Viet Cong Pirate

28 06 2010

I love my sisters. So, so much.

I shared with them both (Min & Rosh) about the Mancala game, and ended up texting with Rosh a bit before bed that night. Which apparently gave me some majorly screwed up dreams.

I dreamed (dreamt? I thought it was dreamt but spell check says no) that my darling sister, Rosh:

…had left her exciting summer internships and moved to Florida with some scary guy to become a Viet Cong Pirate. Picture pirates of the Caribbean plus Viet Cong. She was in some jungle in Florida with tons of guns, swords, and ammunition. A little Somali pirate, perhaps? Think of their crazy poses with guns. She was in tons of pictures posing like that on their website. I cried and cried looking at those pictures. We had been contacting her to come home but she and her new Viet Cong Pirate boyfriend wanted no part of it. (He looked a little like Rufio from Hook)


And Rufio Boyfriend had this crazy weapons collection and I was so confused as to why photos of them on the website were not causing him to be pursued by authorities.

I remember just waiting by the phone to hear that she was killed in their Viet Cong Pirate-ly activities.

Luckily it was a dream. And she thinks I’m crazy.

I wonder if pug farts cause crazy dreams?




4 responses

28 06 2010

So glad to hear that I’m not alone in my weird dreams. It must be dog farts in general that cause them. Cato has all kinds of crazy gas. Hahahaha.

29 06 2010

hahahhahahaahahahahah i hateeeeee you.

30 06 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

This just gave me the BEST laugh. Hahahhaa… did I ever tell you that the little chubbie black boy from Hook asked me out in LA once… and he tried to use that he was in Hook as a way to hook up with me. I was like uhm first of all no and second of all that movie was like 15 years ago. Have you been in ANYTHING since? I think I should write a blog post about this.

30 06 2010


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