26 05 2010

What a wonderful, yet busy, complaint-free day! I sure picked the wrong day to go complaint free. Not that I’m complaining. And yes, I had to use that qualifier a few times today. I realized complaints walk a fine line. I had work issues where I felt like voicing concerns walked that delicate little line between concern and complaint. In case you were wondering, I recorded all notable complaints in my iPhone notes and will share them when my 24 hours are up. I have been interested by the “results!”

I am happy to share that Big Daddy is going back to school. His degree is in public finance, but he’s in a sales-focused job that doesn’t use finance quite as much as he’d like. He wants really badly to further himself, especially in that field, and is so driven to do so. See, he had what you would call… how do I put this… a shitty time growing up. He isn’t like me, talking all fondly of middle school dances and trips down the shore, big fluffy marshmallows and rainbow colored unicorns. He was one of those people who was excited to peace the fuck out and get to college. College was more of an escape where he came into his own, instead of a scholastic experience in academic excellence. Now, he wants to get A’s and work hard. It makes me so proud of him! I love seeing him motivated. He’s going to get an associate’s degree in accounting to bolster his financial experience and see where it takes him.

I promise I have a point. See, he got this form today about getting a parking pass.

He read through and looked at the examples for the car make, model, and color (below the lines he filled in.)

Aka our car’s make, model, and color.

I really hope they realize we do, in fact, have a green Camry. And that he’s not a copy-cat or compulsive liar.




3 responses

27 05 2010

Why even fill out the paperwork? It’s a Toyota, it’ll be parked in a junkyard soon enough.

28 05 2010

LOL Cher I would have bought a Ford if you gave me one free! No dice?

27 05 2010
Ali @ His Birdie's Nest

That is a really funny coincidence! I also love that they had to put examples because you know enough people weren’t smart enough to figure it out without the examples.

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