“This is why we don’t have nice things.”

24 06 2010

I had a really off day yesterday. I messed up at the grocery, and then turned off the oven when I shouldn’t have while cooking dinner. I was feeling tired and poopy about my day. It was not even 9:00pm and I told Big Daddy that I was throwing in the towel on the day. I sulked off to our room… and while walking in, dropped my phone.

My three-month-old iPhone.

Onto our wood floor.

Goodbye, working phone.

Yep, it was down for the count. And we definitely don’t have $200 for a new phone lying around. I did this to my MacBook as well (and have a huge gash across the screen corner. “THIS IS WHY WE DON’T HAVE NICE THINGS!” says it all.)

The jig is up, I’m pretty sure you all realize I work in a mall. And there’s an Apple store in the mall. So I figure, I can just dance myself down there and figure out what the deal is.

Oh wait a second. Today? Apple iPhone 4 launch. People lined up while it’s still dark. Lines for hours. A packed store. And no genius bar appointments. Perfect.

I cried a lot. I found a friend willing to give me their old AT&T phone. I went to work with my broken iPhone, sad and defeated. Ready to be iPhone-less for weeks.

One of my coworkers is also iPhone obsessed, and told me I should just go talk to them, since iPhones have a pretty long warranty. I planned to head over there after the rush died down. Meanwhile, my phone rang when someone called. So that was fun. Couldn’t see who it was or answer it, but yep, the phone was functioning.

I headed to the halls to use the restroom, and saw one of the familiar blue shirts. I yelled “HEY IPHONE GUY!” The poor dude stopped. I told him that my phone had broken, and that I saw they weren’t taking appointments for the day. Was there any way to get in there to have someone look at it? This is where fate comes in. iPhone guy said “yea, I’m actually going to be the one employee handling repairs, starting in about forty-five minutes. Just come to the front of the line and tell them you’re there to see me for an emergency repair.” How did I get so lucky?

At my lunch break, I went to the front of the line (flashing my mall name tag so I wasn’t slaughtered by angry iPhone 4 customers) and told the “bouncer” my deal. He let me right in and I waited for about 10 minutes. Then iPhone guy came up to me, inspected my phone, and went off to the back. As I sat at the back of the store, I saw countless boxes of new iPhones being given out. I fantasized about how they’d say “oh, your phone is broken, here’s a new iPhone 4!” Kind of like you’d fantasize about being given a million dollars by a stranger for no reason. Illogical but fun to pretend.

iPhone guy came out and had me sign paperwork. I asked for what. He said to replace my screen. I asked how much. He said free. I asked when. He said – now! Here you go, it’s already fixed.

Seriously, it was that fast.

A free, five-minute fix to my precious iPhone.

It really says something, the way Apple takes care of it’s customers.

If only I could find a way to get someone to give me a new iPhone…

(PS- I am definitely getting myself a more substantial phone case!)




9 responses

24 06 2010


Glad you got it fixed, but that scares me. I drop mine on our hardwoods all the time. I must have a great phone case! Now if I could only remember where I got it….

25 06 2010

Woohoo! Very exciting. Definitely get a better case.

25 06 2010

Dang, how lucky is that! I’m glad it wasn’t permanently busted! Yay warranty!

25 06 2010
Cindy G

What a great story about customer service. More companies need to have people like that!

Glad your phone got fixed and under warranty to boot šŸ™‚

25 06 2010

Sweet deal, a free fix! Glad to know Apple is good to it’s consumers, cause they screw the crap out of their manufacturing partners (one of whom I work for). That’s partly why I boycott them, partly because I refuse to pay $1 per itunes song, LOL. But I’m still glad your phone is working again! šŸ™‚

28 06 2010

BLAHAHAHA! You really are from Jersey .. “Hey iPhone guy!!” LMAO!

30 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

That’s awesome, you are actually very lucky! I didn’t think they covered screen… I’ve played with my student assistants iphone4 though and it’s scary… that thing is like glass!

But your dream was my reality but in iPod world. I went in to tell them crap about my classic iPod. you know the fatty one that was black and white. He came out and gave me a brand new ipod – IN color, WITH video, SKINNNNY… it felt awesome! šŸ™‚

30 06 2010

“Like” glass? Girl it IS glass!!!!!!!

I guess I should have f’d my iPhone up more in order to get the new one. DANGIT!

9 09 2010
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