Super Secret Pasta Salad

18 06 2010

Today I brought leftover pasta salad into work. I told my coworker that I couldn’t wait for lunch since my lunch was AWESOMEEEE!

He said I say that every day.

I tried to deny it, but then he brought up the meatballs, the peas, the $1 baked potatoes… I folded. He was right.

Unfortunately, said coworker doesn’t like pasta salad. I told him that was too bad since mine had a secret ingredient to make it awesome.

Fast forward to almost lunch.

A lady walks into our office and before she addresses her question, she says… “It smells like pot in here!”

Later my coworker asked me if that was the secret ingredient in my pasta salad.

It isn’t. And no one was smoking pot in my office. For reals.

So this might look like a surly bunch but here are the pasta salad ingredients:

This is the easssssiest smeasiest recipe. I have no set quantities. I made this shit up. I’m not even kidding. Just go with the flow.

Ugh, that came out wrong. I promise I’m not smoking pot.

The ingredients are:

  • Tri-color rotini. I think it’s just more pasta-salady.
  • Cherry tomatoes. Or grape tomatoes. Whichever.
  • Onion. I prefer red since I love onion. Plus it looks great.
  • Cheese. Cheddar or mozzarella if you prefer.
  • Italian dressing- ZESTY, not creamy.
  • Honey mustard. If you’re lazy. If not, you can make it with spicy mustard, honey, and mayo. Trust me, it’s better.

Start by cooking the noodles. While you cook:

Chop your onion with a knife made for onions. It’s easier.

Then cut your tomatoes. And USE A TOMATO KNIFE! It’s life changing. I like my tomatoes quartered. Small, even everythings in this pasta salad.

When your pasta is done cooking, strain it and spray it down with cold water until it is cool. Shake it up as you wash it to make sure ALL noodles cool down.

I usually sit it in a big bowl in the fridge at this point.

Then, make your dressing. I’ll start by making honey mustard.


Start with one part mustard and one part mayo.

Mix well. Mayo makes me gag but I do it for the HoMu. (That’s honey mustard to you squares.)

Then add the honey. One part. So it’s equal honey, mustard, and mayo.

Mix it really well with a fork or whisk until the honey is all combined. It make take a minute.

VOILA. You have DELICIOUS one minute honey mustard. A little black pepper doesn’t hurt if you are just going to use it for dipping. But in this case- no. You are going to add something.

Italian dressing.

Put in twice the Italian as your honey mustard. Ish. You want the dressing to be 2/3 Italian, 1/3 honey mustard. The HoMu cuts the zesty-ness of the dressing and adds slight sweetness and depth.

Pour your tomatoes, onions, a handful or two of shredded cheese, and dressing over the cold pasta.

Toss, and serve! It tastes great the next day too, although sometimes you need to add a splash more Italian dressing to wet it up a little.

Gosh it’s good. Sure, you could add things you like in there too, like olives (ew) or red peppers (double ew.) Make it your own. But no matter what, promise me you’ll add a little honey mustard to your next pasta salad!




8 responses

19 06 2010

ZOMG – One your hilars. Pot, bahaha.

Two, B will love this. The guy loves anything with tomato, anything with pasta and anything with both of those things. And, he loves pasta salad. Crazy kid.

Thanks for sharing!

19 06 2010

looks and sounds awesome! I will definitely have to try this. (Also, how did I not know how easy it is to make honey mustard?? I had no clue)

21 06 2010

Umm.. YUMM!!!!!

I must try this.

21 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie.

That ‘ish looks nomilicious! I want some NOW… I think I would try it with the mozzerella and add some pepperoni or salami in it too! Damn I love me some pasta salad. Good idea on that for lunches… going to grocery store tonight. Gracias.

21 06 2010

I’m wondering where you got those special knives? Also, try adding shredded carrots….life changing. 🙂

21 06 2010

Knives are from pampered chef. Inexpensive and amazing! I’ll try and find them and link them.

I’m skeptical of carrots. You sound too healthy with this life-changing carrot nonsense! We shall see.

4 07 2010

I’m almost afraid to type this bc Josh’s mom makes some AMAZING pasta salad that I’m eternally devoted to, but…this kind of looks better than hers. GAH ::struck by lightning::

I’m not sure if Josh would even let me make a different kind of pasta salad, but damn it I want to try this! I’d DEF add pepperoni and prob some more veggies for Josh. But oh man this looks goood.

4 07 2010

Oooh…. pepperoni… now THERE’S an idea!!!!

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