Some [sic] Grammar & Cupcakes

8 07 2010

Did you know what [sic] meant?*

I did not. I mean, I had an idea of what it meant but it was just an assumption. Today I finally decided to look it up. And I LOVE IT. I want just re-tweet peoples’ tweets that are laced with poor grammar and spelling and just [sic] them up. I just love it. It gives me sick satisfaction, no pun intended.

So that being said, I need this shirt.

Someone buy that for me please, k thanx.

Speaking of detesting grammatical errors, today I had lunch with my old roommate W! She also is anal about grammar and spelling (Big Daddy would add, “why do you have to bring the anus into this!?”) and it was great to catch up over lunch.

After our meal, we stopped by the new Gigi’s Cupcakes that opened next to McAllister’s Deli. They just got a facebook page and in honor of it, decorated some facebook cupcakes!

I’d had some of their cupcakes before, and they were great. A little more icing than I normally like, sure. But there’s no harm in leaving a little on the plate. Today I got their Red Velvet which, clearly, is my favorite flavor.

The packaging was ADORABLE.

The cupcake was adorable. Sugar sprinkles are my FAVORITE topping ever (well, maybe tied with nonpareils.)

But the cupcake itself? I was so not impressed!

First of all, it was so “red” that it was practically brown. And the cake was really dry and definitely overcooked. Then, there was an unannounced creme center. WARN ME, people!!!! Whipped cream center is okay. Gel-like filling (the only way I can describe it… you can see it in the above photo) is not ok with me. I didn’t finish the cupcake. Two of my coworkers vouched that their red velvet cupcakes had been great in days past, so I might give it a try some other time, or more likely, stick with other flavors. W really enjoyed her cupcake though! Looks like I made the wrong choice!

The moral of this story is to watch your spelling and grammar while tweeting or I might [sic] you. And, I care deeply about cupcakes. (Thanks, Laura.)

* [sic], for those of you who don’t know, means “thus” or “such” in Latin. It’s basically an editing term to say “dude, this person is whack and messed something up, so I’m quoting them exactly, but want you to know they suck at grammar/spelling/whatever, not me.” Example: “It was a worldwind [sic] romance.” (Yea I once had a coworker say something was a worldwind. It’s WHIRLWIND, dumbass!)




6 responses

8 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

I think I found a grammar error in your last sentence LOL 🙂

Oh and I’m with you on the nonpareils, omg FAVE!

8 07 2010

BAHAHAHA I’m fixing it. We can’t all be perfect right? This bad cupcake has clogged my brain.

8 07 2010

i was just wondering yesterday what [sic] actually meant! thanks for filling me in!

8 07 2010

hahhahahaahah ohhhh GRAMUR.

8 07 2010

How weird is it that I googled this the other day too?

20 07 2010
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