New Jersey, thus far: Pizza, Beach, & JOURNALS

31 07 2010

WE MADE IT TO NJ (as you have read.) I honestly am surprised we survived the drive.

Big Daddy and I slept for an hour or two, but my Mom’s AC had just gone out so we woke up a sweaty mess. It was soon fixed and we were hanging out with my Mom! We went and bought a few essentials and then toured her new town. This was B’s first time at her condo- she moved in January whens she sold our house. We stopped at a pastry place and got an assortment.

(Some salted caramel tart, chocolate croissant, pignoli, chocolate bark, and izze sodas!)

My sister Rosh soon got home, and we went to get dinner… pizza, on my insistence. We started with bruschetta boats, basically bruschetta but in pizza bread with a balsamic reduction.

Then the PIZZA! Half pepperoni, half sausage.

I went with pepperoni… oh I love the greasy goodness.

Then Rosh and I got some ice cream… this place puts “a fish in every dish.” Which means a Swedish fish on top.

(Awesome pic taking skillz by Big Daddy)

We woke up yesterday and got ready for the beach! Naturally we sat in traffic but it was worth it. This is one of the main reasons I ADORE New Jersey:

The beach was perfect! The ocean was completely clear, Big Daddy and I spent a crap-ton of time swimming and jumping the waves. Unfortunately the second time we got out, I got pretty cold. In trying to get myself warm I accidentally got myself sunburned, as you all saw.

The beach we went to was in Long Branch, which was on purpose, since it was across from my favorite Italian Ice place!! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT:

I know it looks like ice cream, but it’s not… it’s Italian Ice! I got pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, and cherry. I liked them in that order 🙂 What I was going for is that Italian Spumoni ice cream. I could eat this stuff daily.

My mom got Mango ice with vanilla ice cream (tasted like traditional custard.)

Big Daddy got vanilla and chocolate ice cream with wet walnuts. I would have taken a picture but bees started attacking and due to my history we retreated to the car.

In case you’re near Long Branch, here’s the place:

When we got home, my mom gave me a box she had found in our storage that was full of my stuff. She’s already given me most of my boxes of stuff, but once in a while will find one and pass it along.

In this box? My first three journals, 1998-2000.

Yep that’s Matt Damon on the front. Summer of 1998 begins it all. I was NOT a nice person!!!!!

Best of all? I found this entry:

Sound familiar? In Provincetown… “I got a bag” with a picture…

YEP, that would be the HEMP PURSE from my Purse Purse Pass story!!!! Sweet, sweet proof.

I think I’m going to make a blog where I post my journal entries. Partially because they’re hilarious (and obviously, reading other people’s journals can be enjoyable for many, as we learned with Lauren’s Dear Kitty.) But mostly, for my friends (yes, I’m shockingly still friends with those people from 12 years ago!!!!) who would probably die reading what I wrote. I was kind of fickle, catty, and really um… boy crazy.

Thoughts on the journals?

Can’t wait to tell you more about the Dirty Jerz!


Sunburn. I haz it.

30 07 2010

Fact: you can get sunburned at the beach if you aren’t in the shade. Cold-ness due to excessive swimming, breeze, and a wet towel won’t act as a barrier.

-kjpugs on iPhone

Things I do NOT recommend.

29 07 2010

An exhaustive list:

1. Driving 12 hours overnight without sleep.

2. Relying on any quantity of 5 Hour Energy.

(Needless to say, we made it to New Jersey. More delicious details to follow.)

On the Road!

28 07 2010

Well, we decided to start driving.

I realize I probably haven’t told you all where I’m going.

Hubby and I are going to NJ aka my homeland! It will be a weekend of fun at the shore and family time. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, we are driving. As in, right now. We are stocked up on 5-hour energy and plan to drive until we hit NJ or get tired. We plan to arrive in NJ around 7am, but if we are tired we’ll get a hotel and resume after some sleep.

So the pugs are dropped off at their boarding place, Canine Retreat, and our house sitter is all set up. Now we just enjoy the open road! Oh, and you enjoy 1) the constant tweets and blog posts on my trip and 2) the pictures below of the start of our journey!

-kjpugs on iPhone

Vision (for the non-blind)

26 07 2010

I wear glasses and/or contacts. Well, I guess not both at the same time. But I alternate, sometimes one more than others.

Big Daddy does not. Although he hasn’t been to an eye doctor in years and I bet he SHOULD.

Today I had an appointment with a new eye doctor. When I first moved to Indy, I went to Ossip. Worst. Decision. Ever. I felt very taken advantage of – they charged me HUNDREDS up front (and told me “That’s how it’s done in Indiana”) and were rude. They even missed a medical issue- I all of a sudden became unable to tolerate my contacts. I had to buy new glasses (and for those of you with perfect eyesight- you only get insurance coverage on one OR the other each year. So since I had put it towards contacts, my glasses were 100% out of pocket. Another few hundred.) They put me on tons of new contacts but nothing was bearable. Guess what? They missed that a side effect of my then-birth control pill was “problems with contact lenses.” I had to figure that out on my own. Needless to say, if you think a doctor sucks, stop going! Find a new one!

