My Fourth Festivities

5 07 2010

The Fourth of July was forever my favorite holiday. My sisters, parents and I would spend the whole summer down the shore (DTS if you will) and we’d sit on the sand, watching the fireworks far off down the beach in another town.

Then in high school when I finally went and saw a real (read: close-by) fireworks I nearly stroked out. They’re loud. And amazing. I love red and blue together. I love fireworks. It’s really the best holiday. (PS- fireworks that aren’t red, white, and/or blue make me ANGRY. Pink and green are NOT patriotic.)

This year, I didn’t get all decked out in red white & blue like I normally do, but we still had a nice time for the holiday.

Big Daddy and I met a bunch of our friends at the Rathskeller, a German Restaurant downtown. They have a huge biergarten with live music, and a great view of the building that fireworks were shot off of downtown.

(See that building behind us? That’s it.)

(Also, see how sweaty and DISGUSTING I am? Big Daddy told me I had back sweat. Ok, understandable… I wore a really thin shirt. And it was like 98 degrees. I asked how big the sweat spot was. He raised his hands as if he were holding a basketball. I’m really lucky I snagged him before he realized what a sweaty mess I was.)

The beers were German and HUGE. Like, two-handers.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the extent of my beer drinking since I had to work today, unlike 92% of America. Damn you all.

The fireworks were pretty awesome! None of the omg-my-body-hurts-from-these-loud-fireworks-AWESOME like back in small town Jersey, but still, impressive.

After the fireworks, shit went downhill, and I had one of those crappy nights that just makes me miss everything about Jersey. I love living here, I triple-LOVE my husband, and I love the people we know, but nights like last night remind me that I’ve only lived here for three and a half years and don’t know or trust people here like I do my buddies at home. And I miss ’em. Every once in a while I get a little flash of feeling very, very far from home.

Anyone else out there miss their hometown? Or have to deal with being the “transplant?” Or… have to WORK today? (Ew!)




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5 07 2010

I love 4th of July! Definitely one of my top holidays. We actually didn’t get to see fireworks this year because of the oil spill.

5 07 2010
Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Aw, how cute are you guys?! Love the fireworks. Love the two-handing beer.

I miss Jersey soooo much. It’s nice where we are, but it’s not the same.

5 07 2010

I spent 12 years living in Milwaukee before moving to Florida for college 6 years ago. Now that my mom, sister and brother moved back to Florida I haven’t been back since. Milwaukee hosts the world’s largest music festival the week of the 4th so its a huge party and everyone goes there to celebrate (no matter where they’re living) – unfortunately I haven’t been there in 3 years and it definitely put a damper on my 4ths since. I feel ya girl!

5 07 2010

Ok, number 1 your nail polish TOTES matches your shirt and I love that!!!

Sorry you had kind of a shitty night. I’m a recent transplant and haven’t really made any friends, but I’m going to be very mindful of the people out here that I trust. I’m a pretty open person but at the same time I think I’m able to read people really well. So hopefully I make nice friends. No one will ever come close to my OH peeps, though.

5 07 2010
Kelley #2

Aw Kel you made me cry bc I know EXCATLY what you are feeling bc I miss the omg-my-body-hurts-from-these-loud-fireworks-AWESOME!! I also miss the shore and everything about holidays in Caldwell. Sighs. I’ve been in FL for two year now and I still think to myself ” ok after I get my masters maybe ill move back” or “maybe ill have enough money to spend a holiday in Jersey” lol Just think in 3 yrs we will have our 10 yr reunion ( ok * geeekkk*) I can’t believe its been that long !!!

P.s Big Daddy still loves you AND your forever back sweat:)

5 07 2010

a.) I came “home” for the summer thinking I would get to spend time with people I love and not miss out on things (that I usually do) because of my limited friends. b.) I did NOT get to go see Fireworks because all my friends were out of town and my Dad didn’t want to deal with the crowds..(?) c.) Sometimes I’ll be doing something (normal, like running errands) and just start crying in my car because I feel so lonely and then think WTH am I doing? MOVE HOME. And then when I’m home, sometimes I’m lonely and miss my “New” home things. I don’t think we humans were designed to roam.

6 07 2010

So I’m not the only one? I can go from having a great night to missing my hometown SO BAD in no time flat. And I really only live a few hours away from home but it’s a completely different world. This farm girl was NOT meant for the city. I totally broke down last night. I totally know how you’re feeling.

Other than that it sounds like a lovely evening! I love me a German beer, so I’m jealous of you there! Only one German bar around here and it’s not open very often! Lol.

6 07 2010

I’ve never lived more than 3hrs from my hometown but I feel you about missing the 4th DTS. The first 24yrs of my life – EVERY 4th was spent there. Sitting there in the dark, blankets on the cool sand & if we were lucky you got a clear day & could see ALL the fireworks along the coast from Atlantic City to Stone Harbor. Alas, being a ‘grown up’ sucks & I haven’t been for the past several yrs. So I totally understand – we had an AWESOME time with friends this year. But it’s just not the same.

6 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

If you are going to be away from home that’s why you should jsut move here. I will always make you feel at home. 🙂 ❤ I know how it must be though… which is why I've lived in the same place my whole life. Even lost a deposit on an apt in Hawaii bc I just "couldn't leave" at the last moment. Gosh we would have so much fun together… glad your 4oJ was decent though 🙂

7 07 2010
Ali @ His Birdie's Nest

I also cannot stand fireworks that are not red, white or blue – they are bull shite! Also, I didn’t have to work on Monday but I did have class in the morning and evening… which sounds worst when you know that my school is 30 mins from my house but less than 5 mins from my office. So I had to drive up there twice in one day 😛

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