Pizzology & Mancala

26 06 2010

I had wonderful day yesterday! Big Daddy and I are really poor (obvs) and I think that keeps us from going out and doing a lot of things we’d love to do – concerts, partying, travel, new restaurants, museums, etc. Fun things tend to cost money. We decided a day or so ago that we can find cheaper ways to have fun – or at least better than just sitting in front of the TV. When you’re just coming home and turning on the TV- you are boring. So yesterday we decided to not be boring.

We went to one of our favorite places for dinner, Pizzology. It’s AMAZING pizza and Italian-esque fare. It’s in Carmel, a suburb just north of Indianapolis. The only place that’s been smaller with a longer wait was a Chinese food place in NYC that I lovingly called China Wine, partly because I forget the generic, typical Chinese-Place name, and partly because they serve you free boxed wine the whole meal. It’s within walking distance of the American Museum of Natural History. Just saying. I can give anyone in NYC directions if you’d like.

We’d been to Pizzology twice before, and it’s surprisingly affordable. The pizzas are cooked in an 800 degree oven and are so authentically good. When I was in Sicily, the pizzas were like this. (And I’d eat one a day, obv.) Their appetizers are great as well.

Last night we had to wait about 15 minutes for seating. If we arrived later, it could have been longer! Although this might be the ONE PLACE that’s 100% worth it. They sat us next to the chalkboard that listed our favorite pizza:

That’s what we got on our first visit, and it’s oh-so-good.

Yesterday, we started with some beers. I got whatever Sun King they had on draft. Big Daddy got some lager from Lafayette. (We were so excited about our meal we forgot the beer specifics.) While we’ve loved the grilled romaine appetizer, yesterday was a zucchini fritter kind of day. It comes with parmesan reggiano and truffle oil… it’s such a wonderful flavor. We’ve made them at home before, but they’re too time-consuming to be worth it, so we just have to have them at Pizzology!

We told our server we wanted the Mortadella pizza as our entree. It is a sauceless pizza, with olive oil, mozzarella, and arugula, topped with capicola and served with a garlic spread on the side. Amazing. Our server, Brooke, said that that used to be her favorite, before she tried the Lombardy. That pizza is smoked mozzarella, arugula, and parmesan, with prosciutto on top. I love when servers make recommendations, and it sounded amazing, so we said “why not!?”

I forgot to take a picture of the fritters. Trust me, they were good.

We inhaled them! The appetizer comes with two small fritters. Then we got our pizza…

AMAZING! It’s so thin, and crispy, and chewy, with sharp flavors that blend together artfully. The Lombardy had a wonderful smokey flavor from the mozzarella. I think we missed the spiciness of the Mortadella, but we’d still give both pizzas a 10 out of 10.

Then comes the gelato. Which is much smoother and creamier than any ice cream you’ve ever had. I have always gotten the pistachio (my favorite!) but they were out. So we got the triple chocolate.

It had real chocolate flavor and was not at all overly sweet. Brooke scooped it right from the top too, where there were tons of the dark chocolate chips. It was a wonderful finish to our meal.

I think you can tell that I’d recommend Pizzology to anyone. If any of you lovely blog friends come visit Indiana, I will take you here! It was a great, affordable date night for us.

We also decided to start spending more time playing games instead of watching TV. You know, active instead of passive. We went to Target to buy Scrabble, but then I saw this too…

MANCALA! My childhood favorite! My sisters and I would always play this down the shore on rainy days (since our shore house didn’t have cable ever, not even a TV for a few years!) I texted them this picture and my youngest sister Rosh said “Awww how nostalgic! I cheated so much playing that!” Nice, Rosh. Best part of buying this game? It was $4.99!!! I made Big Daddy play a few games last night.

My Friday was proof that you can have a lot of fun on a small budget. Now who’s coming to Indiana to play mancala and eat pizzology with me?!




9 responses

26 06 2010
Kelley #2

OMG Kel that pizza looks AMAZING!!!! No ONE in FL understands pizza.. or bread for that matter. Everything is soft. I miss the crunch of Italian bread! As for pizza everything is chewy and fake tasting:( No one makes it thin unless you buy xtra lg pie.. if i got the xtra lg piw I’d be eating pizza for a week!!!
I’m glad you found an amazing place that easy on the purse!
MANCALA!!! that was the biggest game at after care. All the kids played it all the time. I never really understood it but it’s fun to watch!
Yey for you and and Brian being more active instead of sitting infront of the tv! Yey!
Give the pugs a hug and kiss for me!!
Miss you Kelly#1:)
❤ Kelley #2

26 06 2010

That pizza sounds delicious! I want to go!

26 06 2010

I’m so jealous that we don’t have a Pizzology! We have a Satchel’s, which makes huge pies on the best crust EVER though. I hate everything tomato and soooo want a Mortadella. Or Lombardy. I guess this means I’ll be making pizza this week (but isn’t it so much better when someone cooks it for you?!).

26 06 2010

I LOVE Mancala!

27 06 2010

Thanks for this post. My hub and I are always looking for the next new place to try in Indy or Carmel. I just posted about 3 Sisters in Broad Ripple. We’ll definitely be checking out Pizzology next time we’re in town. While we almost always eat at Bub’s Burgers when we’re in Carmel, we did try Bazbeaux’s for pizza one day. Topping combos were nice but the “crust” looked like it came off of a factory assembly line. I’m a Chicago girl and believe the crust is as important as the sauce and toppings. Can’t wait to try this place!

27 06 2010

YAY! I know where our next date night will be. I will be sure to link this post after we go, too. That place looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the suggestion!!

28 06 2010

Oh man…I want that pizza…NOW! Looks deeeelish!

28 06 2010

I LOVE Mancala! Mr. B’s cousin is married to my favorite person ever & she’s South African. The 1st time she came to our house & she saw the game she freaked (in a good way). She told me that it was an old African game that they used to play with pebbles in the dirt – makes sense. Whatever, we played for like 3hrs. 😉

30 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

me! me! me!

that pizza looks freakin bomb… as does the imaginary app and the gelato!

mancala is one of my FAVES and i play on my phone all the time… probably is i know every one of the computers moves so it’s no longer fun.

mancala reminds me of trips to the river though bc we always would play at the river house!

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