Sneak Pug Attack

17 06 2010

Where I work, dogs are not allowed in the building. Thousands of people come in every day, and if they bring a dog, security needs to check to make sure they’re an assisting dog or dog in training, etc. Today was one of those days. The lady with her German Shepherd was not-so-nice to us. But apparently it was a service dog. Luckily the dog was better behaved than the woman.

So after this dog-drama, I thought it was a joke when my coworker radioed to report a PUG in property. No joke- Saks allows pugs. Well, any dogs. I guess if you’re going to spend $700 on a blouse, why not bring your furry friend!?

There’s a really sweet girl who works in the Saks executive offices, so I emailed her and asked if the pug rumors were true. Turns out, they were! One of their staff adopted a one-year-old pug and they threw him a pug adoption shower. Meet Maxine:

I got to spend about ten minutes just petting her and telling her how pretty she is! (That’s a Coach collar, naturally.)

Clearly, she’s a model in the making.

Who doesn’t love a unexpected pug fix now and then!?




4 responses

17 06 2010
Ali @ His Birdie's Nest

OMG that face! She is SO CUTE!

18 06 2010

GAHHH she is sooo cute! Best work surprise ever!!!!!!!

21 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

Gah, I jsut saw my comment I posted from my phone this weekend wasn’t here. But yeah… she is pretty much the most presh thing ever. I’m in love, too cute!

30 06 2010
Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby


The end.

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