Awkward & Random Wednesday

30 06 2010

I like to have posts that are about something. That have an over-arching theme and make a point. That entice and entertain my reader.

Sorry all, but today is just awkward and random!

It all started this morning when I was at work. 8:30 am and I go to text Big Daddy since we hadn’t spoken since our pre-coffee (him) pre-naked nap (me) grumblings. I thought I was being so sweet. “Love you babe! Let’s make enchiladas tonight!!” About 10 minutes later, I got a text from him saying “Love u! Hope ur having a good morning!” Hmmm. No mention of loving me ALSO. No mention of enchiladas. That’s weird. The text I sent isn’t shown… even weirder…

Oh wait… that’s cause I sent it to Laura from Happy Hour with a Housewife.

You can see our little convo there. We had texted the night before and I didn’t look whose text history was up before sending my text love. Best part? My bestie Laur? Lives in California. So I bothered her at 5:30 IN THE MORNING. At least I didn’t complain about my period or tell him(/her) in so many words that I wanted to jump him. Love ya Laur!

Also I take back the love for my Mom since she just got an iPhone 4 today and I am insanely jealous.

After my iPhone incident, I decided I needed a more full-coverage case. Again, I think we all realize by now I work in the mall, so I talked to our cell phone accessory selling dude and he said he’d cut me a deal. And cut me a deal he did. I got my wonderfully Sassy giraffe print iPhone case!

My cell phone background is a pic that the aforementioned Laura sent me. It’s a pug flipping out saying “OMG!! I thought u were dead!” Love it love her!

I also got a phone case for my MIL. We gave her B’s old cell phone (an LG Dare) and since her partner has the same phone, we felt she needed a case so they didn’t mix them up.

Fun, no? I was happy to get it for her!

What else can I shove into this abyss of randomness? Watermelon! We had a sales meeting and someone brought in watermelon. Our pugs love “Wally-Melon” so I gave them some.

“Wut iz dis? Wally Melon? Also Mommeh you apparuntly likez dah Mancala an dah PedEgg.” (Yea sorry about that.)

Seriously, you’d think we don’t feed them. We do, I promise. PS check out the RAPTOR NAILS stuck in my leg. Thanks, Sophie.

After feeding the puglets (and us) I decided to work on something that Ashley from Wife on a Budget inspired us to do. She created a cleaning schedule and is sticking with it. I always do WAY better when I have a list to check off, so we came up with our own version. Then Ashley posted this spreadsheet, and it inspired me to make a spreadsheet to check off each week.

Ahh our fridge. So many of our favorite things. Mellow Mushroom. The Colts. PIZZA. Stalking.

(That would be a picture from our first month of dating, on a trip to Chicago!)

We have to initial when we do each task. Every day we do the dishes and counters. Mondays are for nothing else since they suck and I watch RHONJ. Tuesdays we vacuum. (I didn’t yesterday since we were at dinner with my MIL.) Wednesdays are for towels and the bathroom counter. Thursdays we vacuum again (we have pugs, remember?) and wash our sheets. We also take out the trash since it’s collected Friday AM. Friday we have no extra tasks, but during the weekend we need to vacuum again, do a more thorough bathroom clean (wiping the tub, cleaning the floor) and also clean the kitchen floor.

We’ll probably add a few things to this as we think of them, but it’s working for us so far! Last night we went out to dinner, so we didn’t have dishes (yay!) but missed vacuuming (boo.) I took care of that tonight though. I also sprinkled baking soda on the carpet since it’s been smelling like pug piss in our living room.

“WTF is this?!?!”

It worked! Our carpet looks and feels great, and Big Daddy said “I don’t know if it’s just me being congested, but it doesn’t smell like pee in here!” SUCCESS.

Oh and towels aren’t checked off yet in the picture for today, but don’t worry, they were completed post-photo. I could tell you were worried.

All I can do now is apologize for this disturbingly long and awkward entry.




12 responses

30 06 2010

Great spreadsheet!

1 07 2010

I love the randomness of this post! G and I just got the same cell phone and we both only wanted one case. So now I’m just waiting for the day when I take his phone and he takes mine. Maybe I’ll have to hit up one of those accessory places to see if they have anything different.

1 07 2010

I feel ya! My case isn’t like, quality, for lack of a better word, but it’ll protect it and more importantly set it apart from B’s (and strangers’!) iPhones!

1 07 2010

I love your dogs. Those faces get me every.single.time. Wanna know something funny? So your iPhone auto-corrected something as “Lakewood.” Um, my hometown is Lakewood! I know there is a Lakewood, CA, but I’M from Lakewood, OH. Weird coincidence.

Love the iPhone case. Love the cleaning schedule. Gotta make one of those fo sho. Love the pee-free carpet ๐Ÿ™‚

1 07 2010

I’m a big fan of your new phone case! So so cute! And, this makes me want an iPhone that much more. Darn you.

1 07 2010
Stacy Marie

Def had to spit my coffee back into my mug when you wrote RAPTOR CLAWs. Hehehehee.

1 07 2010

Is it just me, or does that mellow mushroom magnet look kind of pervy?

Like a mushroom with a weenie?


Okay… it’s just me. Cool.

Love you and your randomness, twinnie! xoxo

2 07 2010

LOL TWINNIE! Mushrooms have STEMS!

1 07 2010

I kinda love you for this mish-mosh post. Cuz it means I can post one like it too if I want. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the giraffe case. So cute. I didn’t know dogs ate wallymelon (learned a new thing, see that?) and me & my cleanfreak-ness NEED that spreadsheet!!!

1 07 2010

I love you doggies…they are so cute! And your blog makes me laugh so much.

1 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

Okay, I’m making that spreadsheet not. And I’m still laughing about that text. I just am glad you didn’t say your plans for you and big Daddy later that evening! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lovvvving your giraffe case!

11 08 2010

Ha! I love the photo of the Pug with “WTF? I thought you were dead!” I laugh so hard, the look on his face is priceless. I gave that to my old boss before I left Milwaukee and he loved it just as much I did. Oh Milwaukee, glad to see there’s another Miller Lite fan, my bf made the switch the Coors, umm, yeah no. I saw Miller dropped 2% in their sales last quarter, that’s cause I’m prego had I not been, they wouldn’t have noticed such a large decrease!

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