A Blogger’s Sadness

31 05 2010

I am sure that any of you who have read about the Hog Roast or Indy 500 that were going on this weekend are anxious to hear about the debaucheries that occurred. And of course… outlined with photos of every moment.

Well my friends, you will not be getting that. I took some amazing pictures over the course of both days. And then at the Indy 500, I dropped by camera in the bathroom stall. Disgusting. The bottom part popped open and the battery flew out. Not unusual- I quickly picked it up and popped it back in.

Then I got back to our spot on the lawn and tried to take a picture. Fail. My memory card apparently came out as well in the fall. I raced back to the bathroom stall but couldn’t find it. So besides these two iPhone pictures, there are none.

Thank goodness I took one to upload to Facebook! Our bus (yes we take a bus there) had a white-trash theme so we dressed it up.

We also partied hardy on the bus there and back. My first beer bong was at 9:30am. On the way back, there was a dance party going on.

So yes, I’m sad. A blogger’s joy in taking photos is the ability to share with their readers and ultimately, friends. So ultimately, not having them is a blogger’s sadness. For me it’s a huge disappointment to lose the photographic memories of my favorite weekend of the year. I emailed my friends to hopefully get some pictures from them, but in the meantime… we’re getting some food to make me feel better. And if anyone has a memory card they don’t need, feel free to tweet me.




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31 05 2010

Your post made me laugh. I love that you bus had a theme and it was “white trash.” Hun, you were at the Indy 500. The whole THING is white trash! You don’t need a theme!! 😛

31 05 2010

OMG so untrue. Just because you escaped Indy doesn’t mean you can shit on us CHER! LOL. Let me rephrase. We decided to JOIN IN on the white-trash-fest as opposed to fighting it like usual. Either way we blacked out. Oh and I was DEFINITELY the only white-trashly-dressed person with a Vera Bradley bag.

31 05 2010

Oh no!! 😦

I misplaced my last sd card when i went to upload some pics and eventually found one in our junk drawer. The reason why we had extra? When i went to buy one for my husband’s camera, they had a 4 pack of 1gb for dirt cheap!

31 05 2010

Aw mannn. Maybe you can still tell us stories and make drawings in MS Paint a la Hyperbole and a Half?

1 06 2010
Stacy Marie

That’s super sad. My camera broke a couple weeks ago so I feel your pain!

1 06 2010

Awww, looks like we both had camera issues this weekend. Hope the memory card was empty & nothing else was lost!

Oh & is it bad that “beer bongs at 9:30am” make me really want to hang out with you?!? My kinda party! LOL:)

1 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

I’m with Em… you know I LOVE me some paint drawings! 🙂

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