Red Mango and Cockscomb and Bugg’s Tongue, Oh My!

27 06 2010

What a weekend, folks! It started with a wedding under a willow tree yesterday.

It was nearly 100 degrees, and while fans were provided, I did worry that Big Daddy might pass out onto the grass. It was H-O-T HOT!!!! Luckily they kept the ceremony brief and beautiful. The groom, one of my coworkers, pinned back the branches of this willow to make a chuppah. It was wonderful! Here’s the chuppah better seen, it was while they were moving chairs from the front yard to the backyard for the reception.

The decor was amazing. First of all, the flowers were some of the best I’ve seen. I had to ask what some of them were! My favorite was this furry, coral-ish flower in the boutonnieres.

I was all, “I’m going to be creepy and take a picture of your bout.” And Big Daddy was all, “…at least she knows she’s creepy.” The flower (plant?) is called cockscomb celosia. It’s the red and orange part. The groomsmen’s were just red. Beautiful! The centerpieces were real grass that they grew, with paper flowers.

After the wedding we went to a housewarming party. It was a long, hot, fun-filled day! We were quite lazy this morning, but planned a productive afternoon. First, a trip to Red Mango. I was expecting it to be better than our last. Let me preface by saying I’m a picky consumer. I like stores and restaurants to provide the type of service they advertise, and I like to make sure that a store knows if they do a bad (or good!) job.

Last time I went to Red Mango, I asked for two flavors in one cup. And they said no. That it was against the rules. (I don’t get that at all.) I tweeted to their CEO (@DanKimRedMango) and he tweeted back that it WAS allowed. In fact, they credited my Club Mango card $5. Which is excellent customer care and service. I went back (to get my pomegranate and vanilla in the same dang cup thank you very much) with B today, and got the same server, with the same answer, “We can’t do that, it’s against the rules.” Seriously? I told them “I contacted the CEO and he says you can.” And they replied that their particular store owner doesn’t allow it. I begrudgingly took my pomegranate with dark chocolate chips.

Good, but I was still angry. It’s the principle of the thing! Listen to your CEO biatch! I tweeted to the CEO again and he replied:

I appreciate this. In fact I LOVE it. This CEO cares. In a really frank sort of way. That’s kind of rare. I appreciate a CEO who is willing to listen to customers and make things right. So bravo, Red Mango. For now. If I get the same answer next time I’m in I’ll be baffled and less enthused.

We left Red Mango and stopped in Shane Co. to get our rings shined up. One of my pave diamonds was looking dark- nothing a good cleaning couldn’t fix. Gratuitous ring shot from post-cleaning:

After Shane Co. we went to Meijer for our grocery shop. And as you can see from the above photo’s quality… I also got a memory card for my camera again! WOOT! Although some photos just have to be taken, no matter what camera you have…

Bugg Tongue Sunday!!!! It has nothing to do with anything, but why not?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




7 responses

27 06 2010

I’ve never been to Red Mango but there is a SELF SERVE frozen yogurt place up here in Fishers called Yogi’s. Not sure if there are more but you can taste ANY flavor and then put all the yogurt and any toppings you want on it. It is priced by weight. And just so you know, I pile on the toppings and pretty much hoard the yogurt and it’s usually under $3. LOVE IT!

28 06 2010
Cindy G

Looks like you had a full weekend! Those flowers at the wedding were beautiful – too bad it was so hot on Saturday, but at least it didn’t rain.

Love the Bugg tongue 🙂

30 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

I think I’m obsessed with the bugg pic, I’m seriously DYING! hahahaha… and I would save that tweet in your “favorites” on your phone and show them next time. Say I KNOW DAN KIM BIOCHES (or biotech if that tickles your fancy for the day lol)!!!!!!!

And on another note I’m OBESSSSSSED with that bout and wish I had known of that coral creature looking thing before hand to have in our bouts!!!!

30 06 2010

Haha – I love that the CEO is pissed.

30 06 2010

I know right? Doesn’t that just make you want to eat Red Mango every day? I love it!

30 06 2010

I love getting customer service responses via Twitter! Makes me feel all special n stuff. Ps, I think I forgot what your ring looked like and HOLY GORGEOUS I love it.

30 06 2010

Thank you girl!!!! I totally blushed!

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