Vera Bradley

21 07 2010

I have an obsession and I cannot hide it.

I didn’t take much from my three and a half collegiate years in the south. Popping my collar, maybe. But I won’t admit it if you ask. Y’all occasionally. But that’s pretty much it.

Except for Vera.

I’m flat out obsessed with Vera Bradley. We used to go to this place near campus and you’d always get your Vera bags monogrammed. (I loved monogramming way before the south, so the south can’t claim that.)

I’ve had many patterns but never enough money to truly build a collection. My firsts, in order:

I had many a good time with these! Here I am (on the right) with one of my college BFFs M, passed out at a tailgate with our matching Bitty Betsy bags.

College was fun.

Post-college I moved onto Mod Floral Pink.

I’ve gotten many items in Mod Floral Pink, including the Tic-Tac-Tote (B hates the word tote) and my MUCH beloved Bowler, which was seen in a recent foot post.

Look how grungy the strap looks. Poor Bowler’s seen better days. It’s corners aren’t doing well either, years later…

Poor baby!

So I decided I need to make a point to save up for a new one. At $72, that won’t be soon. But it’s just the perfect purse! I can’t decide what to aim for though. (The pictures suck due to the Vera Bradley website sucking.) I love the new Make Me Blush, it’s colors I wear ALL THE TIME, like green and pink. I just bought a make up case in this print.

Or it’s cousin, Poppy Fields, which is just the most FUN looking bag I have ever seen…

I have a thing with poppies. Also, LOOK AT THE INSIDE!

Then the four newest patterns came out, and I kind of might like the Barcelona?

Well a girl can dream right? Someday, a new Bowler will be mine.

I did, however, find a new way to get FREE Vera!! Their downloads! You can deck out your iPhone, iPad, or computer with a Vera background!

I got the Barcelona for my iPhone:

And the Poppy Fields one for my MacBook!

LOVE! Go to the download site and take your pick to deck yourself out in FREE Vera!

Love it or hate it? Any other Vera monogrammers out there?




17 responses

21 07 2010

I love it but have never had one!! I WILL own a Vera Bradley bag some day. And everyone and their mom had monogrammed Vera Bradley stuff at KU. It was ridiculous.

21 07 2010

Sadface, I want a background but it’s a dead link 😦

22 07 2010

OH NO! See if this works. I’m relinking now.

22 07 2010

Love the Vera! There is a Vera store in the metro. I’m a birthday club member so I get $20 (or $25 – I can’t remember) off a purchase during my birthday month so I always buy a new Vera with birthday money. I have 5 now (including my curling iron cooler bag). My latest pattern was night and day. Love the black and white!

22 07 2010

You should see how MUCH of the sherbet I have. I’m pretty sure I have just about every piece. Then I moved onto a million other colors. We sold Vera where I worked for 6 years and I got a 25% discount and it could come directly out of my check, soooo yeah. There’s a lot.
I’ll do a post one day once I get it all gathered together.

22 07 2010

I LOVED Vera in college. My fav was the elephant breast cancer design (and still is). It’s really creepy to walk into my closet and see how many of the bags and wallets I have!

22 07 2010

See we are meant to be BFFs…my first love was the sherbet and I have most of that collection – large, middle, small duffle and all the travel accessories. I had the purses too, but stopped wearing them in recent years. I only now carry my Pink Elephant wallet, but that Poppy and Blush designs. *swoon*

22 07 2010

I’m not really a big fan of Vera. They are huge here in Tallahassee, but I never really got into the fad.

Where did you go to school?

22 07 2010

I went to Elon, a tiny little country club of a University in NC.

22 07 2010

I’m not a cloth bag fan! I am wayyyyy too rough on my purses to have cloth, seriously. I’ve always had a sick Coach [leather only] addiction and it doesn’t help my wallet living so darn close to their outlets. Anyway, I received 2 Vera’s at a wedding shower and they’re definitely growing on me! I have the Make Me Blush huge luggage bag (like huge – it actually fits my abnormal weekend packing) and a little travel clutch thing in a color I don’t know. Maybe I’ll catch your fever and start spending all my money at our local boutique! (Run, wallet, RUNNNN)

22 07 2010

My Vera Addiction is recent (it wasn’t big in the college sorority scene at my school- you had to have a North Face jacket at UE), but I am obsessed- I love and have a lot of the Puccini pattern, as that was what I could get the most of at the recent outlet sale, as well as some Pirouette and a Green Cupcakes purse (LOVE!)- haven’t been digging many of the new patterns yet though- will stick to my oldies. In fact, waiting for my large backpack to arrive- just got my large duffel yesterday!

22 07 2010

I’m the opposite! Haven’t liked any new ones until recently! You know a lot of Puccini ones are like 60% off online?!

22 07 2010

Oooh, I’m liking the new Barcelona print! I haven’t been keeping up with my Vera collection post-college…but I still have my totes (I got a new one each year at Elon) and use them every so often when I need to run around with papers/books/etc!

And random thought – did you get them monogrammed at All That JAS? Haha…I remember quite a few Vera’s coming through to be monogrammed…

22 07 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

That’s so funny… Vera wasn’t really ever big here like it seems it has been on the east coast / south but there is a boutique that sells them in a downtown area near me and I have purchased a makeup bag… way cute.

22 07 2010

AHHHHHHH Just saw you on the ‘bee. You and the furbabies are so cute 🙂

22 07 2010

Heart Sis, I LOVE Vera too!!!!! I’m so glad to hear that someone else is obsessed as I am 🙂

23 07 2010

Is it sad that I had no idea what you were referring to? Never heard of Vera… (gasp!). I’m hooked now, though, those prints are to die for!

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