Home Ownership FAIL.

7 06 2010

Owning a home is great. We purchased our little bungalow in 2007 and overall, it’s been a great decision. Our mortgage is much more affordable than any apartment rent in the same area, it’s good for our credit making mortgage payments, and we can paint and do stuff ourselves without “permission.”

However, with the housing market being flimsier than a poopskin*, it worries us. We can’t pick up and go at any time. Also, it’s tiny. You can’t change the location of a home. But most depressing lately would be the projects. We are not handy. Do you hear me? NOT HANDY. At all. My dad was an extremely handy person, but he passed away in 2004, and left me with a handy-less life. So while I am extremely ecstatic about changing the toilet seat successfully, we still have a list of to-do items.

Since I have nothing else to do but boo-hoo a bit, I’m sharing that list with you!

  1. Fix the lawnmower. So our lawn stops growing wild berries (NO JOKE) and the pugs are ok with walking in it again.
  2. Re-do the bathroom and kitchen floors with tile (they’re tiny, so it’s more the work than the cost of tile.)
  3. Fix the bathroom corner – we had a leak fixed but haven’t fixed the cosmetic part yet. We also want to paint this room.
  4. Fix the laundry plumbing issues (we tried to DIY with help from a plumber friend, and then had a plumbing-savvy friend come over today, and fail. He’s coming back Wednesday. Fingers crossed we can do this without paying a plumber!)
  5. Fix our peeling door paint..
  6. …and remedy the sticking doors (won’t close all the way!) and falling-off doorknobs.
  7. Get a new side table for the living room to go on the dining-room side of the couch.
  8. Figure out maybe how to fix this? (“This” is what happens when you have two pugs, and one has to have a tumor removed, and the other has separation anxiety.)
  9. Add knobs to the kitchen cabinets.
  10. And since I love doing stuff to the bathroom so much, maybe we should also replace the light fixture that I hit and shattered while vigorously blow drying my hair.

It’s too bright for my delicate face, I tell you!

Home ownership is hard. When you don’t have the money or the know-how to fix things like this, it starts to feel like a big FAIL. Although in the scheme of things, it isn’t that huge or horrible of a list. I guess post-wedding, these things I never cared about before have really started to bother me.

If you own a house, please tell me you feel the same! And if you’re a handy reader and live in Indianapolis… WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Get to my house.

* poopskin. My sister Min made that saying up. Not sure what it means but I’m bringing it back!




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7 06 2010

Oh boy. Well, at least you’re, um, you know, keeping busy! And not bored. No, definitely NOT bored with life. Do you read Young House Love? They have a TON of great tips on home improvement. Here is the link just in case:


Anyway, good luck with all of…that. Hopefully you get the major issues (plumbing) resolved sooner rather than later 🙂

7 06 2010

They are too happy/capable/”we can do it!” for me. Yechhh. It makes me sadder. They don’t even COMPLAIN or WHINE?!?!?! Weirdos! (True life: I still read YHL)

7 06 2010

TOTALLY RELATE! I am being forced to do dumb things like clean out the garage and breezeway.

7 06 2010

I KNOW! What is that shit about!?!??!

I mean, I don’t WANT to be on hoarders, but there has to be some happiness in the hoarding and non-cleaning, right?

7 06 2010
Kelly aka Catosmom

Okay Fishers isn’t Indy but hey it’s totally driving distance and if you need our tile expertise (trust me, if it can go wrong, we have seen it) then just ask!! My husband is totally handy; I’m with you though .. very handy-less. And I’m sure Cato would love your pugs!!

8 06 2010

Ugh yes, I love having a house and love the financial aspect of owning, but the work. Not so fabulous. Rick is quite handy, but its the motivation that is a process. Pre-wedding, when he knew all of our family would be at our first home he had his butt in high gear, now that we have no guest deadlines, its pulling tooth and nail to get him to work on anything. Seriously, yes he got the door in what 3 weeks ago, but its still missing the crown molding around the frame. We have floorboards up, secured by 1 nail in each which gave the illusion of being done when the fam came in SEPTEMBER! Our hall closet doesn’t have doors because, well, I was angry one day and slammed it shut and accidentally broke it off the hinges – they stand tall in our guest room. Sometimes I don’t think things will ever get accomplished until its time to move in a few years and we fix things up for the potential owners. Le sigh.

