Sleepless in Pugattle.

22 06 2010

That’s a horrible blog post title, but I’m sleep deprived. You’ll see.

Last night we had horrible thunder. Not just a half hour of booms in the middle of the night. The thunder started before we went to bed and lasted all. night. long.

Our pugs do not react well to storms.

Who, US?

Yes you three. You troublemakers! Around 3:30 am I was about one bark away from strangling the closest pug to me and making an example out of him or her.

To be fair, I think I have to discuss our unique little pugs.

They’re puppy mill rescue. And while it must be great to get a dog from a puppy and train it and have it fetch your newspaper and sleep in it’s crate, we couldn’t do that. We rescued dogs that truly needed homes. (As much as I get happy for people who get new puppies from breeders, etc… I judge them. A lot. RESCUE. Pounds have puppies too. End rant.)

My pugs cannot be confined. They had horrible conditions. Sophie made herself bleed when I had her in her crate once, trying to scratch out.

So… these pugs sleep with us in our bed. Mostly that’s Sophie’s fault, since the other two aren’t really as vocal. We started out trying to keep them elsewhere at night and then had to adjust to their needs, and eventually, we just caved for our sanity. Do we love it? Not always. It’s annoying in our 11 x 11 bedroom with our queen size bed to have 1/4 of it go to straight up PUG. And pug hairs in the bed aren’t fun either.

In general, to the untrained outside eye, they’re a mess and a responsibility. True, the pug hairs that accumulate along our baseboards and in corners are… gross. And Sophie (neurotic pug!) licks when she’s upset/nervous/bored, leaving huge lick stains on our microfiber couch (any help getting those out would be appreciated.) Not to mention the weird lingering pee smell in our living room right now that we CANNOT FIND THE SOURCE OF. They can’t do tricks and their vet bills aren’t tiny by any means.

But, there are many wonderful things about them. The snuggles and the cute faces. The loving licks and the unparalleled greeting we receive when we get home from work. They’re our babies and bring so much joy to us that I cannot imagine my life without. Seriously… they are our children!

But when it storms, they are rotten, loud, sleep-depriving children.

We probably got about three hours of steady sleep last night all together. Big Daddy and I woke up biting each others’ heads off from lack of sleep. Hell, this entry is probably only somewhat readable.

It was nothing a venti extra coffee frappachino couldn’t fix. Somewhat.

The moral of this story? B and I are going to try to figure out how to turn our bedroom into a pug-free sleep zone. Which is hard when your pugs are whiny velcro-like pugs who don’t like being apart from their mom and dad. Thoughts?

ps- Fun announcement- I was offered a part-time retail job that I’ve been interviewing for! We could use the moola so, while I don’t necessarily want to work even more, it’s at a really fun place and will be a great thing for our family!




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22 06 2010

Wish I could help, but Dede insist on being wedge RIGHT in between Joe and I.

22 06 2010

Oh good Lord, can I relate to this post or what. I started nodding my head at 1/4 of the bed going to the dogs, agreed even more with the statement about the annoying dog hair, and OH MY GOD don’t even get me STARTED on the lick stains on our (white) microfiber couch! I’ve found the only solution to that is to wipe the entire thing down with water and let it dry. That helps with some of the stains. For a couple of days, till Ranger starts licking the couch again.

Oh, dogs. Gotta love ’em.

22 06 2010

We had insane storming outside of Chicago too. I thought we got caught up in to lottery machine with all those golf balls and I was SURE at least one window would bust. Pugs could have cared less, thankfully. In our old house, they could be contained in the kitchen; actually the prefered to hunker down in their crate! Is there a tile or wood floored area you can corral them wth gates?
After many years of sharing the bed with pets, my “inner sanctum” is pet-free. Of course this required waiting it out till the original set passed of old age!
Good Luck!

Agent99 – Mom to Gen & the Foo

23 06 2010

Ohhh gates. Tried that first. We got screaming and then Sophie aka spiderpug climbed the gate. Even when we set it at over four feet! So gate confinement = fail.

23 06 2010

I am so lucky that Max passes out thru storms. G wanted him to sleep in our bed with us but he just wants to be in his crate. Now if only we wouldn’t get 3 am wake up “calls” for a potty run at over a year old!

23 06 2010

OH wish I had some words of advice for you, but I don’t. The girls both sleep in our bed. We actually purchased a king size to accommodate not only myself who tends to sleep spread eagle, stealing over half the bed from hubby, but also the 2 huskies who start the night on the floor, but by morning are in the middle, at the foot and also like to spread out with feet and legs everywhere. Poor Rick, gets like 1/4 of the bed to himself! Luckily, we don’t really mind and the girls sleep through storms better than I do! I think you may have to just make do, I don’t see your babes leaving you & BD at night any time soon…:(

23 06 2010

Our old dog sleeps in bed with us, because I started that routine with him before I lived with my hubby – and now it’s Rob that keeps him sleeping in the bed. “He’s too old to change, he deserves it.” Yeah, I roll my eyes every time.

If you want them out of the bed, and are willing to work it slowly, I’d make a little puggy spot somewhere else in the house. Something comfortable for them, with t-shirts of yours and Big Daddy’s (unwashed – feel free to switch them out – but so that they know mom and dad are still around), and give them lots of treats and praise whenever they go there (even not bedtime). When they seem to be getting comfortable with that, you can start barricading yourself and Big Daddy in the bedroom without them – starting with just a little bit at a time. For a week, just lock them out for about an hour. You can even practice a little during the day/evening when you’re home, for 10-15 minutes at a time, so that they see that you’re not abandoning their little puggy faces.

Storm anxiety is no fun. Sometimes if you can play some music it can help distract them (but all night loud storms are pretty tough no matter what). Poor puppies! By the way, I think you’re totally awesome for rescuing your pugs – I get so frustrated with clients (I work in the pet industry) who order puppies online from breeders because they needed a Golden Retriever. Seriously, when there are breed specific rescues and 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred? I’m a mutt girl all the way, but you ROCK!

23 06 2010

So I dunno if this will work for dogs since their hearing is so different, but my cousin’s daughter was TERRIFIED of thunder and most other noises at night. She bought a white noise machine to help drown out all other noises. It kinda sounds like a fan’s hum or the radio on static. I’ll admit I have one too. It drowns out the birds chirping in the morning. πŸ˜‰

26 06 2010

ha ha! I like that title!

PS- I’m pretty much blog-blonde. How do I follow you in this new blog since it’s in WordPress? Teach me your ways wise one! πŸ˜‰

26 06 2010

Do you follow through blogger or through an RSS feed like google reader? If you use a reader, click “add subscription” and paste in there! YAY I am glad you’re wanting to follow!


27 06 2010

Ha, RSS whaaaattt???? (insert face of innocence here).

PS- love the plug for adopted pugs! You rock!

30 06 2010

Awww but their facesssss!!! We tried to keep our cats out of our room and it just wasn’t happening. They obviously don’t bark, but they meow and it’s the saddest meow in the world. And then they paw at the door and it’s the saddest (and loudest) pawing in the world. So we gave up and now they sleep at the foot of our bed. Well, sometimes Joey sleeps on my head. So honestly, I have no advice for you because I’m guilty of pets in the bed, too πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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