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13 07 2010

Yea yea. Another emo post. Sorry I’m going all heavy on you guys. If you’re lucky I’ll throw in a pug pic at the end to appease you all.

So last night, after I posted, after RHONJ, after B got home from playing poker… I broke down. I am really stressed and unhappy with a lot in my life. I feel great about my husband and my marriage, and of course my family… but I miss home. And having friends. And what affects me worst… the green jealousy monster.

Ok not THAT monster, but you all know what I mean.

I hate how small our house is for us. We cannot afford to sell and move though, and we certainly can’t afford anything bigger. (And I cannot feel bad for most of my friends who also complain… ours is 800 sq ft., two bedroom one bath. I don’t know anyone with a house that small.) I see our friends and coworkers moving up to bigger and better homes and feel absolutely green. The same goes for anyone who doesn’t have to have a second job. I feel resentful of anyone who gets to go home after a day of work, see their spouse, and stay there. Like, angry resentful. I miss my family. I feel like I work a lot harder than a lot of people who make a lot more. I miss having friends. I’ve had some disappointments lately with some of my “friends” here and feel very on the outs and ostracized. (I say “friends” with quotations because while there are many nice girls who date/are married to Big Daddy’s friends, but none ever hang out with me solo or invite me to things. They have their own friends since they grew up here.) I miss having a social life, quitting at 5 for the day, coming home to a place that makes you feel secure and happy.

I broke down and cried. Dirty sobbing cries that felt good to let out but didn’t really give relief. B tried to give solutions and help but all I wanted to do was throw myself a pity party. I guess I feel like, I’ve done everything right, I’ve tried hard, finished college early, worked my butt off… and how am I not succeeding? Why do these other people get to have the things I want? I hate feeling on the edge, paycheck to paycheck. I crave security. I want to go back to when I wasn’t an adult and didn’t have to worry about things like cars that are upside down and the real estate problems.

I emailed my Twinner (remember her?) today and vented. She helps me get past these things or at least put them in perspective. Twinner said a lot that helped me. In the midst of my busy day, she truly did put me in perspective. The thing that resonated most with me was this:

“I know this is repeating things I have said before. But the only way to truly be content in your circumstances is to turn your thoughts to God. His word tells us OVER and OVER that this world has nothing to offer us. We will always want, we will always need, we will battle envy, and no matter how hard we work and struggle, it will never be enough. I KNOW that sounds cheesy and not helpful, but it’s what I believe. And when I battle envy and feeling stuck in circumstances, I just pray about it. A lot. It’s the only thing you can do.”

I might not seem like the most Christian of people on the blog, but religion is a big part of my life. And I love it when someone says something that I already know in a way that makes me look at it in a new way. Like Twinner did. She is seriously, seriously the best and I hope you all have a friend like her.

Something I talked about with my Twinner and my Hubby also was how I felt about my body. I feel like a lump. But I’m a picky eater, who loves to bake, and would rather spend her sparse free time blogging than working out.

When I met Big Daddy, I was about 50 pounds lighter. And four sizes smaller.

May 2007, the month Big Daddy and I were “official,” at a party together (although he is, clearly, not pictured.)

At the wedding on July 2nd 2010, and I’m looking very Jabba the Hutt-y.

What always worked for me in the past was Weight Watchers. I don’t have the time (or group of friends!) to go to meetings now, but they have Weight Watchers online available too. When we get paid, I think I am going to join. And for working out, I hear great things about the Wii Fit, and am looking for a used one since we already have a Wii system.

I am hoping I can get back on track with at least the one thing I can control- my image and my health. Anyone have any luck with the things I’ve talked about? And does anyone else feel pinned down or “stuck” by things that are hard in your life?

PS here’s a cute pug pic as promised, from the archives… Halloween 2008, “Three Pugmigos.”

(Back when I had time to craft! Ha!)




