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3 07 2010

I had yesterday off work (we all got to pick a day for our July 4th holiday) and boy was it eventful. It was one of those days where I really hope everyone caught me on Twitter since I was allll over that ish. I went to buy a new bra and happened upon a really cute maxi dress. I tweeted for help, put it on hold, and then went to get my hair cut. This would be hair before:

My phone case is so cuteeeeee!

This would be the after:

Ugh sooo hard to see! You’ll see more in the coming pictures though. I am still a litttttle uncomfortable with how short it is, but I always am after a big cut. So please be nice and tell me you like it! (Or if you don’t, just don’t say anything. You don’t want to see my low-self-esteem downward spiral.)

After talking to a bunch of you about the long dress I loved, I did go and buy it! Once Big Daddy realized it was not camo or tie-dye (he couldn’t figure out the pattern from the tiny picture I texted) he was behind it.

We arrived at the wedding and immediately I was giddy over their altar flowers.

Seriously how gorgeous is this set up? The bride is an art teacher though so I’m not surprised. The wedding was seriously personal. They had a friend officiate and he was so poignant. I laughed, I cried. He did really well since he is a hilarious, outgoing person and knows the couple so well. I was blown away!

Here are the obligatory pics of me and Big Daddy:

The food was amazing- we had a salad to start and an entree of steak and chicken with veggies and cheesy potatoes. Then, when they served the (delicious) cake, they “garnished” it with a huge chocolate-covered strawberry!

After the meal everyone started dancing to the AMAZING band, Dave and Rae. They’re huge in Indianapolis and they’re the only band I have seen that can make Party in the USA listen-able (and actually kind of amazing?) (I’m pretty embarrassed to admit to liking anything Miley Cyrus.)

The bride was beautiful- here’s the back of her amazing gown:

And here I am with the gorgeous bride!!!! I was a little sweaty since we may or may not have been dancing (“Party in the USAAAAAAA…”)

The couple (but moreso the groom and his family) are OBSESSSED with Bruce Springsteen. The bride’s dog she owned pre-groom is named Pepper, but their 2nd and 3rd dogs have been named Bruce and Clarence. The wedding band even joked about it, asking when they were going to rename Pepper to be a part of the group. When the band went on break they’d always play some Bruce for the groom and his family. This picture is my favorite of the night- it’s the groom (the tall, happiest looking guy) with his brother (Big Daddy’s best friend), sister, and parents, all screaming the lyrics to one of their favorite songs. I LOVE THIS PIC.

Big Daddy lived with the groom and his best friend (groom’s bro) for many years after college, and their parents have been amazing to him – and now to me! – any time we’re around. They’re really a wonderful family.

We went out for some quick after-party drinks, then went home, ordered pizza, passed out, woke up at 5:00am, moved it to bed finally, then slept off the evening. SUCCESS!

But now, onto the hot-button Twitter issue of the evening. I tweeted early on about the girl who attended in an all-white dress.

And then I received probably the best reply tweet of my life that had me falling over at our table in laughter, from Ali at His Birdie’s Nest

Inspired by Ali’s motivational quote, I kept my iPhone with me at all time to get a picture for you all. Luckily white dress girl walked in the bathroom as I was walking out of my stall, so I powdered my nose and then when she came out, “searched for phone service.” As I was snapping I kept saying “GOSH I have no service in here!” White dress girl agreed. Little did she know…

But I knew this wasn’t enough. I needed a FRONT picture. Since the one-strap dress had ruffles and FABRIC FLOWERS on it. If I could have found this dress, I would have worn it at my reception. Clearly, it’s an adorable dress. But fabric flowers? Headpiece? Let’s break this down through the awkward photo “of Big Daddy” I took…

This began a Twitter discussion. Most (and notably, all of them being almost-brides and recent-brides) were horrified, shocked, and typing exclamations of “SPILL RED WINE!!!” But the question was addressed- why is this bad form? Thinking of it I ask, if someone wore this to your wedding, would you be upset? I know I would be (and uh, was! Since it happened to me!)

