Our Weekend. It was a Doozy.

6 06 2010

BOY do I have a random mish-mash for you today, peeps. Weddings and puppies and BATHROOMS! OH MY!

Big Daddy and I relaxed on Friday night and Saturday morning. Later Saturday, we went to our friends’ wedding reception, held at the Indianapolis Zoo in the Dolphin area.

Here I am with the bride! She really put her style into the wedding. It was black, white, and hot pink themed throughout. Check out the cake:

It was three different flavors- I got the mint chocolate layer. HOLY NOM! I am officially a fan.

On a sad note, a wedding party heading to take pictures on Saturday had their bus struck, injuring many and killing one groomsman. I wrote about it here on my wedding blog. It’s truly a sad reminder of how fragile life is, even when we are at our happiest.

Happiness was coming though! This morning, I got notice that a pregnant pug who entered Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (where we got ours from) gave birth to seven puppies! Her foster mom Annie set up a live puppy cam! I watched it all morning just ooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing. You can see it too- just go to ustream.tv and type “Kentuckiana Pug Rescue” into the search box. You don’t need to sign up to watch the video, just to chat. It’s adorably cute. Sophie and Dixie, my two girls, both have had puppies. Sophie wanted nothing to do with the video but Dixie was ALL OVER my computer, searching for them.



(Taken by my Mac, but since I dropped my computer a while back and ruined it, the quality’s not great. But yea… she’s ALL over the computer because of their little squeaky noises!)

We then went to Meijer to shop for groceries and buy a few cleaning items- because yes, it was what you all have CLEARLY been waiting for- cleaning out the bathroom cabinet!!!

I forgot to take a before picture, because I suck. But yea, it was messy, lots of stuff.

The current situation was a lot of this:

Things were thrown on top of things and there was no order. Plus those containers? Didn’t fit in this cabinet like they did in my old apartment. I just threw stuff in on top of them and hoped it stayed. Including, apparently, three hairdryers. I just kept them in there when they pooped out. I didn’t realize I kept buying the (essentially) exact same one.

We got some great containers at Meijer and made bin “areas,” one for first aid, one for nail polish/small cleaning items (like gloves), and one for travel-sized items and a few small travel pouches. They stack up nicely like this:

In the middle of the sink cabinet, we have a few larger cleaning products and… TOILET PAPER! We previously had to keep it in the kitchen cabinet with the paper towels because it didn’t fit. I literally did a dance all over the house when I realized this.

I kept the right hand side large basket for feminine products. It can easily be pulled out to grab an item.

My hair dryer goes to the right of it.

I also organized our two tiny drawers. The left one contains make-up…

And the right one contains contact solutions (clearly I’m low on my contact supply though!) and a few grooming items, like razor refills and bobby pins (in the Tiffany’s box.)

We also got some new bling for the counter! We replaced our soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

The counter is more cluttered than I’d like still, but what do you expect from a TEENSY bathroom for two people?

I got a basket for on top of the toilet as well, so we can pick it up and dust/clean under it at any time, keeping all my hair products together.

Speaking of toilets, we fixed our piece of crap plastic toilet seat that broke on us…

…by getting a NEW, sturdy wood one! I sit on there to do my makeup and hair, and it slid around from being sat on while closed, thus breaking. We bought a better one at Lowe’s and figured out ourselves how to replace it.

I like the type of hinge it has for less wiggle-ness.

Harles gives this bathroom makeover 2 paws up.

“I would be honored to shed all over this lovely room, mother.”




5 responses

6 06 2010

Nice work! One of my tasks for tomorrow (or sometime this week) is to organize our bathroom. Not looking forward to it.

6 06 2010
lala bestie

You inspired me more then you know! After the Lakers game I shall clean the bathroom and bedroom!

6 06 2010
Kelly aka Catosmom

It has taken me several years to break down and buy some similar organization bins for our bathroom as well. I love organizing!! If it makes you feel better, I still have my broken Chi hair straightener even though I bought a new one already. It’s so hard to part with it. Also that picture of Dixie is hilarious .. just staring at the puppies!

7 06 2010

I need to buy bins to do that for my bathroom and closet as well.. maybe a rainy day weekend project..

Question for you on your wedding blog.. for someone reason my work PC will not let me post on that one. Where did you find the bridesmaid necklaces?! I’m searching for something similar for my girls but I’m not having any luck.

8 06 2010

I desperately need to organize our bathroom… and bedroom… and office… and closets… oh boy. While we do have toilet paper under the sink, it’s left in the plastic bag from the store and crammed on top of other things – not so pretty. Thanks for the inspiration, hopefully I’ll tackle ours this week!

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