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13 07 2010

I totally feel the need to exercise to make myself feel good and we can’t afford for me to go to a gym (hello Gainesville has some expensive gyms). I thought about the Wii Fit, but after a probing question to twitter, I quickly decided it wasn’t for me (plus I don’t even have a Wii system!). I am interested in this Jillian Whatever and her 30 Day Shred. I watched a few clips of her videos on youtube and figured I could handle it. What else is great? It’s only 20 minutes a day, not that crazy bazillion hour shit that P90x is.

13 07 2010

I think the Wii Fit will be a good start for me, someone who is uh, NOT AT ALL physically fit and lazy. But that’s a great idea and something to consider… I think it’s like you have to assess what your fitness/workout needs are and work with them. Crazy insane devoted athletes can do the P90X crap. I would actually die. I bet the Jillian stuff would be a great step up for me when I get to that point!

13 07 2010
Cindy G.

I think everyone feels like you do at some point in their lives. I have had to work two jobs in the past and very likely will have to do it again once I have completed school. I know it sucks, but it won’t always be that way for you. Mike and I lived in a little one bedroom apartment for several years before moving to Chicago and getting a small two bedroom ($1200/month for rent – it was ridiculous!!) We have only been in Indianapolis for just over 9 years. I lost touch with so many of my friends back home and haven’t had many friends here until this past year, thanks to pug meetup πŸ™‚

Your twinner was right – all you can do is pray about it. Things will get better, you just have to have faith (I know it is a cliche, but it is the truth).

As for the Wii Fit – I have one and it is OK. You might want to check out the Wii Active – you can use the Wii fit board with it, if you have one, but it doesn’t require it. You can set your own pace and even design your own workouts if you want to.

Hope your week gets better!

13 07 2010
Kelley #2

I have been doing a lot of thinking since i’ve started to read your blogs. For one, I envy you for writing them because I feel like I don;t have much to say or who the hell would ever read them. 2. I’m so glad you write them because it keeps me in touch with you and your life. 3. I love your pug pics. everytime I see a pug I think of you:)
I was just talking about this subject with my friend tonight about missing home and having friends. Yes, I have met some wonderful ppl at USF but USF program left a horrible taste in my mouth and I can’t wait to move again.
I somehow feel im not grown up yet. I will be 25 soon and I just feel lost and unaccomplished, even tho I’m not. I think about what would life be if I stayed in Caldwell. I know I’d have plenty of happy hours and friends but would I think to myself gosh I wish I moved away to see the world. I prob would and get mad at myself. I know everytime i come home it isnt the same.. people move on. I like the feeling of knowing where Im going, or a good place to eat, or just looking at a place and thinking about a memory I had from hs.
I also Know im better off where I am:)
Money- I’ve been unemployed off and on for the last year. Ive been depressed, and I also am not happy w myself. I look like im preggo!!! ugh. I just feel like food and shopping are my only friends sometimes. I’m trying to do some reflecting and change my ways. So trust me I know how it feels like to not have money!!!!
Lastly, as I ramble on.. I just wanted to say I do miss you and you go girl. You can do anything you put your mind too. Sometime we have to suffer just a little in order to get what we want in the end. I know your blessed to have a house, a hubby 2 jobs and three wonderful pugs and a family that loves you… Growing up in caldwell was hard bc everyone was always getting new cards clothes, had a big wonderful houses. I always thought thats how life should be. I was wrong LOL. Yes , its nice to have bigger and better things but sometimes old and small are better:) I hope I helped you a little.

13 07 2010

I’m emailing you tomorrow, all day long, stalkerish quantities of emails, so watch out!

Three pugmigos. You KILL me. You’re awesome to the CORE.

13 07 2010
Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Oh, you are sooooo not alone.

I am going through something similar right now. We are stuck with some things that just have to be endured for a while, and it makes me stabby.

If you are ready to make a change, you can do it. I despise working out, so after I had Turtle, I got myself a copy of the 30 Day Shred, and I did it. Every day. For months. And then I started alternating with a sculpting DVD, so I work out 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. Am I skinny? Nope. Am I healthy? Yup.

