14 06 2010

I MAY have resolution on one of my most annoying issues.

First let me start off by showing you the weather radar when I started preparing this post.

Pic is from my iPhone. And for those of you who don’t speak radar images, that equals SHITTY WEATHER ABOUT TO HIT US – LITERALLY IT’S HUGGING MY CITY. Or as we like to call it, get-no-sleep weather since our pugs bark at anything lightning and/or thunder. We get it, pugs. Thanks for alerting us. Anyone have any pug sedatives? ps- no, I would NOT like to “Wake Up With Al.” Thanks, Weather Channel app advertisement.

This weekend we tackled some expensive problems. One of which was registering our vehicles. Holy crap, Indiana does not joke around with those costs.

The issue after our license plates was… a plumber! All our DIY and friend-helper methods weren’t working. We tried snaking our drain, even brought in a friend to do it. We couldn’t get anything and uh, it got worse. So we called a plumber. The result?


Apparently it doesn’t mean we’re SOL, tiny tiny bits of root can get into pipe joints underground without messing up the pipes completely, but at least now we know to watch them. Yippee. $245, thanks. I hate you, rootball.

Then our friend Aaron, or as we like to call him, Double-A Fresh, came over and fixed the seal so, you know, the toxic sewer gasses weren’t leaking into our house from the busted drain anymore. (The plumber advised us to pay him another $200-something to do that too, or do it ourselves. Within two weeks so we don’t get sick. Awesome. It just gets better, right?)

Tonight I did my first load of laundry in our home, I think since we were married. (SICK.)

I may or may not be dry humping the washer. If my hubby was at home and not playing poker (hope they’re seeking shelter… hmmm…) at his friends’ place, he could have taken a nice full-body humping shot of me. But I’m wearing sweatpants and no one wants to see that.

Anyone else have severely sensitive skin that gets itchy from even dye and fragrance free detergents?


I *think* this problem is fixed. I noticed dampness around our drain hole (where the leak was draining into via rapids along our floor before) and am hoping that’s old and not backed up from the load I ran. Anyway, at least water isn’t spewing and causing rapids across our basement any longer.


Tonight is the last night to enter a great giveaway for custom notecards on my other blog, Pissed Off Bride. ENTER! And Follow!




6 responses

15 06 2010

Ewwwwwww, rootball? What in crap is a rootball? Looks like a tarball!

15 06 2010

I know right? It’s like a hairball, but just tiny bits of roots (thickness of thin spaghetti or less) that get stuck in the pipe and ball up. It looks like something aborted from my drain and I am NOT a fan.

15 06 2010

Yay for getting your washer fixed! Ours broke last week, we spent the 80$ to gte it fixed and now? Now it doesn’t spin. :p

And I am allergic to Tide and Sunlight. I get massive itchy hives so I can only use cheer. :p

20 06 2010
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11 08 2010

Yay! Wow, that was the best news all day. Pissed off bride is another great blog I read.

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