Old Balls & Old Navy (Oh and 20-Somethings too)

7 07 2010

Tonight was my first night at my new part time job at Old Navy. Never have I ever felt like such old balls.

It was “orientation.” Me and a 17 year old boy.

I was laughing at the old Gap commercials they showed from the late 90’s on our orientation video, and then just sort of let my laughs trail off when I realized he was probably 6 or so then.

I’m 25, I know I’m not OLD. But 98% of the time I’m with people older than me. So this was weird.

Speaking of me being a 20-something, I joined an awesome site called 20 Something Bloggers. It’s awesome! I am too exhausted tonight to do a ton on there, but I recommend all you other 20-somethings check it out and join. There are groups (and yes, a PUG ONE) and other ways to connect with bloggers about things you have in common. Visit my page and join!

An awesome blogger already friended me on there- Tara from Fabulous But Evil – and she’s doing a great giveaway until July 12. Check out the goodies:

Enter the Fabulous But Evil giveaway here!

Ok bloggers & readers… check it out, and check back here soonly for continued awkwardness!




6 responses

7 07 2010

hey girl! thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway! just added your blog to my reader! 🙂

8 07 2010

Sweet! I’m definitely going to check it out–always nice getting more blogging buddies! And what a neat giveaway!!!

8 07 2010

Update: SOOOO, guess who just joined?! I did! 🙂 I’m “pending” membership right now, but once I’m in, you know I’m stopping by your page!

8 07 2010

Ya know, I thought about taking a weekend job at pottery barn (esp. after another blogger said employees get 40% off – OMG, sign me up!) so I stopped in last night (cuz, um, I go like once a week). Buuuut – it’s summertime and both our local PB’s are crawling with college kids. I think the Manager at one of the one I went to yesterday a “Team Edward” t-shirt on under his button down. I’m 32… that ain’t happening. ;(

8 07 2010

Yeah – that’s supposed to say:
I think the Manager at the one I went to yesterday had a “Team Edward” t-shirt on under his button down.

9 07 2010

Thanks for the tip about 20-Something Bloggers. Hopefully they’ll approve me and I’ll stop by to say hello!

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