Things that are capital-A Awesome

23 05 2010

I hope you guys are as random as me. It’s Sunday and here’s my patchouli mix of random awesome things…

First of all, my friend (aka person I’ve never met who could be a 45 year old man except I’ve seen some wedding pictures and *think* she’s legit) Em from Burning River Bride got married yesterday!!!!!! She had the same wedding colors as me and I’m obsessed with her. Em has guest posts going up during her honeymoon, including mine, TODAY. So check that out. Cause it’s awesome.

Also awesome? PRETZEL M&Ms!

Ashley from Wife on a Budget recommended them when she got a super-secret-early-advance sample a while back on her twitter and facebook. I talked about them incessantly until my boss brought some in. Big Daddy and I bought some this weekend. They’re amazing. Salty, sweet, crunchy… oh and 30% less fat. Don’t worry though, you’ll eat 30% more. At least.

Speaking of the lovely Ashley, she recently posted some cleaning schedules. With a visitor coming this weekend, we realized we REALLY had to clean. Big Daddy nailed the bathroom… literally it was calling him daddy by the end of the cleaning. Sparkly. I’ll spare you the shots of our pug-hair filled Dyson. We ended up with this much pure trash:

We discussed and think we should do one of the cleaning schedules like Ashley has, except tailored to us. Wish us luck. Cleaning makes me grumpy and insatiable.

The visitor coming this weekend would be Big Daddy’s brother Steveo. He’s amazing, and really the brother I never had. I am so lucky that we are great friends, and he’s a wonderful houseguest. Never having had a brother, I am really glad to be this close with one of Big Daddy’s three brothers. This weekend will be insane- it’s Race Weekend here in Indy, which means a party Friday, a Hog Roast Saturday, and THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 on Sunday. One week people!!! Our bus crew (yes we are taking a chartered bus) are all dressing like white trash to get in the spirit. At Meijer today I picked up this beauty for $2.49… RACE DAY HERE I COME!

Yep, someone’s excited!

Wait until you see Big Daddy’s outfit. He’s showing off his tattoo and patriotic spirit. I cannot wait.

Last but not least, an IPA PSA!

Ranger IPA. By New Belgian Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO. Best IPA we’ve had to date. Hoppy yet drinkable. Something I could *maybe* funnel. Perhaps.




5 responses

23 05 2010

Aww…thanks for the shoutout honey! We’re still working on actually following our cleaning schedule, but it has definitely made me more aware of cleaning. We’re working on getting the place organized now. It’s a pigsty.

And those M&Ms are amazing! I bought some at Walmart today. Hah!

24 05 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

I pretty much think you should make yourself look preggo, then while drinking beer and your beer camp hat you’ll truly fit in 🙂

24 05 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.


Please send stat! Graciassss.

27 05 2010

I so want to try the pretzel m&m’s but we dont get them here in the UK!

Im going to Florida in December so will be searching for them then!

3 06 2010

OMG OMG Lara bought me a bag of pretzel m&m’s as part of my bachelorette party present, and I JUST opened them about an hour ago. I already had to hide the bag from myself…

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