Treats from Big Daddy

1 06 2010

The one photo I could recover from friends thus far… partying it up at the race with our friends Jeff & Heather.

Check out Heather’s real life fanny pack!

I was pretty tame at the race on Sunday, but mostly because it was too hot to get fucked up. We were chugging water more than beers. Although you will notice our beers of choice in that photo! MILLER BOTTLE CANS! It’s like a freakin’ ad.

However, the day before, at the hog roast, I got a weeeee bit too drunk. When I drink too much, 9 out of 10 times, I fall asleep. Maybe 19 out of 20. Big Daddy will have to snap me awake as I “rest my eyes” at the table in a bar. But that tiny other percentage of times… I get mean. Angry and mean. And Saturday, I took it out on Big Daddy. I was an ugly brat. Luckily he knows the magic fix by this point. He took me home (at oh, 8 pm, what a trooper) and ordered me pizza. Nothing better to fix a foul-mooded cuss-tastic KJ.

I brag about him a lot, but seriously, after all that BS on Saturday, you’d think Big Daddy would tell me to piss off or something. But no. He SPOILED me. We went to Scotty’s Lakehouse, a local burger joint, where we ate so fast I forgot to take pictures. I did manage to capture the lovely mason jar glasses for our sodas.

Then today, he brought me these lovely flowers at work…

It was wonderful to see him in my office!

Then, we had a seriously delicious feast for dinner. We made polenta (a garlic basil one) and meatballs.

I had never had polenta before, and was nervous. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised with the slightly sweet taste and crisp from pan grilling them. Polenta is actually pretty low calorie and was a great substitute for pasta with our meatballs. We finished the meal with DELICIOUS Blue Bell ice cream.

Seriously… it has pie crust bits in it. FIND BLUE BELL AND BUY IT. (It made me think of you, Steph! KENTUCKY DERBY PIE!)

It’s always pretty depressing to finish a holiday weekend, so it was great to have my four-day week start off so well! How did you all celebrate Memorial Day weekend?

ps- biatches, I am far too lazy to draw pictures of my weekend as suggested a la Hyperbole and a Half. Just believe me that I have a bruised fist (from hitting the table when I was angry KJ), I earned some flip-flop tan lines, I saw Kim Kardashian (sort of), and as previously mentioned, my first bonged beer was at 9:30 am. I know because I checked my phone and was like… “you’re not 21 anymore, KJ.”

True. 21 I am not. But I can still bong a beer with the best of ’em.




2 responses

2 06 2010
Stacy Marie

I am going to have to try polenta now, it looks delicious! Have you tried quinoa? It’s insanely good for you (its a complete protein) and very yummy, kind of like a nutty rice.

2 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

I recieved commemorative flip flop tan lines from this weekend too! 🙂

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