Meet Rosh.

6 07 2010

My sister Rosh started a blog. A tumblr, to be precise.

I’m the oldest of three. Min went against everything ‘me.’ She went to a school close to home, that offered no sororities. She visited home frequently and got good grades.

The youngest sister Rosh, on the other hand, went a lot more ‘me,’ which let’s be honest, I appreciated. She visited me at college in North Carolina, but decided to go even farther south to South Carolina. She rushed, and yes, I got her recommendation letters from almost every sorority chapter on her campus.

She inherited my partying gene and then multiplied it. She also loses things. A lot.

That would be her cell phone attached to her wrist. For good reason. Also it was my 80’s bachelorette party, FYI.

Well the point of this entry is that my sweet little sis Rosh has a tumblr. As I said. It’s called ROSHDAWG. So go check it out, comment her up, and spread the good word about my sister, who is worse at owning and not breaking nice things than I am.




5 responses

6 07 2010

She’s adorable and looks like a good freakin’ time!! I’ll def check out her blog.

7 07 2010

A mini-you??!! I’ll check it out!

7 07 2010
Cindy G

She sounds like a lot of fun. I will go check out her blog.

7 07 2010

Dangit! I just finished a post about new blogs too — I missed this before I posted it. 😦

7 07 2010

What kinda freakin’ cell phone is that?!?!? She’s cute! 80’s bach party FTW.

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