Just make small lifestyle changes and they will add up to big results.

Thinking of you.

And kisses to those precious puggy-wugs.

13 07 2010
rachel s

Oh boy, I feel ya! I was seriously nodding along to everything you said!

I think the green monster gets the best of all of us from time to time, but I think twinner’s advice is the best-in the end, who cares how big our house is or how many nice clothes we have…its not like we get to take all that junk with us when we die…its just there. Naw, I’d rather focus my time and energy and money on helping someone else and being happy.

Not much coming from a broke-ass college girl who hasn’t entirely left the comfort of mommy and daddy yet. To be completely honest, I’m dreading June 11, 2011 in a way because its when D and I will FULLY be on our own and I have to start facing those scary things head-on. I mean its already stressful, so the future scares the crap out of me…not to mention law school, which is guaranteed to add a few pounds to my midsection. Eh.

On that note: I try to focus on my dogs when I work out…rather than dreading running or going to the gym, I think about how I really need to take the dog on a walk, then turn it into a mile walk at the park. Oh! And I read in a mag. once that buying new cute workout clothes helps you be more excited about working out. I tried it and its true! πŸ™‚

13 07 2010

Keep your head up, lady. All your blog friends are here for support if you ever need it! You should start doing the 30 day shred then we can tweet about how painful it is!

13 07 2010

I heart you my dear πŸ™‚

I know how life can be incredibly frustrating at times…it is no fun, and sometimes it is difficult to see the sunshine through the clouds. Right now my big hang up is about my career…I quit my job to go back to school…didn’t finish the program because it wasn’t the right one for me, and now I’m unemployed. I haven’t had a full time job since late 2008…WHAT?!?! Yeah, and do I know what I want to do with my life? Nope….but I keep seeing people posting on Facebook how they just finished law school or got their Master’s degree, etc etc…or the people who are gushing over the new house that they just purchased….Justin and I are NOWHERE near that! Heck, we haven’t even been able to go on a honeymoon yet; we’ll work on that first πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’ll put in my 2 cents on the workout stuff; Justin’s aunt and uncle got the Wii Fit to work out and his uncle actually took off 10-15 lbs using it. I really think it depends on who you are and how you use it if it is effective or not. Justin and I played it one day and we had a fun time…if you have the right games it can be entertaining. I was using the 30 day shred for a while there (now I’m lazy and haven’t been working out as much…oops), and I did really enjoy it…20 minutes is definitely reasonable…and although it is killer, I feel like I can handle 20 minutes. There are 3 levels in the shred, so you can stay on level 1 as long as you want until you master it and feel like you’re making progress. I’d also suggest using pretty light weights to begin (2-3lbs), because your arms will kill you if you use weights that are too heavy. I use 5lbs and I sometimes think that is a big mistake.

Anyway, you are only human for feeling this way about stuff, and you are NOT alone!

13 07 2010
Jazz(aka thehickbride)

Oh Kelly, I so know what you’re feeling… And I was kind of surprised to see the religion thing thrown in there and it made me wish we lived near each other even more.

I’ve been in a super low slump, yet I just keep ignoring and hiding it because I know how to fix it! I just need to find a church to go to since we just moved here!

I hate my body at the moment and have been struggling lately with healthy eating and exercising. I suggest you watch Hairspray. Random I know, but long story short I was feeling icky one day years ago so my now ex-bf (but still good friend) made me watch it. As soon as they were done singing “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” he stopped it and we talked. Basically he reminded me we all feel icky but we all are beautiful! And seriously, everytime you post pictures I always think you’re so darn pretty!

Whenever I’m “on the wagon” I feel so much better about myself, I hope you get that feeling back!

So I pretty much just wrote a novel, oops. Hahaha.

13 07 2010

OK, my friend…you can do this!

