TGI Lavender

9 05 2010

Last night I had the privilege of seeing my friend of 14 years, Em, who was in town to run the Indy Mini Marathon yesterday. She had her personal best time! I tried to meet her at the finish line but guess what? Parking, while there’s a mini marathon? Not so easy.

There was a TGI Friday’s in her hotel so I drove downtown to have dessert/drinks. You all are way lucky that I don’t have any of my old photo albums (they’re in storage because guess why? Our house is TINY! This is a theme, people) or I’d be showing you some hilarious shots. Em is about six inches shorter than me but I squatted for this picture:

Yes, we wore the same-ish shirt.

I dunno if you can tell but I am wearing a different nail polish color than my usual! In case you were wondering, this is my usual:

(From the wedding, natch) I wore this color, Vixen by Revlon, all the time, pretty much exclusively. It looks really dark in photos but basically it’s a very rich deep plum color. I bring it with me to get my nails done, on the rare occasion it happens. But I wanted to branch out. Nothing has ever grabbed me before, until I started seeing light, gray-ish lavender on people this season. I normally am not up with the trends but I saw it everywhere! I went to the drugstore, cause I’m cheap, and tried on a few. But I did not like any of them.

Thumb was too dark and grey. Pointer was too pre-teen. Middle finger was too white. I felt like Goldilocks. Where was my “just right?”

Finally I was at Sephora and found one I liked. It’s still a little to bright/purple for me, but it doesn’t stand out too much either. For $9, win.

Aptly, it’s called “Call Your Mother.” You know. Cause today’s Mother’s Day?

Whattaya think?

It’s sad that it takes so long for me to pick a color. But back me up girls- it’s important… right?




4 responses

9 05 2010

ooh i like it! i used to wear that VIXEN all the time too — didn’t it get discontinued? i loved the vixen lipstick too! that lavendar is really cute!

9 05 2010

(haha i said lavendAr lol!!)

9 05 2010

It’s cool, I have to do the gray/grey debate in my head sometimes. Ps Vixen isn’t discontinued, at least as of my last trip to Walgreens…

10 05 2010

You make me laugh with your awkwardness on the last post!

AND… get THIS…


Twinnies 4 eva!

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