Oh Happy Day!

2 07 2010

One of my non-commenting readers is my friend Keg from college.

Yep that would be Keg wearing a muumuu for a beach-themed crush party.

Keg is a sorority sister of mine and was purely instrumental in my joining our sorority. Here’s a normal picture of us to make up for the muumuu one:

Just wanted to give my girl a shout out since SHE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keggy I wish you many happy humps and hope you’ll start a wedding blog that I can stalk.

(Bid Day 2005… totally normal.)

Miss you Keg!!!!!!




4 responses

2 07 2010

Love your hair in the second picture!

2 07 2010

Love the pictures and CONGRATULATIONS KEG … miss you girls! Kwhite

6 07 2010

KJ!! OMG!!! I love you! this made me tear up šŸ™‚ you’re such a sweet gal!!! and look you finally got me to comment, haha. i’ll start commenting more from here on out. loooove the pics! thanks for the shout-out xoxo

13 08 2010

omg the last pic from bid day made me teary eyed.

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