For people like B, I wonder if they realize what it’s like to be vision-impaired? Personally, I’m nearsighted. My right eye is -4.25 and my left eye is -2.25. I have slight astigmatisms developing in both eyes, 1 whole “degree” on the left and just a quarter on the right. My eyes frequently get worse and worse- in middle school I only wore one contact, a -.25 in my right eye. How things have changed in 10 or 12 years.

While getting my eyes tested today (at my new, wonderful eye doctor) I realized that my vision is a heck of a lot like the Macro setting on a camera!

This would be normal vision (who doesn’t like Seinfeld?!) or, what I see through glasses or contacts. (Taken with my camera on normal.)

And this would be what I see without glasses or contacts. (Taken with my camera’s Macro setting.)

But what makes it most like Macro is that, when you put something up close to the lens (aka my eyes) it gets more in focus the closer it gets.

Um, ew. Someone needs a manicure!

Anyone out there have perfect vision? I wonder if this would make you understand what it’s like to not be able to really see 100%. Just try to live through a Macro lens!

My awesome new doctor tried many lenses on me. The astigmatism made things a little blurry/out of focus, so I went home with samples of a new type of contact. I used to use Acuvue, but am trying Bausch & Lomb SofLens with Aspheric Optics. Because I know you all care.

How’s your vision, you readers out there? Anyone else have a spouse with perfect vision to be jealous of?

What’s a weekend without baked goods?

25 07 2010

Oh the weekend. Not much exciting to report except for, as usual, some baked goods.

Friday B worked a very long day so we stayed in (with some growlers of beer, of course!) and did pretty much nothing.

Saturday I went to the bank early to get my name changed. It went something like this:

“Hi. I would like to get my name changed on my bank account as I have had it changed legally due to marriage.”

“Ok I just need to see your marriage license and new driver’s license.”

“Ok.” (shows documents.)

“Alright you are updated. The changes will be made on your account within five days.”

“When will I get my new card?”

“We don’t give you a new card, you have to request a replacement and possibly pay a replacement fee of $7.00.”


Because when I go to buy alcohol and they check my ID, I’m sure the first names matching will be enough.

Needless to say, banks are ridiculous. And I get my new card within a week or two.

Later that day I went shopping for some ingredients to make cupcakes for a low-key bachelorette party I had that night. I actually lucked out and found some mini cupcake disposable baking pans and snatched them up. I went with a red velvet box cake mix, and then a homemade cream cheese icing.

It ended up making 72 cupcakes!

This might be the most under-rated kitchen tool: the Pampered Chef Small Scoop. I bought it thinking I would never use it, and have actually found 2384379 uses for it! It is absolutely PRICELESS for cake ball making and in this case, perfect for portioning the mini cupcakes batter.

You had to fill them pretty high or they looked stupid when baked.

I baked them about 10 minutes first and freaked, took them out, then put them back in.. Turns out they needed about 15!! (Good thing I had two batches.) The best test for mini cupcakes is the bounce test. If you touch the cupcake, does it leave a little indent, or does it kind of “bounce back.” That’s how I knew they were done. Most of the first batch were ok, just some smaller ones had the paper peeling off a bit.

I decorated them with a cream cheese icing. It consisted of 2 bars cream cheese, a stick of butter, a tsp vanilla and 2 cups powdered sugar. I ended up adding more vanilla and sugar. I liked it, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough (and had almost a little sour taste? Is that weird or normal?) so next time I would add more sugar and then thin it with some milk.

These were the finished cupcakes:

I tried to pipe them cute-ly but really, I need pastry bags for piping. Reccomendations?

Then I sloppily iced the messed up wrapper cupcakes. I put the cute ones in the fridge since it was like a million degrees. B took one look at these:

And he said “THESE are what you are bringing?!!?!?!”

I nearly died laughing. Luckily he approved of the real ones.

My friend had a wonderful Bachelorette party. It was diva themed and the bride-to-be dressed as Lady Gaga!

She got lots of great diva-licious gifts and we also did a wine tasting (red, aka, I failed miserably.)

Now we are off to lunch and Meijer for some shopping, of course! Tweet me for further details, NATCH!

Guilty Pleasures

23 07 2010

My gal Smitty posted about her Guilty Pleasures recently, so I’ll following suit! Check out her post here!

This ain’t your typical “tell me about yourself” list, folks. No, this is for the guilty pleasures–the stuff you are slightly embarrassed to like so much.

Music: I still love myself some N*SYNC and BSB. And Vanilla Ice is always a guilty pleasure.

TV: ANYTHING to indulge my hypochondria, from Mystery Diagnosis to I didn’t know I was Pregnant. And then any show that features New Jersey.

Movies: Anything that’s a childhood favorite, like Disney movies (LITTLE MERMAID!) or The Road to El Dorado, or even the classics Three Ninjas, Three Ninjas 2, and Three Ninjas Kickback.

Magazine: I could literally read ANY magazine. I especially like older women ones like More Magazine and Real Simple.

Online Game: I do sudoku online!

Clothing Trend: I wish leggings under skirts and Uggs weren’t such “now they’re in, now they’re out” fashions. I also wish skinny jeans looked good on me.

Books: Only books I read are by Jodi Picoult and Jen Lancaster. The end.

Snack: I love Smartfood white cheddar popcorn dipped in peanut butter. I also like to eat Spaghettio’s cold at room temperature.

What are your guilty pleasures????