I’ve been there and frankly, sometimes, I’m still there. I’ve lost 50 pounds in the last year. It was not easy and it will always not be easy for me. I have about 45-50 more pounds to go (technically 52).

You can do this! Just tell me how I can motivate you and I will do it.

I don’t have a gym membership. I’m attempting C25K and I take advantage of ExerciseTV on Demand. I also took advantage of wedding money and Craigslist. We bought a treadmill (and we already had an elliptical from Craigslist).

Also, I have Wii Fit. It’s fun, but I wouldn’t consider it a workout (apologizing to those who think it is ultra-fab – it’s fun).

A lot of people like the Shred! Jillian Michaels is my hero. She and I have a dear love/hate relationship. I also like the Biggest Loser workouts. I really want to buy her other dvds (besides shred and biggest loser).

WW hasn’t really worked that great for me, but it’s great for maintaining (at least in my case). What has worked well for me – counting every single flippin’ calorie. It sucks, but it works. I’ve basically cut out all processed foods (minus the occasional brownie mix that I make with black beans that have been blended – trust me, it’s yum-o).

Anyway, sending some love your direction. You are so not alone.

13 07 2010

Hey dearie!! 1. I’m SO EXCITED to see you tomorrow night!!! I think we both needs nights out and away and with someone who totally 100% gets us! I’ll keep it short here since we’ll have real life talk time tomorrow but I love you! You’re awesome and you & B will get there. It takes time and use this time to figure out what you really truly want. R & I have a house, but its not what I want at all, its we need to get Obama’s money while we can and our lease is up so lets buy something hurry hurry quick quick. I was pushed into a job that somehow ended up being my chosen career and after 6 years I hate it and cry almost daily about not wanting to go to work. Our friends are all in VA and the friends we have here, well they don’t really know me or us. Its all fake smiles, seem polite so we aren’t the losers who don’t have friends – yes, seriously. However, the thought of going back ‘home’ where my dreaded in laws live makes me want to vomit so I’m staying put where we are. We want babies and well you know, we aren’t getting them right now. We’re spending money to make one and its still not working and who knows when it’ll work for us unfortunately. And the kicker – despite how badly we want a child, it will kill us financially. The making it part and then raising it part, I feel like we’ll never have money again. Ok so I’m not keeping this short, but perhaps getting it out here will mean I won’t have a pity party for myself tomorrow night with you at BW’s!

The losing weight thing – YOU CAN DO IT! Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it. I’m down about 25 lbs from May 25 and its all from cutting out crap (but don’t think I won’t be enjoying wings tomorrow night! I do allow cheap days or weekends at times). And I’m working out 5-7 days a week, an hour on the elliptical and per the doc the Metformin will help cut the pounds too. Can you get on that if you aren’t already? I agree with Sally – count the calories. It sucks, but it works for reals. Wii Fit…we have it. I don’t use it to lose weight. I use it for fun and a at home date night with R. It can be a workout and I will tell you we hadn’t hooked it up since we moved into the house last March – yea, March 2009 – but Saturday night I got the urge to hula hoop on Wii. We played for a couple hours. Sunday morning I was SORE! The boxing killed me – obviously I wasn’t using my back muscles at all with the elliptical πŸ˜‰ Its good for tracking your BMI and your progress and it may be a good stepping stone for you, but yea, I couldn’t use it personally as my daily exercise.

Ok I’m shutting up and will see you in t-minus 19 hours!!!!

14 07 2010

I’m pretty sure that I feel exactly the same! I’m jealous of everyone who gets home at 5 pm, I’m lucky if I’m home by 7 pm on a good day (10 if I’m lucky during busy season). RI is such a small state that rarely anyone moves to so everyone is already set in their friends. Plus each of us working an hour away in opposite directions doesn’t help with friendships. And I hate my job but we cannot afford for me to take any kind of paycut since cost of living is so high.

