Jeep Jeep, Warsaw Wings & Facebook/WP Issues

12 07 2010

Oh joy, another TOTALLY RANDOM KJ post!

First of all- WTF IS THIS!?

This car leaves the mall the same time as me daily and I see it all. the. time. What on earth IS that thing? Some sort of Care Bear / Winnie the Pooh / Tigger with a chode-nose hybrid? And “Jeep! Jeep!” means what, exactly? I am so confused.

In more delicious news, I made Warsaw Wings tonight and if you like pasta, cheese, onions, hot sauce, or potatoes, you’ll like these.

I recommended pierogies to Callie at The Wannabe Athlete for a healthier meal that still tastes great. And a lot of you also hadn’t had them! What’s nice is that you can buy Mrs. T’s Pierogies (sadly, I promise they’re not giving me anything to promote them… they’re just that good) and go online, and find TONS of yummy recipes! We found the Warsaw Wings recipe on the box (it’s not online for some reason) and it’s made using the Potato & 4 Cheese Blend Mini Pierogies. Normally, mini or not, we saute our pierogies in butter, adding some onions for the last minute or two. DELICIOUS. But maybe not the healthiest. The Warsaw Wings recipe bakes them!

Warsaw Wings Mini Pierogies

  • One box of frozen mini pierogies
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 tablespoon hot sauce (I used nearly 2 tablespoons)
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder (I used 2 teaspoons)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Toss the frozen pierogies in the oil, hot sauce, and chili powder until well coated. I used a pastry brush to get the excess on the spots of the pierogies that didn’t get good coverage. Lay flat side down on a baking dish that has been coated with non-stick spray.

Bake for 18-20 minutes, flipping halfway through. Serve with ranch or bleu cheese! (Or if you’re weird, honey mustard.)

The first time, we used the recommended chili and hot sauce amounts, and baked 20 minutes. We found them a little over-crisp and not spicy enough at all. The extra spiciness was better this batch, and we baked for 18 minutes total. Perfection! They’d be a great appetizer or perfect snack or side dish at a BBQ. Or a meal, if you’re me. (Throw some bacon on there, right Laura?!)

As the resident picky eater, I hope I’ve introduced some of you to a new food!

Also serve with Oliver wine. Naturally.

White Zin photographs HORRIBLY. Always. Also- isn’t the wine label gorgeous? They all have birds on them.

Now, for the issues.

The easier one. WordPress. I’ll spare you all but if you’re good at WP stuff, please email/comment/tweet me. My sidebar is HORRIBLE and I want widgets that work! Also if you use the WordPress iPhone app, with success, pleaseeeee don’t keep the secret to yourself! Le sigh. It’s such a love/hate with me and WP.

The trickier issue I’ve been dealing with. Facebook + this blog.

Last night, Big Daddy said “why don’t you just post your blog on facebook? You’d get more readers!” (Not that I was complaining I need more readers. I ADORE my readership. He was literally just wondering.)

(I think it’s hilarious I just called you all “my readership.”)

The issue? Judging. I’m the judgiest person around. And you know how they say cheaters always worry their partner is cheating? Well, judgers always fear being judged. MOST judgers won’t admit that. But I am. I have emailed with pals judging, nay- MAKING FUN OF WITH RECKLESS ABANDON- people I knows’ blogs.

Granted, I think a lot of it is the blogs, to me, lack substance. If your blog is nothing I couldn’t get from your facebook photo albums and a Lily Pulitzer catalog, then it lacks substance. Cute clothing and pointless photos does not a good blog make. To me, I like blogs that are raw, that are funny, and that are personal. That means if I comment on your blog, and read it, I think yours is just that. It’s not pointless fluff. My blog isn’t fluff. I say and admit things on here I’d be embarrassed to say in front of people who I think would judge me. I don’t want someone to read this and say, “what makes her think she’s important/special/funny/entertaining/talented enough for a blog?”

Just as I start to feel more confident, someone who I had no idea read my blog will email me about something I said on here. And I’ve never posted my blog on my facebook page. Not as a status, not as a link, nothing ever. How do they know? Are they like me, sending emails to their judgey friends about the stupid blog someone started that’s not funny? (OK, I’m really not that bad. Promise.) Truth is, I have some friends who I WISH would start a blog! And then since I’ve moved post-college, I have a bunch of “friends” who don’t really know me and gladly judge me, blog or not.

I could start casually linking to my blog on facebook now and again. Or I could make a fan page and just not invite any of my friends. Or I could just never mention this again and continue to be neurotic. I guess I am wondering if I’m ready to open myself up to the fear of knowing people I know could be making fun of me. Thoughts? Ugh- why do I even care?

Oh and if you read this blog and I don’t know, I challenge you to comment! De-lurk yourself LURKERS!

Oh and cause I love you all, here is my mentally challenged Bugg.

Gotta love that cross eye.




13 responses

12 07 2010

I’m the same way as you when it comes to posting my blog on FB. I don’t want most people that I know to read my blog…I don’t know why, but I’m just weird about stuff like that. I like to be able to blog freely without worrying what so and so will think. I have some people that I know in real life that know about my blog, but I keep it to myself for the most part!

