Steph Time and THANKS

15 07 2010

Wow. All I can say is wow. Your comments were amazing on my last emo post and really lifted me up. I am working tonight and tomorrow night so posting will be light (until I figure out how to stop those naked naps) probably.

You didn’t get a post last night because I was with Stephanie in Columbus Indiana, aka our halfway point! We met up and talked for nearly three hours over dinner! And naturally I made her take a picture, as usual. It was so great to have a friend to talk and laugh with. I love ya Steph!

Ok that’s all for now! Thanks to The Budget Savvy Bride I now can do an iPhone blog! Thanks girl!!!

-kjpugs on iPhone




8 responses

15 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i didn’t know you guys hung out! i love how i’m upset as if it matters and i could have came… i get so jealous… love you both!

15 07 2010

We wish you could have been there! Please come visit us!!!

16 07 2010

Hi there! I found your blog via Weddingbee. I’m so excited to start reading it and getting to know you!

16 07 2010

Laura!!!!! 😦 Seriously, we need a real date for all of us! One day there WILL be a picture with us 3 together! Kel, I’m so happy BSB got back in touch with you – yay! 😀

16 07 2010

PS: I think my hair is TOO long. Perhaps a cut is definitely in order sometime in the near future!

16 07 2010

omg I need an iPhone blogging tutorial asap!! Does it work for blogger? Pleeeease say yes. 😉

16 07 2010

Yes but it’s WordPress not Blogger 😦

13 10 2010
Buffalo Wild Wings Tradition, Take 3! « kjpugs: ordinary in indiana

[…] And of course, as Stephanie much hates, part of our visit is always a photo I force a stranger to take while shouting “It’s TRADITION!!!” (I posted one other one on this blog, remember!) […]

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