I personally think of it like an unspoken fashion rule, like wearing dark colors to a funeral. I feel like white is reserved for the bride and I never would have worn it to a wedding, even before my wedding planning days. Even if it didn’t bother you, knowing it would bother others, why would you wear white? (She may not have cared, but guests were uh – vicious!! – in their comments about her judgment.) To me, it means you’re either A) really defiant or B) really fucking oblivious.

So I guess I’m saying, for me, it’s a manners thing. But I’m sure everyone has their reasons for or against the unspoken ban of white guest dresses at weddings. Thoughts?




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3 07 2010

I wouldn’t be upset if someone wore that to my wedding because I really don’t think anyone is going to mistake her for the bride. But, it definitely is inappropriate and way to bridal-y to wear to a wedding.

3 07 2010

I’d be upset. That’s ridiculous! I didn’t change into a shorter reception dress, but if I had it would’ve been something really similar to that. And had I not seen a picture of the bride already, I totally would’ve mistaken her for the bride in that 2nd picture.

Grr, makes me angry and I don’t even know these people! I still can’t believe she didn’t ‘know better’ as the bride’s cousin. Rude.

3 07 2010

OMG I was following the discussion on twitter! (I’m @addtova) and I would be annoyed, I actually was, I had a guest wear a slightly less fancy but really similar dress. Maybe she thought the black sash was sufficient?

3 07 2010

I don’t think I’d be upset, but then again my dress isn’t white. It’s ivory + champagne. But I can definitely see how it is a kind of defiant thing to do.

3 07 2010

1. Totally jealous of your haircut. My hair is way too frizzy to cut so short, and I can never get it long/heavy enough to stop it from poofing. Also, I hate hair maintenance. I am so envious of yours.

2. I’ll start by saying that I would never white to anyone’s wedding, because I think it’s just goofy. Seriously, no one thinks that’s normal. That being said, my younger brother’s girlfriend (getting serious, but no one expects to see a ring anytime soon) wore a white dress covered in light blue flower outlines. I didn’t care at all. Not in the least. I also was pretty laid back about the whole wedding, while everyone else was panicked that my brother lost his shoes, fretted over the rain (it only JUST let us get through the ceremony!), I was too busy being happy. But I do totally understand that other people are not diggin’ the white dress on guests thing – especially if they aren’t even patterned.

3 07 2010

FIRST of all, I loooooooove your hair. Secondly, I completely agree. It’s totally tacky to wear white to someone’s wedding. ANY kind of white dress. And with the pearl headband and the flowers on the front, its totally lame!

3 07 2010

Wearing white to a wedding IS tacky. Also love your nail color 🙂

4 07 2010

Love your hair 🙂 And the dress, of course!

Don’t get me started about the white dress thing. I *did* change into a short white dress for my reception and while “no one is going to mistake some one else for the bride” it’s just disrespectful.

5 07 2010

If I didn’t love you already, I TOTALLY do now. I also need to get on it with this Twitter thing because your tweets are ah-mazing! THANK you so much for that photo!

5 07 2010

You really need to become a twitter-er… it’s where all the cool kids are hanging out!

6 07 2010

1st – Luv the hair- I kind want to do a short chop after the wedding. Is it bad that I love Tori Spelling’s new do?

Mostly – you’re my f’ing hero. I would TOTALLY stand in the bathroom and do the same thing – Hah!!!

6 07 2010

Went to a wedding this weekend and saw a girl in the sweetheart strapless version of that dress. White. Black sash. NOT COOL.

I gave her the stink eye AND the elevator stare. And she noticed.


6 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

I love this post. And love the second pic you posted since I hadn’t seen that one — she went tooo far! Oh and BTW, LOVVVVVVVE the cut!

17 08 2010
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18 08 2010
Ali @ His Birdie's Nest

BAH! How did I miss this post! Thanks for quoting me, I feel special 🙂 P.S. Good job getting all those pics 😉

29 09 2010
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