12 07 2010

i, like you, am a judger. thats why i stopped posting mine to fb. the best part of blogging for me is that my blog friends think i’m funny and fashionable when my real friends would probably disagree! lol. good luck getting the lurkers to comment!

13 07 2010

I judge. A lot. I’m gonna judge you right now for worrying about this! 😛

But really, there’s a reason I’m not on Facebook, I don’t want my family or people who I’m only friends with because I don’t want to hurt their feelings to be all up in my bidness. If you have to start filtering yourself because your blog is linked to FB, then your blogging will suffer, and then who will want to read about boring stuff, instead of awesome-sauce like naked showers? Don’t give into the dark side, I vote to keep them separate for now.

13 07 2010

Okay, first off, WHY is no one else laughing at the fact that you freaking took a picture of a jeep…obviously while driving behind it!!! HAHAHAHA! I laughed at that for a good 5 minutes.

Second, yum yum yum yum! Those look delicious!

Third, “most judgers fear to be judged”–such words of wisdom, if I do say so myself! I am not ashamed to admit that I am just like you. It’d be so easy for me to be like “oh, just do it!” but really I’m afraid to too. Right now, I just have mine set on the left-hand side set as my website. (SIDE RANT…WHY ARE WE NOT FB FRIENDS??? HMMM??? I WOULD SAY FIND ME, BUT GOOD LUCK. THERE’S LIKE 2 MILLION+ PEOPLE WITH MY SAME NAME). Maybe you could go through and set all the people you think might judge to “limited profile?” Sigh, I don’t know. Keep us posted!

13 07 2010

Hi, i’m Liss and i’m a lurker (all the way from Sydney, Australia- just in case you needed to know)!
I somehow stumbled upon your last blog while trawling the internet for wedding inspiration and have now moved on to reading this one!
So, HI! Love reading your new blog and I LOVE your doggies. They are adorable.

13 07 2010

OMG pierogies! My nanny has always made them at her church (when their new facility was complete everyone called it the church the pierogies built, but I digress). I called her and put in a MAJOR order for when I get back to PA on Friday.

But I’m the same way about my blog… I don’t necessarily want my FB friends knowing about it. Weird but oh well.

13 07 2010
Cindy G

The character on the jeep is Eugene the jeep – he was in the Popeye cartoons – showing my age here 😦

Those perioges look delicious!! I would try them, but Mike doesn’t like anything spicy. However, as I am writing this, I am thinking I may try them as appetizers at my Lia Sophia show next month.

As far as the FB thing goes – you probably would get more followers on your blog, but if you don’t feel comfortable with doing it, then don’t.

Have a great day!

13 07 2010

I’m super judge-y so I hear ya on not posting the blog on fbook. I only let a select few know about my blog and while I didn’t explicitly say “Do not tell anyone” I sort of hoped that they would just keep it to themselves. Well. I think we all know where this is going. One of my friends sent an email to a bunch of our mutual friends telling them about my blog. Um…NO. And I felt the same way as you: what if they judge me? What will they think? How self absorbed will I look? Needless to say, Emily was not amused.

So again, I get it. I would NEVER put my blog on facebook. Bitchy girls I went to high school with do not need to be all up in my shit. My mom does not need to be all up in my shit (she knows I blog, I haven’t shared it with her.) My mom’s friends, my dad, and everyone else does not need to be all up in my shit. I’d rather have strangers be all up in my shit 🙂

Also, those perogies look like a little bit of crispy, spicy heaven. Yummmm.

13 07 2010

1. Don’t put it on FB. People suck.

2. I have still never eaten a pierogi. Did I spell that right? Prob not.

3. I had to follow your link to the definition of ‘chode’ on urban dictionary. Scarred for life.


13 07 2010

Hi, I am a lurker! I, like Liss, found your wedding blog and have followed you ever since. Plus, I have a pug and your little babies are adorable, I also follow their blog! You can check out my blog and judge a way (it is still new, so don’t be too harsh). It is about clothes and fashion or lack there of, so I probably fall into that category of blogs that lack substance. Eh. Pretty mediocre but whatever. I am trying to find ways to make it better. And I am pretty sure that you will hate my grammar. =P But I think you are freakin’ awesome.

13 07 2010

Awww, see this is where I feel old. Cindy’s right. The cartoon character is from Popeye. All I remember is that his name is Eugene so I looked it up. Kinda cool actually –

Also, no one in my real life knows about my blog (that I know of) other than the man and I’d like to keep it that way. It’s a great place to vent. Maybe someday when I start a post-wedding blog, I’ll open it up to friends & fam but for now – I like it just the way it is. With you ladies who don’t judge me for being crazy & freaking out over, oh, say… 2 missing lines?? 😉

14 07 2010

I love perogi’s.. so yummy. My grandma makes them from scratch and i keep meaning to get the recipe from her. Unfortunately these guys no matter how they are cooked are not healthy lol
I like mine boiled then sauted in butter and onions and then covered in bacon bits and sour cream. So not healthy but so yummy.

13 08 2010

I’m well aware that people probably judge my blog on a regular basis, in FACT I even caught one of my bf’s exes blatantly making fun of it. Do they write blogs? No. Because they aren’t witty and probably can’t spell. So to them, I say…write a blog and then judge me, thanksbye.

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