A Mother’s Love. And Naps.

13 06 2010

As promised, I’m here with that other awkward story I wanted to tell you about. It’s one of those kind of weird circle stories so hang in there.

I have been busy in the evenings this week and keep telling myself I’d get up in the morning to blog. I have the time, I mean, it takes 15 minutes to get to my job in the morning. I get up between 6:00 and 6:30 and don’t have to be there til 8:00. I have extra time. But what do I do with that time?

I “naked nap.”

Before you get all grossed out, I’m not actually naked- it’s just after I shower, I go back to bed! (In my robe and/or pajamas.) Naked nap was just a funny nickname for it. It helps my hair to dry a bit before I have to blow dry it. Besides that though, it really does nothing for me. I don’t get satisfying sleep, and it’s maybe 45 minutes on a GREAT day. I tell myself most nights “I won’t naked nap tomorrow morning.” And then I wake up, and it’s like, if I don’t get my naked nap in, I will kill someone. I’m just so sleeeeepy! Even if I go to bed early, I am not a happy-to-awaken person during the week.

This horrible trend didn’t just happen overnight. I was trying to figure out when it began, and immediately thought about college. I used to do that all the time because I had sleep problems adjusting to college and living in a single dorm.

But no, it began much earlier. In high school. Cool High School KJ used to stay up until 1:00 or 2:00 am chatting on AIM with her peeps. And then, High School KJ had to be the first of all kids in the family to wake up and shower.

This was our super-cool old-fashioned style bathtub. Or, you know, something like it. I stole this pic from this site.

It would start like this. I would be showering, and feel suuuuuper tired, and lean against the wall side. And then I’d be so tired I would decide, you shouldn’t have to stand! And so I would sit down. You know, just for a minute. And would sit down and tell myself I’d shower while sitting. But then I’d drift into a water-filled sleep. Like, almost every morning.

This in itself is annoying, since I would use up most of the hot water, affecting not just me but my sisters Min and Rosh. But one day, I guess my Mom realized I was taking a long time in the shower. The door was locked, so she tried knocking, calling my name… but nope, I was dead asleep. In the shower. (This is so not normal.)

In our super-old house, the light switch was on the outside. So she resorted to flickering the light switch, which somehow eventually got me awake. She asked why I didn’t respond, and, being too groggy to think of a lie, I told her that I’d fallen asleep.

Later she asked about it and I told her how I’d get tired and sit down to rest my eyes for a minute or fifteen. She said, “KJ, do you know how long it would take to fill your lungs with water? SECONDS.” I felt all warm and fuzzy… my mom cares! We’re not a very huggy-sweet family so this comment made me feel so good! She doesn’t want me dying in the shower!

And then she said “…and I’m not dragging your dead, naked pruney body out of that shower.”

Ahh, a mother’s love.

So I do need to deal with this habitual morning napping. Any suggestions? I’m not really a fan of coffee, except frappachinos (basically I like cold coffee that’s sweetened up a bit, but I hate the coffee Big Daddy likes, since it’s so strong. Plus he drinks his black.) I also have a really hard time eating until 8:30 am or so. I can’t think of any other way to wake up and avoid my nap! Help!




4 responses

13 06 2010

Hahaha I think I might love your mom.

“…and I’m not dragging your dead, naked pruney body out of that shower.”

Love it SO much.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the naked nap, actually. So no advice from me, just blatant enabling 🙂

14 06 2010

I hate having to shower in the morning. I’m a bedtime shower-er. It washes the day off plus, I don’t like going to bed feeling dirty & it lets me sleep longer in the morning. It doesn’t work for a lot of people. I have pin straight hair that does nothing but hang off my head. I wash my hair at night, let it try a lil before sleep and when I wake up – done.

I give you lotsa credit – I don’t know how people exist without coffee. Srsly.

15 06 2010

Oh sheesh, is it bad to admit that I do it too? I actually naked napped yesterday…dang it…

16 06 2010

Wish I could help, but I’m a naked napper, too.

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