Guilty Pleasures

23 07 2010

My gal Smitty posted about her Guilty Pleasures recently, so I’ll following suit! Check out her post here!

This ain’t your typical “tell me about yourself” list, folks. No, this is for the guilty pleasures–the stuff you are slightly embarrassed to like so much.

Music: I still love myself some N*SYNC and BSB. And Vanilla Ice is always a guilty pleasure.

TV: ANYTHING to indulge my hypochondria, from Mystery Diagnosis to I didn’t know I was Pregnant. And then any show that features New Jersey.

Movies: Anything that’s a childhood favorite, like Disney movies (LITTLE MERMAID!) or The Road to El Dorado, or even the classics Three Ninjas, Three Ninjas 2, and Three Ninjas Kickback.

Magazine: I could literally read ANY magazine. I especially like older women ones like More Magazine and Real Simple.

Online Game: I do sudoku online!

Clothing Trend: I wish leggings under skirts and Uggs weren’t such “now they’re in, now they’re out” fashions. I also wish skinny jeans looked good on me.

Books: Only books I read are by Jodi Picoult and Jen Lancaster. The end.

Snack: I love Smartfood white cheddar popcorn dipped in peanut butter. I also like to eat Spaghettio’s cold at room temperature.

What are your guilty pleasures????




3 responses

23 07 2010
Elizabeth Lou

BACKSTREET BOYSSS! LOVE. I am still a huge fan….like would die if I met AJ. DIE.

24 07 2010

Oh yes, BSB probably tops my guilty pleasure list. And sorry Elizabeth Lou, AJ is MINE!!

Ps, I’ve been reading Emily Giffin books recently and they’re really good. I love Jodi and Jen (duh) but I’m rotating some Emily in there, too. Probs since we have the same name.

24 07 2010

OMG N’SYNC girl here!!!!! And I am FASCINATED by I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant…did you see the one where the girl had a baby in the campground bathroom (and it literally FELL out of her?!).

And what is this I hear about ketchup flavored potato chips?????

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