What’s a weekend without baked goods?

25 07 2010

Oh the weekend. Not much exciting to report except for, as usual, some baked goods.

Friday B worked a very long day so we stayed in (with some growlers of beer, of course!) and did pretty much nothing.

Saturday I went to the bank early to get my name changed. It went something like this:

“Hi. I would like to get my name changed on my bank account as I have had it changed legally due to marriage.”

“Ok I just need to see your marriage license and new driver’s license.”

“Ok.” (shows documents.)

“Alright you are updated. The changes will be made on your account within five days.”

“When will I get my new card?”

“We don’t give you a new card, you have to request a replacement and possibly pay a replacement fee of $7.00.”


Because when I go to buy alcohol and they check my ID, I’m sure the first names matching will be enough.

Needless to say, banks are ridiculous. And I get my new card within a week or two.

Later that day I went shopping for some ingredients to make cupcakes for a low-key bachelorette party I had that night. I actually lucked out and found some mini cupcake disposable baking pans and snatched them up. I went with a red velvet box cake mix, and then a homemade cream cheese icing.

It ended up making 72 cupcakes!

This might be the most under-rated kitchen tool: the Pampered Chef Small Scoop. I bought it thinking I would never use it, and have actually found 2384379 uses for it! It is absolutely PRICELESS for cake ball making and in this case, perfect for portioning the mini cupcakes batter.

You had to fill them pretty high or they looked stupid when baked.

I baked them about 10 minutes first and freaked, took them out, then put them back in.. Turns out they needed about 15!! (Good thing I had two batches.) The best test for mini cupcakes is the bounce test. If you touch the cupcake, does it leave a little indent, or does it kind of “bounce back.” That’s how I knew they were done. Most of the first batch were ok, just some smaller ones had the paper peeling off a bit.

I decorated them with a cream cheese icing. It consisted of 2 bars cream cheese, a stick of butter, a tsp vanilla and 2 cups powdered sugar. I ended up adding more vanilla and sugar. I liked it, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough (and had almost a little sour taste? Is that weird or normal?) so next time I would add more sugar and then thin it with some milk.

These were the finished cupcakes:

I tried to pipe them cute-ly but really, I need pastry bags for piping. Reccomendations?

Then I sloppily iced the messed up wrapper cupcakes. I put the cute ones in the fridge since it was like a million degrees. B took one look at these:

And he said “THESE are what you are bringing?!!?!?!”

I nearly died laughing. Luckily he approved of the real ones.

My friend had a wonderful Bachelorette party. It was diva themed and the bride-to-be dressed as Lady Gaga!

She got lots of great diva-licious gifts and we also did a wine tasting (red, aka, I failed miserably.)

Now we are off to lunch and Meijer for some shopping, of course! Tweet me for further details, NATCH!




8 responses

25 07 2010

I think I might just be the only person in America who has never had red velvet cake/cupcakes. Can you please mail me some of the deliciousness I know I’m being deprived of? Maybe someday I’ll just invade your house, demand you make me red velvet cupcakes, and cuddle your pugs. I’ll bring the beer!

25 07 2010


You don’t need a pasty bag. Just put the icing in a ziploc and cut one of the corners off. It makes pretty piping all the time.

If you don’t like that though, buy a Wilton piping bag. They’re pretty awesome.

25 07 2010

I actually did use a ziplock bag- it just was really floppy, hard to control, and VERY hard to get the icing down far in the bag.

25 07 2010
Cindy G.

Ashley is right, you can use a ziploc bag with one of the corners cut off. Just cut the corner to the size that you want the piping to come out. By doing it this way, you can just throw the bag away and not worry about cleaning the bag up.

Now if you want to get fancy and use different tips, I would recommend getting a pastry bag.

Those cupcakes look really good! Can you share the recipe?

25 07 2010

Just used cake mix!!! The icing was just the 4 ingredients mixed together, sugar last.

25 07 2010

In the past I’ve used the ziplock bag trick, but I agree, it just isn’t the same as using the real deal pastry bags. Michaels sells them (I’m sure you probably know this) as well as a lot of different piping tips…use a weekly 40% off coupon!!! If it is something that you’d use relatively regularly, it could be a good investment! My mom has had her set since I can remember…probably before I was born…and they are still going strong!

25 07 2010

Umm why the hell did your bank make you pay for a new card!? I changed my name on ALL of mine (bank, cc’s, etc) and nobody made me pay. I say fight it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!! OMG!

And I just had a Pampered Chef party and have a website/host name if you want to order anything (and then I can deliver to you asap anywhere). =P

26 07 2010

Thanks for making me want to break my diet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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