8 06 2010

If I lived closer I’d come help! I love doing that kind of stuff, FH usually does too, so we’re pretty excited to buy a house.

You’ll pick up all the “handy-ness” as you come across new things to figure out! You will! And then, in five years, you’ll go “omgz I’m super skilled”. I’ve always been the one to fix things myself and bill the landlord for the supplies, they always laugh at me for that, but hey I like to do it myself!

8 06 2010

Aww man. I wish I was there to help you out! Ok, so as much as we all know I SUCK at DIY/crafty stuff, I am QUEEN of domestic house fixing stuff (I don’t mess with plumbing or electric though). It’s a good thing too cuz the Mr. thinks Manual Labor is the Mexican guy who lives across the street.

The bathroom corner should be easy. Sand it down & then buy the spackle to fix it. Get a putty knife – it’s like icing a cake. Get the kind that’s pink & dries white so you know when it’s 100% dry & ok to paint over. I don’t care what they say, use primer. And in the bathroom use High gloss or Semi-gloss paint. It locks the moisture out.

The door is easy just time consuming. It’s gonna be a pain in the b@!!s to sand down the doorjam. Replacing the knobs is easy too – they sell kits. It might be fun to look for old glass ones at tag sales though.

What the hell happend to the hardwood? Puggypee?

8 06 2010

We were told we needed to replace the drywall? I think a lot of it’s damaged due to the tiny slow leak. Good call on the paint.

We have gorgeous glass knobs. Original! They just won’t. Stay. On.

The floor was scratched out by a sad, angry, lonely pug. So that’s original stained floors scratched down to the wood. Nice.

8 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

The hubs and I are not handy whatsoever. The End.

8 06 2010

That sucks, it is hard to do alot of that without the proper tools. I grew up in a house where if it needed fixing dad would do it, and i was usually hanging over his shoulder watching. So i have the ideas of how to do things. What i have discovered though, if you need things cut? Like wood or whatever? Homedepot will do it for you. I don’t know about tile though.

8 06 2010

Oh Kelly! I have learned (sometimes the hard way) about so many of these things. The doorknobs (which are GORG btw) probably need the plate from the door removed, then you’ll be able to get the knob on (off the door) and check out what’s going on. I’ve seen you craft, I know you can paint a room. Check this out for the trimming, it will change your life. Worth every (of the $15) penny at home depot http://www.enjoyzibra.com/edge/index.html

The floors? Just ignore it. When you go to renovate or sell, have the floor refinished. (You can also rent the machine at home depot. It’s messy but doable by yourself)

Peeling paint? A pain. Good winter project.

Lawnmower? Don’t even bother! (I highly recommend the manual mowers for a good workout)

The ceiling (if you’ve been told to replace the drywall) will require using a knife to cut the wet spot out and then put a new one up. (google it and see if you can find a video, I’m pretty amazed at what I can fix with a how to video and some patience) However, you will be AMAZED at how much damage actually does not need new drywall and just needs to be scraped, spackled, and painted.

You can do kitchen cabinet knobs. (Again, seen you craft)

As for the things you can’t fix yourself (or don’t want to put out the effort on) I know you were really big in the wedding blog community, maybe you could put out an offer to make someone’s wedding programs in exchange for some handiness? I bet someone would LOVE a trade like that! (Sorry for the long comment…lol)

8 06 2010

Okay..first you have to tackle one project at a time!!! Ask the guys at Home Depot…or Loew’s or whatever place you have near you. They usually know their stuff! Since my dad is a plumber I can tell you there is nothing worse than having to call a plumber after trying to fix it and making it worse! Call a plumber!!! We have had to do a lot of our own projects after owning homes for 31 years!!!! Unfortunately when you own a home, there is ALWAYS another project and they aren’t all fun!!!!

Most of all just take your time and enjoy life!!!!

9 06 2010

Oh I hear you!! We moved into our house knowing there was a lot of work to do. But we were all naive, thinking “this will be such a fun adventure together!” HAHA… Thankfully my boyfriend is an Architectural Technologist and he’s really handy – he just has a terrible helper!! I just want everything done immediately. Sigh…
Good luck!
p.s. we own a lot of “do it yourself” books and took a lot out of the library – they’re pretty helpful!

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