Needless to say, you’re not alone with these feelings. I’d kill to get to a gym but I just don’t have time. If you’re looking for a long distance WW buddy let me know… I definitely need to lose all the weight I put on in college and beyond! I’m here for you if you ever need ANYTHING.

14 07 2010

I CAN BE YOUR HEALTH COACH!!! Even though I hated everything about my old job, the best part was helping people to reach their goals. Even I need someone to hold me accountable. I also was about 40 or so pounds lighter when Brad and I first met and he was a little ligther too (but I don’t really notice). So I can feel your pain when you talk about that. It’s like there is the “freshman 15” for people when you get married. Oh and I have the Wii Fit if you wanna come up and use it or you can borrow it for however long you need. AND I have an elliptical at home so you are MORE THAN welcome to come up and use it. Might motivate me to get on it more than once a week (or less)… hehe. Email:

14 07 2010

OH AND PEE ESS- I have DDR for Xbox (yes, the old school one) and THAT will give you a serious workout!!

14 07 2010

I second Kim on Gainesville having really expensive gyms that we cannot afford. I’m actually at my heaviest ever right now and having horrible back problems (gymnastics injury years ago – but it wakes me in the middle of the night with spasms!). My Chiropractor told me that he wouldn’t be able to fix me until I started taking care of my body so I’ve been really concentrating on my health lately! Little things like going for walks after dinner and doing some ab workouts before my morning shower have already paid off – a lot! I think living healthier is just little teeny tiny baby steps that snowball until you’re living a fun healthy lifestyle – plus, you can motivate yourself by blogging about it! I’d love to help cheerlead you on!!

On the friend stuff – being a professional in a college town (where you didn’t grow up) means you lose friends at every graduation and only see them when they need a place to sleep football weekends. I can totally relate to your current situation and I know how much it sucks! But keep blogging and awesome girls from Indy will find you and you can do little blog-meet-ups and make friends. Sometimes friendships come from the funniest circumstances!

Okay enough rambling, I ❀ you and you are awesome. No need for the green monster when you have 3 beautiful furbabies at home who love you!

14 07 2010

As though you haven’t seen this enough already, you’re not alone. I’m struggling with a lot of the same issues you are: I hate that we rent and don’t own (I can’t even have a damn vegetable garden, UGH!), I really don’t like the college town we’re living in while hubby goes to grad school (we’ve already been here for undergrad), meanwhile I’m working constantly (I get one day off per month… totally awesome) while also trying to finish my undergrad degree, because someone has to support us. Sistah, I feel ya. I wish I lived closer to give you a hug and split a bottle of wine with you, and clearly there are a lot of other fans of yours who feel the same.

I do really think you’re gorgeous, like, seriously, I have a big girl crush, because I love your hair. It’s a little embarrassing. Anyway, I’m also a member of the Gainesville-gyms-are-too-expensive club, but I recently bought myself an exercise bike from (hello, less than $100 including 97 cent shipping!), and I love it! I can do it in the morning, late at night, when it feels like 120 degrees outside, in my pajamas, while watching movies/tv with the hubby. Totally awesome.

Hang in there, and enjoy all of your internet hugs and kisses today!

14 07 2010

HUGSSSSS friend πŸ™‚

You’ve received a lot of awesome advice already so I’ll be brief (and blunt bc that’s just the kind of gal I am). Life sucks sometimes. I have what I call my “quarterly breakdown” where I freak out about my life. Once a quarter (once every 3 months, sometimes more, sometimes less) something triggers me to just completely meltdown. But usually it takes that meltdown to get my ass in gear. Which may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but oh well.

Even people with seemingly “perfect” lives have shit going on. Trust me. Everyone has a story and no one is living a picture perfect life, even if that’s how it looks on the outside.

