Soror Sistahs

10 06 2010

I didn’t get to blog the past few days cause I got home a bit late – I was super extremely lucky and got to spend time with friends! But most amazing was getting to see my friend Andrea. She was one of my first friends in college and I have so many great memories with her. She lives in North Carolina (but grew up in the midwest!) and her work sent her to Indy. She got engaged a few weeks ago so we got to talk weddings and I got to stare at her gorgeous ring!

We talked about it, so now I have to post it- top pictures of college. These are our top five!

This would be our first Crush Party during pledging. Which is technically the “new member period.” Remember I worked at NHQ. But still… we called it pledging. Also- it was 6 weeks of straight up no drinking allowed. Until after initiation…

This is the night after initiation. Me, Andrea, and “my preppy boyfriend Cliff.” Yep my sorority Big Sis gave me a giraffe to ride all night and I named him Cliff. That was a drunk night.

We did Halloween pumpkins (and apparently I didn’t eat, ever.)

I did drink a lot though…

And no matter what, Andrea and I always took time to stargaze. Even if it was just outside of the local bar at 2:00 am.

So those are the top five! Although we both agree the Cliff pic is #1. Who doesn’t love reminiscing every once in a while?

Next post I’ll share more why I was not able to post in the morning like I planned… it’s another awkward story. What’s new.

ps- I still have Cliff. But he’s in our storage unit. Big Daddy isn’t a huge fan.




7 responses

11 06 2010

Oh college…

Fun pics! I love that you’re drunk stargazing in argyle and pearls. You and Jen Lancaster really *should* be friends!

11 06 2010

So cute. I have a college friend’s wedding this weekend (he’s a guy, but everyone’ll be there). I wanted to bring some pics with me so I went through them – man, I don’t recognize myself either from back then.

Oh, if I could just borrow my 22yr old body for my wedding day! LOL

11 06 2010

AGREED. 22 was the beginning of the end for my cute lil bod.

11 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

Psh, I need my 16 year old bod. LOL

12 06 2010

Haha! I love the pic of you stargazing – was that outside of West End or Lighthouse? 😉

13 06 2010

Lighthouse, obv!! LOL!

14 06 2010

Ok so seriously, your stargazing pic brought back so many memories of my younger days! 😉 I was a stargazer as well, quite notoriously known for it!

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