Real Housewives of YOU’RE CRAZY.

16 06 2010

I’m shamelessly a huge fan of any of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. Well maybe not so much Atlanta. Never held my attention. I was tardy for that party. I was also late to the OC party but do love it. I’m obsessed with the New Jersey one, and really like the NYC one as well.

Something I so enjoy about the NJ and NYC shows are their crazies. Meet Danielle and Kelly, the most psychotic women on television.

I refuse anyone the ability to speak while I watch these shows. And when poor Big Daddy happens to be in the room, he is also baffled by their stupidity. Although I think they lump together as one person to him (Delly? Kanielle?)

This morning, in the shower, a thought struck me. I was realizing how while you’re being raised, the way your parents deal with conflict in your life could very well be the reason you think the world shits rainbows, and simultaneously piss off everyone within a ten mile radius.

Ever have a time that a person copied you, and someone (perhaps your mom, or an ill-guided mentor) said “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” to you? Or when a girl was mean to you in high school, played pranks and called your outfit ugly… “they’re just jealous!”

I think Kelly and Danielle were spoon-fed these phrases for, oh, the vast majority of their lives. And probably currently. Thus them living their lives and dreams through their children and throwing hissy fits when the world doesn’t kiss their rainbow unicorn toes.

My mom is the sweetest human being alive. She could eat dinner with the devil himself and come away with something nice to say about him. She doesn’t gossip, and always follows through on her commitments. But, when something is wrong with one of her kids, she also doesn’t mince words. She tells it like it is. (Naturally, I took her wedding dress shopping with me.) I wasn’t spoon-fed gumdrop butterflies at any point. She wasn’t ever mean about it, but she was always truthful with me.

I distinctly remember trying on a nautical-themed two-piece bathing suit at a store down the shore. I was probably in late elementary school. And um… I was really chunky. I tried the suit on and showed her. My mommers said, in the sweetest tone possible… “you can get it… if you think it looks attractive.”

BURN! Oh, the years of therapy and self-consciousness. But she was totally right. I wanted to look good in a tw0-piece, but wishing and hoping and pretending wasn’t doin’ that for me. She would have let me get it if I wanted… I needed a good dose of reality, though, not a bikini. Not kittens and purple glitter.

So that’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. I’m sure the fact that they’re both certifiable contributes as well.




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16 06 2010
Kelley #2

I think your on to something. I never thought about them in this way. Good point. I know Danielle says she was abused when she was a child. Do you remember when she threw that lunch in for her “daughter”. Well I remember she said something like ” look at all the people are here for me yey.” When someone is abused they only get negative comments and all they want is someone to love them, I do see that in Danielle. She just wants someone to love her but shes trying to hard.
Kelly on the other hand ( Im ashamed to have the same name as her LOL ) I’m not sure how her life growing up was like. I think her problem is her divorce. I believe she was so in love with this guy or even this world she was in and once she had to be on her own there weren’t anymore loli pops and gummy bears anymore. She does have group social problems. She always wants attention and she does that by attacking. But when shes one on one shes ok. Which I can’t figure out why, it’s weird. This whole feeling like its 1979 thing is old. She needs to feel feelings lol. One can’t go through life with out feeling them towards other people other than yourself or kids.

Thats my say:)
love your blogs:)


16 06 2010

Thank God….someone else who loves the Real Housewives series as much as I do…and I too was Tardy to the Party for Atlanta and haven’t gotten hooked. (But if it’s on, I will watch I just don’t plan for it..) I’ve watched all the others since the very beginning. What are your thoughts on the Bethenny vs. Omarosa situation? (I love B)

17 06 2010

I definitely think your reasoning is true. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get into RHONJ as much of the others so I’m missing some core drama… but, you’re spot on with Kelly. Too bad G constantly makes comments about the shows that I have to catch reruns when he’s not home!

And I’m glad my mom isn’t the only one with those comments. I’m pretty sure she still tells me what she thinks on my outfits, too, when I go home!

17 06 2010

Kel, as usual you’re so right on target – at least in my opinion. People who are raised certain ways never out grow it and continue the sometimes nasty cycle. You know where I work and well let me just tell you, in my private school community of ‘mean girls in kindergarten’ and ‘social networking in 4th grade to get into the right sorority to meet the right husband’ – le sigh. The cycle will just continue. Just makes me that much more aware of what NOT to do when raising kids in the future! PS: your momma rocks!

17 06 2010
Stacy Marie

OMG I so love those shows. When Bravo doesn’t put them on Hulu I get hella pissed. Did you see on OMG Mom’s blog that she used the term “going all gummy bears and gum drops” for crazy? LOVE. Also you’re right, those 2 are on a whole other planet. Danielle is just a whore, media wise and other wise, and Kelly needs to stop throwing out random accusations and dumbass PSA’s with nothing to back her words up. You’re also right, Atlanta is lame. Have you heard about the new DC housewives show?

17 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

It looks like if you talk about the housewives you’ll get comments hahhaa… I’ve been wanting to start discussions after the show for some time now but haven’t… might start after what i’m sure will be another reunion tonight.

I can’t stand ATL either but OC is probably to me like NJ is to you… you love it because you know where they are and I guess you feel more “in the know” I guess? LOL I guess that’s why OC is one of my faves… def. not as much drama as some of these other girls it doesn’t seem!

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