Hot Boxed

10 05 2010

Big Daddy and I have a pizza obsession.

I’ll preface this by saying that any day of the week, I prefer authentic NY/NJ pizza. I am PAINFULLY LOYAL to my pizza love out East. But a girl’s gotta eat here in Indiana.

Hot Box Pizza, formerly Pizza Express, was a college favorite of Big Daddy’s and a current favorite of ours. “The Deal” (formerly “The Big Ten Special”) consists of breadstix, two drinks, and a pizza. And the cups are sort of the best part. Check out our personal collection…

Their stix are out of this world. Dipped in cheese sauce… nommmm. And their whole “feel” is fun and unique. I mean this is the graphic from their National Breadstix Day…

We love ordering their pizza but the problem? We both HATE ordering. We kind of go by whoever wants the pizza more orders. We will seriously spend 15 minutes deciding who has to call and order the pizza… it doesn’t get any lazier that that, right?

We decided together to order pizza this weekend, but Big Daddy agreed to call. Begrudgingly. He said he couldn’t get through and asked me to just try on my phone and then he’d order. And then… he walked away. And as I called Hot Box, and it easily went through, and I had to place the order and then go find my wallet… I mouthed to him, “How did this happen?!?!”

Touché, husband. Touché. Very well played.

PS- make sure you click here to visit their site. It’s gethotboxpizza dot com, not hotbox dot com. Don’t learn that the hard way. TRUST ME.




6 responses

10 05 2010

Hmmmm….Mike and I do the same thing when it comes to ordering pizza and somehow I always get stuck ordering :/

10 05 2010

LOL, we do the EXACT SAME THING! We’ve finally resorted to only ordering Papa John’s pizza, even through it’s like 5th down our list of favorite pizza places. But they have online ordering, so it’s super easy. But if I place the order online, he has to go to the door when it comes, because I hate that almost as much as calling in an order!

11 05 2010

Ha. Love that graphic. Can I come to Indy and will you take me there because it sounds delish. Why do you hate ordering?! Maybe we’ve given in too much to the chains because we never call anymore – just order online with Papa Johns or Pizza Hut (stuffed crust, yum!). If we order from a local place, I can’t recall one of us not wanting to order it, but usually Rick does it. Its part of his husbandly duties along with taking out the trash, lawn care and car maintenance 😉

11 05 2010

Haha it is the same at our place. We play the ‘not it’ game. It works well for putting on a movie, ordering pizza or chinese and pretty much anything else that neither of us want to do.

Love the cups!

20 05 2010

mail me breadsticks please…i miss them.

20 05 2010

Only if you send me Cosi.

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