Microwbrewers Festival!

17 07 2010

A real life beer fest! Today, Big Daddy and I worked for my cousin at the 15th Annual Microwbrewers Festival here in Indy.

My cousin John Holl is writing a book about Indiana Beer. Well, as he better put it in a bio of his on one of the many websites he contributes to, “A frequent contributor to the New York Times, John Holl travels the country chronicling American craft beer and the culture of drinking. A journalist since 1996, he has worked for the Star-Ledger of Newark, The Indianapolis Star and regularly writes for a number of magazines, newspapers and web sites. Holl lives in New Jersey and is co-author of a soon-to-be published book on Indiana breweries.”

(Don’t worry, you will ALL be hearing about the book when it comes out!)

Cousin John (who is actually my mom’s cousin’s son, so I don’t know what that makes him… we’re just a close family) wrote a wonderful article recently in Beer Connoisseur Magazine. He was in town a little this week for more research on his book, but had to go home due to the death of a family member. He had planned to man a table for Beer Connoisseur to sell their magazine subscriptions, but had to fly home yesterday for the funeral. So cousin kjpugs (and Big Daddy) stepped in.

It was actually a cool deal- the magazine rocks, we got into the festival for free (saving us the cost of two $35 tickets) and got to taste awesome beers and meet awesome people!

Oh and we got free tasting glasses.

(That was my attempt at an artsy shot)

They were actually really small. Here it is, with me, actual size…

This picture was supposed to properly showcase my sweaty-ness for all of you. It does not.

B took manly little sips…

We had a great time telling people about Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and of course, sampling the beers around us. A favorite was right behind us- Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant. They’re in a lot of states (find out where here) although not Indiana quite yet. I really liked their Czech Pilsner and Hefeweizen, while B was INSANE over their Schwarzbier, aka literally “black beer” in German. So if you’re near them, TRY IT!

While the drinking and company were good, the heat was baddddd. We are currently exhausted. This guy told me to take a picture of his sweat stains:

It was no joke!

We had a lovely t-shirt place next door to our booth, Yesterbeer. The guy was awesome and really nice. You can find them online as well. Their shirts feature vintage logos from real historic breweries. I ordered this one (he didn’t have it there in my size) since dogs are AWESOME.

This was inspired from a 1940’s Frankenmuth beer label. They were out of Frankenmuth, MI and open for more than 100 years.

Big Daddy got an Indianapolis one (I took this picture when we got home, obviously.)

This is from the Indianapolis Brewing Company, and was inspired by a 1930’s bottle and includes part of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indy where we did our engagement and wedding pictures.

We also saw a ton of just insanely wasted people. One slutty looking girl came up to Big Daddy and first asked him if the Yesterbeer table guy was giving away the shirts. B was like “Uhhhh no. They’re like $15-17 bucks.” Then she stuck out her fake boobs some more and asked if we were giving away our shirts for free (they came with a two year subscription.) Sorry Slutty McDrunkerson, no one is giving out free shit (besides BEER) at a festival that people will pay $35 to come to. Not even if you stick your boobs out at my husband. Sucks!

Or then, there were the kilts. I don’t know what the deal is with kilts and beer but apparently there is some correlation.

To add insult to kilt-injury, this dude’s shirt said “Free Hugs.” No thanks!

We also saw one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever witnessed. This creepy looking drunk guy was walking around the end of the event with this Joker-like, serial-killer style closed-lip grin. We noticed him later against the fence with his friends and discussed that he’d likely be on the news post-killing spree soon. He then began to pee on the fence. And then turned around and tried to pee on his friend. With this junk OUT. And then walked around and tried to smack his neighbors… with HIS JUNK OUT.

Natch I took out my camera. This is while he was trying to pee on his friend. I saw way too much peen today.

And on the peen note… I’m outta here! Hope you’ll all check out these beer things… trust me, there is a beer out there for EVERYONE. kjpugs SAY SO.




7 responses

17 07 2010

Bahahahaha you said peen.

17 07 2010

I said it and I SAW it. Too much of it in fact.

18 07 2010

I LOVE beerfestivals! There is nothing better than a good microbrew! OOHH sounds like you had lots of fun!

18 07 2010

I love hefeweizens! I missed our annual beer festival here, because I had to work, boo. Next year, I better be gettin’ me some yummy beer.

18 07 2010

Hate. Sweat. And seeing random peen, for that matter. Looks like a fun day besides those two factors, though!!

18 07 2010

There is an awesomely huge mall in Frankemuth, MI that apparently sells Christmas decor/ornaments ALL YEAR LONG!! I guess they are famous for it or something; my mom went a few years ago. And that guy peeing .. not cool. I will have a less photographic update soon about my Black Expo experience… mm yeah .. never again.

19 07 2010

Thanks for the kind words about Yesterbeer! It was nice having you as next-door neighbors and your Frankenmuth shirt is being shipped today.

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