Wet Pugs & …Sweet Redemption?

20 07 2010

Don’t worry all… I’m alive. The meds didn’t kill me. After a tense hour of tweeting from my (possible death) bed I realized I was ok.

Today it started STORMING on the way home from work. And yet, the pugs still wanted to go out. I got on gross clothes and leashed them… and figured they would just pee immediately out of anger at the rain.


Stood in the pouring rain. Doing nothing.

Big Daddy got home moments later and I had them corralled in the kitchen, ready to be bathed in the sink.

Ahhh linoleum. Sexy floors, no?

Poor pugs. They weren’t happy. They smelled bad. We washed them and then brushed them.

And then it was sunny. How lucky. At least the pugs are soft now.

For dessert was an opportunity for some sweet redemption. Remember Gigi’s Cupcakes? And that horrible red velvet cupcake I had?

Since I’m nice, I “like”-ed them on Facebook. And today they got their 600th follower. So all day they gave out 600 free cupcakes to any guest that asked for a “fancake” and said “600.”

My coworker and I went to get our free cupcakes. I also got a cookies and cream cupcake. I saved both for B & myself as dessert.

Still a super cute box. And great service, and ADORABLE cupcakes.

The blue facebook fan cupcakes were cute. The other… I was disappointed… besides a little crushed Oreo, there was no “cookies” to the cookies and cream cupcakes. Just brown icing? But I had faith.

I really shouldn’t have.

I cut them in half so we could try one of each.

The cake was exactly the same for both. Which to me is a cop out. If all your cupcakes are basically the came cake, except different frostings and fillings… you need to work harder. It wasn’t as bad as my red velvet one, but it was still dry.

I tried the Oreo cuppie first. Upon first taste, all I could think was mudslide. I swear I tasted vodka for a second. But after that- it all just tasted the same. Moving from Oreo to blue, there was a negligible taste difference. And again… just WAY too much fake-tasting icing. In contrast, Carmel’s Holy Cow has original flavors and just enough REAL tasting icing. And Indy’s Flying Cupcake has frosting that tastes like real powdered sugar. The Gigi’s ones tasted like, at best, grocery store cupcakes.

Sweet redemption? Not this time, Gigi’s. Sorry… I tried!

Now… your worst cupcake stories. Go!




12 responses

20 07 2010

“I swear I tasted vodka for a second.” Seriously, never stop blogging. You have the best one-liners.

I don’t eat cupcakes as often as I’d like. But you know that new show on TLC “DC Cupcake” (the place is actually called Georgetown Cupcake)? Welllll there is one super close to my apartment. And dude, they’re good. Plus if you follow them on Twitter they tweet the secret free flavor of the day and if you go in and say it they’ll give it to you! Since the show aired they’ve started limiting it to 100 per location. Lame. But I agree, mix up the cake/icing flavors or you’ve lost me.

20 07 2010

I’m pretty sure you should have just went ahead and added that vodka. Would have probably made you happier with the cupcakes at least!

Glad you’re not dead by the way! I’m allergic to penicillin too, its scary stuff.

20 07 2010

I have heard of the wonderful-ness of Flying Cupcake here in Indy and really want to try them. Maybe that will be my reward if I can fit into a new pair of jeans (from my closet .. shameful).

20 07 2010

My dogs won’t pee in the rain either! They just stand there and look at me like “Um, yuck. Let’s go back inside now.”
And so sad that the cupcakes were a bust!

20 07 2010

Oh I love your pugs. My little brother (who is now not so little and 14) has loved pugs since he saw Men in Black! He would be SOOOO jealous of your little guys! They are precious

21 07 2010

We miss the rain. Wet pugs are never sexy though.

I tried this cupcake place in Vegas, and the frosting was so
thick, it was like glue paste. Some cupcakes look delicious,
but looks can be deceiving once you bite into them.

We’re glad your meds didn’t kill you!

-Dana & Daisy

21 07 2010

Man, when it rains Max quickly does his business and runs inside. But he’s a puss puss when the grass ist and will refuse to walk in it, instead walking through my flowers!

Glad you’re still alive but boo to bad cupcakes (I don’t like cupcakes so they’re all bad to me haha)

21 07 2010
Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

You should come visit me. I will make you pug cupcakes.

21 07 2010

Remember when we got cupcakes in the city and we couldnt wait and stuff one in our mouths as mommers came to pick us up? hahahahahaha.

21 07 2010

Gosh, I’m so bummed by Indy’s Gigi’s for you. 😦 Seriously, we’ve never had a bad cuppiecake at Gigi’s down here. Granted, we’ve never had any of the ones you’ve had – haha. Sorry I got you hyped about them and they’re bombing out for you.

21 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

But I also have realized EVERYONE has different cupcake preferences (in response to Steph)… we have cupcake places like on every corner it seems and a lot of my friends and i have all different faves and their faves might be some of our least faves. But I’m with you… people should make different cakes!

26 07 2010

I’ve noticed that some of the cutest cupcakes are not the tastiest! I can make tastier ones at home (and I’m a terrible baker). The puglets (even wet, smelly pugs) are adorable though!

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