My Evolution of Beer

22 05 2010

I’m a huge fan of beer. Granted, my evolution into a beer lover was a long one. It all started on New Years my junior year of high school. Someone hid the vodka and I had to drink beer (you know, to meet the goal of being blackout drunk by midnight, clearly) with a chaser since it was “sooo gross.”

Eventually after one too many of those said blackouts, I realized beer was cheaper, more available, and drinkable. This was made easier by the funnel.

(Funneling through a spotter turned into funneling solo, turned into a funneling hat from my friend T, pictured. It was so wonderful. And yet so short lived. My mom found it and it went straight into the trash.)

I somehow became fine with drinking anything through funnel. Evidenced by our prom weekend 2003… when my close friend and bridesmaid Jem had her sister buy us beer, and Jem chose BUD HEAVY and then delivered it warm. I still funneled that shit.

Yes, I’m still rocking my prom updo. If you’re not from NJ like me, you should know that after prom, people in NJ go “down the shore” ( I was a mere block from where they filmed Jersey Shore in this picture) and just drink all weekend. Our school year commences at the end of June, so prom in mid-June is warm enough for the beach.

Anyway, I drank beer for many years, the blander the better. Eventually I was turned onto Blue Moon by my roommate when I moved to Indianapolis. This led to the drinking of beer samplers at many restaurants. I found that I liked beers with flavor. And not just any flavor – hops. Within five years I went from having to chase my beer, to loving full-flavored IPAs. (And the occasional Miller Lite when I’m partying. Preferably in a bottle can. Cause no one funnels an IPA.)

Today I was doing some cleaning (aka moving wedding crap around our house) and put my paper cutter down in our spare room. It was going next to the glass from a picture frame. The large frame had broken but the glass was fine, so I set it aside until I could get it re-framed.

All of a sudden I looked at my hand and realized I had hit it on the corner of the glass. Oh, and was that my skin on the glass? Yes, yes it was. I nearly fainted. I took a nice large chunk out of my knuckle. I’ll spare you the wound photos (sorry, Laura) but here are the resulting four Band-Aids.

FYI, I only use Band-Aid brand Flexible Fabric bandages. EXCLUSIVELY.

I whined all morning about my wound. And the shower I took? Most painful shower of my life. (Jeez, even I’m annoyed by my exaggerating.) Luckily, Big Daddy appeased me with the things that make me feel better…


Yep, supporting the local scene, we picked up some local brewery beers from Sun King (well we got them at Kahn’s, but they’re Sun King Brewery beers) and some cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake.

IPA and red velvet? Husband FTW!




2 responses

23 05 2010

Terry loves Blue Moon, too. And I’m sorry about your hand!

24 05 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

Apparently I’m super gross for wanting to see it. And the stupid part, is I probably would have been extremely grossed out and pissed that you showed it to me once I convinced you to do it. Hahaha…

Also, what the hell is holding your beer cans together? Don’t you guys just have the classic clear plastic can holders? LOL

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