As for the weight thing, I will say that you are a beautiful girl no matter what. If you’ve had success w/ WW in the past, do it again. The 30 Day Shred really IS awesome. I’m not athletically inclined at all (it’s embarrassing) and it was really hard but really satisfying. It’s cliche, but losing weight is all about what you put in your mouth. Annoying as it may be, write down everything you eat for a week. I’m scared to do this because I don’t want to admit that sometimes I eat chips and salsa for lunch. But it will help you take stock of where you might be going wrong.

Good luck, girl. And remember, we’re here for you πŸ™‚

14 07 2010
Stacy Marie

It’s amazing how much doing great things for your body will make you feel better. I notice how depressed and anxious I get when I’ve been eating poorly lately. Oh, and did you ever watch that Workout show on Bravo with that lesbian trainer Jackie (I’m not gay…but she’s hot)? She has a new workout DVD and it is freaking amazing…I can burn you a copy if you want! But truly, focusing on taking care of your body will help your outlook on life, I promise.

Hang in there, we all have these moments. And so many of those people with huge houses and no part time jobs are in colossal amounts of debt, you just never see that part of it, you know?

14 07 2010

OMG Kelly! Not to be all blogger stalker-like but you know how sometimes I read your blog & it makes me think – I would totally be friends with this girl – ya know, like – without a keyboard?

Ok, here’s the thing – I really want to do WW and I’m kinda doing a bastardized version of it now – I have a post in my drafts, but I need pics 1st. If you’re interested – let’s do it together!! I’m so serious. Wedding or not – I want to lose at least 30lbs that I’ve gained since 2007. Online is MAD expensive & attending the classes is worse!

I have ZERO motivation or will to work out. I walk from Grand Central to the office everyday & back (about 4 Aves) and call it exercize. I bought 30Day shred. It works – no joke. I almost died the 1st time – I posted about it. I’ve only used it like 5x’s though. Some of the moves I can’t do because of my back. We have hand weights and Perfect PushUp. Don’t use any of them. I am trying to walk more but like you I work long hours and since the hubs isn’t about to get off the couch – I’m not walking by myself in the dark. Plus, I’m so wiped by the time I get home all I have energy for is my Google reader, a couple shows and brushing my teeth before bed.

Lemme know if you’re interested – we can IM & txt each other when we’re about to dive into a red velvet cupcake & we can stop each other. πŸ˜‰

14 07 2010

Yeah – that’s supposed to say: “Ya know how sometimes you read a blog and it makes you think…” I’m not that valley girl – promise. πŸ˜‰

14 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

Three pugmigos! You kill me. Honestly what I’ve learned is when things are shitty… when I feel good about myself and my walk with God nothing else seems to matter to me. And like you I’m extremely upset with myself at the moment… it’s escalated FAST into something that I never thought I would get to… you know you have my support K$$$, I love you!

14 07 2010

Oh Kelly, we could totally be besties. I’ve had SO many of the same feelings recently. I worked my butt off to finish school in three years and now no one wants to hire me. I’m at home by myself every single day, which gets really old after awhile. I have my friends from high school here, but I’m the first to get married and I think for some reason they all think that I’m not interested in hanging out with them now that David’s my husband instead of my fiance. It’s so incredibly frustrating and lonely, and I keep it all in until someone (usually David) makes a comment in passing about the whole job thing or me being home all day and I burst into tears.

I have to echo what your twinner said because it’s honestly the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I pray daily that God would show me what He wants me to do. And that He’d open SOME sort of door for me. And then I just trust that He loves me and wants what’s best for me and He’ll reveal His perfect plan for me eventually.

Love you, girl! It will get better!!

14 07 2010

I hear you on all of that. It is hard especially when some people seem to have it all.

Excercise wise – i have the wii fit and if you unlock every work out, you are looking at about 2 hours of yoga, cardio, balance and games. I love my wii fit, but my issue is i don’t sit down to use it.
Do you walk the pugs? Right now i am getting most my excercise from walking them an hour a day. rain or shine. Its cardio and it helps alot.
Another thing i am working on is cutting out all the unhealthy things. Cookies, pasta, rice and potatoes. I barely eat bread so i try for a veggies for lunch or a salad. But make sure you bring some sort of protein or else you end up with a nasty headache.

