8 07 2010

I got an award! Squeeeee! It’s from Dancy at Beer Budget Bride’s Musings.

A few things I must do:

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thanks Dancy! I am so honored that you listed me 🙂 And I cannnnnot wait to read about your wedding. Or crash it. Whatever… just saying.

Share seven things about you.

  1. I freak out at the sound of velcro. Yet it was apparently invented on my birthday. The sound makes my skin crawl.
  2. Christina Ricci was my childhood babysitter. I hated her.
  3. I only tried ground beef (in hamburger helper) for the first time this past month. In my LIFE.
  4. I had two dogs before my first pug… one was a Yorkie/Maltese named Emma (this was before they called them Morkies or whatever) and one was a Spitz aka American Eskimo named Snowball. My mom gave both of them away.
  5. I like to eat Smartfood white cheddar popcorn with peanut butter. It’s delicious.
  6. In college I said I was a liberal because my friends were, but when I decided to actually do research I realized that I personally had a much more conservative view (I’ll pause as you all un-follow me.) I’m proud to be a young conservative but accepting of others’ views, of course! (And encourage everyone to do research for themselves to see where they fall.)
  7. I found working in NYC to be one of the most overwhelming experiences in my life. Three months was enough. My first day I got a hug from a NYPD officer. He said “it looks like you need it.”

Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.

  1. My sister Rosh! OBV! She just posted about our dog Oliver who once pooped a sock.
  2. Smitty aka Miss Puppy Love because I love her new “Just Another Smith” blog!
  3. Tara from Fabulous but Evil who I found off of 20SB. LOVE the snarkiness.
  4. Completely Random Sally who has a really inspiring blog.
  5. Everyday Life with Sara who HAS A PUG and just started her blog!
  6. Melissa from Newlywed in RI who is a knottie friend of mine!
  7. Amanda from Tales from the SalTals since she has so much exciting stuff going on right now!
  8. Tova because she’s HILARIOUS.
  9. Kelly aka Domesticated Jonesy aka Cato’s Mom since her house is GORG and I’m jealous.
  10. Three Pugs and a Baby… seriously how could I NOT be obsessed with that blog?
  11. Layla at Wish Fulfillment Every Day since we both like things like mini coopers.

    Wow this is a lot, you were right Dancy. Anyway the last four aren’t at ALL new to
    me but I LOVE them so I’m adding them too. So deal with it.

  12. Laura at Happy Hour with a Housewife. Since she’s my bestie.
  13. Stephanie at The Geese and Us since she’s hot and I might get to see her soon!
  14. Em from Burning River Bride since her new haircut is HAWTTTT!
  15. Lucky in Love Laura cause she always keeps me entertained with her tweets!

Let your nominees know about the award!

Um I think you all know? Or will find out when you visit my blog! If not… awkward for you! Thanks for the award Dancy!




12 responses

8 07 2010

Whoa, crap…what?!?

2) E’splain, please. I love her. But she never babysat me.

3) WHAT?!? Any particular reason? You can’t say something like that and then not explain it! 😛

6) I’m a proud young conservative as well. Holla!

Thanks for the nomination! I don’t even know 15 people….

9 07 2010

Yep Christina went to my pool club and used to babysit me, my sisters, and our two friends. I hated her because she didn’t let me swim in the deep end but let my younger sister (who may or may not have been a stronger swimmer…) I preferred her older sister Pia… she was much cooler.

8 07 2010

Woo! I made the list! 🙂

I love your random facts. Your randomness cracks me up. And I’m so glad you’ve discovered hamburger helper! Sooo good.

8 07 2010

congrats, girl!!! so happy 20sb brought us together! i’m loving your blog!

9 07 2010

Woohoo my first blog award! Thank you…*runs off to find some new blog friends* haha I love your fun fact about Christina Ricci. I never loved her either but we share the same birthday so I always thought it was so cool when I was little.

9 07 2010

I’m with you on #6 but I’ve been too afraid to say it in the blog world. In a pure definition I’m a libertarian but no one knows what that means… I don’t support hand outs but I think everyone should marry the person they love!

Thanks for sharing your facts, you’re too cute!

9 07 2010
Cindy G

I enjoyed learning more about you. I can’t believe you had never had ground beef until just recently…not even a hamburger???

By the way…I hate bad grammar too!!!

9 07 2010

Aww, you’re too kind! I finally got my accepted message from 20sb, so I’m pumped to get started on there!

ps-I love the fact that a NYPD officer gave you a hug. I laughed out loud at that. And the popcorn + peanut butter thing sounds….well…interesting. Have you ever tried oreo cookies with peanut butter (you know, like off of the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan??)????

9 07 2010

Omg that sounds slightly amazing! I’ll have to try it!!!

10 07 2010

Aww well I’m flattered!! And a little jealous that you have A JOB. ;P

13 07 2010

My first blog award. I’m super-de-duper excited! You find me inspiring???? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! 🙂


13 07 2010

How did I just see this? Please crash my wedding – you’ll be a lot more fun than 75% of my family! LOL

#6 – I’m a registered Republican *gasp* cuz my parents made me when I signed up to vote. I stuck with it because a) I’m too lazy to change it and b) I agree on one main point – I like my money. I work hard for it. I want to keep it. The end. Other than that, I usually split the ticket.

#7 – really made me laugh. I don’t think I could ever leave it! 😉

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