Awkward Strikes Back

7 05 2010

This morning I woke up to the sun. I stretched, I yawned, I smiled. I then ran up to the clock (I’m blind without my glasses, and for some reason, that seemed easier than, I dunno, putting them on…) and realized I had twenty minutes to get to work.

I took the pugs outside (they were none too happy) and urged them to #1 and #2 with speed. Then I threw my hair back (after spraying a fair amount of dry shampoo, my hair produces enough oil daily to trump the current oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico) did some quick makeup, and left.

Now, this isn’t unfamiliar. I would probably not have a job if it weren’t for Big Daddy. Before cohabitating, I lived alone only a hot two minutes from my job. I had to be there at 8:00 am every day, and yet, usually woke up at that exact time. I turn alarms off in my sleep. Granted I didn’t so much care about being late to that job, since, to put it politely, it was the worst job ever. Being judged early (as in, looked up and down each morning) by some superficial office staff after waking up 10 minutes prior to work? Not so great.*

When I moved in with Big Daddy, he would do a great job about getting me up. Pugs did the same (hey, a pugs gotta pee!) and I eventually became an on-time person. Big Daddy’s busy season for work though is summer, so sometimes (like today) he wakes up at 5:00 am to get a head start. Poor me! (I know right? I definitely have the short end of the stick in this situation. I also really hope you can read my sarcasm. Big Daddy definitely does have it worse.)

Long story short I made it and still have a job. But I’m pretty sure the whole building could smell me. Or at least see their faces in my oily sheen.

If that’s not awkward enough (I had about 10 “you look different!” comments since I never wear my hair back. Or smell bad.) I realized something while driving home. Pre-Jeep, I had my Corolla. Obviously. You know that. Bruce kept his New Jersey plates until about a year and a half into my Indiana living. I was really obnoxiously sad about giving them up.

This was like oh, 2008ish. Not sure (and not caring) about any pertaining laws, I kept my NJ plate on the front. FYI- Indiana only does back plates. Some hoosiers have “Wild Gurl” mirrored front plates. I had a NJ one. Big deal.

My front plate made it possible for me to acknowledge any and all other NJ drivers that I would see here in the Midwest. Instant camaraderie. Fast forward to today. I see a fellow NJ front-plater. I give them the nod and a fist pump. Andd… they stared blankly at me.

Oh that’s right. I drive a JEEP. A PURPLE Jeep. With pug rescue magnets on it. And an Indiana license plate. One. No NJ plate.

Keepin’ it awkward, everyone. One fist pump at a time.




2 responses

7 05 2010

HA! I mean…aww. Lol. I used to have a VW Bug and other Bug drivers would always give me the peace sign. The few times I did it they didn’t do it back, of course. So I know where you’re coming from. Awkwarrrd.

8 05 2010

You need to put that NJ on Barney. This weekend. Do it. And ps: tell me what brand of dry shampoo you use por favor. 🙂

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