Good luck!

15 07 2010


21 07 2010

I LOVE YOU! you need me and min so you we can get into some absurd fight and end up chasing each other around the house. Talk about exercise. But anyways I miss you and min tons too and if you ever need anything you know we got cho back gurrrrl. Also, everything happens for a reason. Try not to be jealous your time will come believe it or not; and just focus on being happy with what you do have rather than what you don’t (even though its hard when other ppl have so much more) but if you take the time to think about it you’ll realize how far you have made it and how fortunate you are compared to others. Try volunteering – me and momma do it and its so rewarding! We cooked with disabled adults and it really helps putting things in perspective. And friend wise. Jesus sista I feel ya – theres only a few really good friends out there and you’re so lucky you have a really strong one. Its hard to trust people to be good friends and most people in life don’t even have one real one. Even though shes far away shes still always there for you! And you have Me, Min, and Momma πŸ™‚ We are your biggest fans and love you so much! and PRAY! it helps – God is the best friend you’ll ever have. xoxox Rosh – keep your head up sista!!

21 07 2010

Seriously Pug I totally feel you on this one! Especially when I have friends younger than me who got married bought a house and are now having kids. That is my dream! I want to start a family soon too and have a home, but we just can’t afford it. I still am not 100% sure what I want to do with my life and the Mr. has been let go of 2 jobs this year (he still hasn’t finished school because of finance issues) and it sometimes feels like the whole world is against us and yes, I do get jealous. I want to have a big fat savings and purchase a home and I would like to be about 20-30lbs lighter too. I’ve been working on the weightloss for the past year and have been met with mild success, but when I get to busy I get lazy and eat like poo and am on a weightloss rollercoaster. I’ve never tried WW and wonder what it could do…perhaps we could start a WW blogging club in our own way!

12 08 2010

I am a gazillion years late on commenting on this post, but I wanted to chime in quick and say that you are AWESOME. And truthfully? You come across so confidently that I truly admire you…I truly do! You are such a cool gal, and as is clear from the comments, you are not alone. Everyone feels this way at some point or another, and everyone is here to support you (myself included!). You’ve gotten some really great advice so I’ll just say that you know what? We’ve all been there. You are a gorgeous and inspiring person, and all of the work and effort you are putting into your house and yourself right now will pay off in the end. Hope you’re hanging in there, girl! πŸ™‚

12 08 2010

Oh and one more thing! As far as the exercise thing goes–I always remember the mantra that how we look is 80% what we eat, 10% how we move, and 10% genetics. If you don’t have time to workout, try cleaning up your diet a bit and you might find that goes a long way! πŸ™‚

20 09 2010

I know this was posted over a month ago, but I think it’s fate I found it today. I’ve been feeling the same kind of feelings lately and I honestly feel like I’m the only one. Like today, for example, I’ve been working at home and crying all day and it’s for some of the same reasons you posted today. I won’t go into it here, but it’s so refreshing to know other people also feel like this. I don’t blame anyone, but so many people put up such a facade that their lives are perfect, and although I know they aren’t, it’s still upsetting b/c I can’t even pretend like things are that way, ya know?

It’s so amazing to see everyone come together on this post and say “it’s normal, you are normal.” and I agree. We all go through ups and downs in our lives and I think those are what define us. If things were awesome all the time, what on earth would we have to write about? At our age, career is mostly always uncertain. The degree which I have [don’t get me wrong, I LOVED studying it and love practicing it] I’ve come to find is not my calling. So I’m with you. and I’m working my ass off at a job, living paycheck to paycheck, coming home and being miserable. We all go through these feelings and they are what make us human, make us who we are.

You’ll get through it, I’ll get through, everyone will get through it. We are strong and wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now if we weren’t. So please, keep your head up! and know that we are all here for you and all understand it.

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