her Mommers. It’s stuck with me and my sisters. We are truly so lucky.

Aren’t we so cute!? Also, my boobs are HUGE! No wonder Big Daddy married me. I was not quite so aware about the funbag situation before.

Anyway, this week my two sisters and I got an email from Mommers saying:

Hi Sweeties,

Please don’t buy me anything for mother’s day. I brought myself a mixer from all of you. However, I DO expect a card telling me how wonderful I am!


Oh and don’t worry. I did send a card. And my insane sister Rosh (fake name… clearly, my parents didn’t smoke crack) has an idea for a possible present. We shall see.

Of course, like 95% of people I know and am related to, she’s in New Jersey. And I miss her so much, especially on holiday weekends. Just wanted to say, as we enter Mother’s day time, that I love my mom so much. Expect to see some transcripts of our hilarious gchat convos on the blog. (She has also been on Postcards from Yo Momma, FYI!)




3 responses

6 05 2010

Love your mom’s shirt! Adorable!

7 05 2010

I wanna meet your mommmmmmmmmmmmmers! She sounds as fabulous and adorable as you! And ps: only 9 more days! šŸ˜€

7 05 2010

That is hilarious; I love that she bought a present for herself! My dad does the same thing for every birthday or Xmas…

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