New Jersey, thus far: Pizza, Beach, & JOURNALS

31 07 2010

WE MADE IT TO NJ (as you have read.) I honestly am surprised we survived the drive.

Big Daddy and I slept for an hour or two, but my Mom’s AC had just gone out so we woke up a sweaty mess. It was soon fixed and we were hanging out with my Mom! We went and bought a few essentials and then toured her new town. This was B’s first time at her condo- she moved in January whens she sold our house. We stopped at a pastry place and got an assortment.

(Some salted caramel tart, chocolate croissant, pignoli, chocolate bark, and izze sodas!)

My sister Rosh soon got home, and we went to get dinner… pizza, on my insistence. We started with bruschetta boats, basically bruschetta but in pizza bread with a balsamic reduction.

Then the PIZZA! Half pepperoni, half sausage.

I went with pepperoni… oh I love the greasy goodness.

Then Rosh and I got some ice cream… this place puts “a fish in every dish.” Which means a Swedish fish on top.

(Awesome pic taking skillz by Big Daddy)

We woke up yesterday and got ready for the beach! Naturally we sat in traffic but it was worth it. This is one of the main reasons I ADORE New Jersey:

The beach was perfect! The ocean was completely clear, Big Daddy and I spent a crap-ton of time swimming and jumping the waves. Unfortunately the second time we got out, I got pretty cold. In trying to get myself warm I accidentally got myself sunburned, as you all saw.

The beach we went to was in Long Branch, which was on purpose, since it was across from my favorite Italian Ice place!! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT:

I know it looks like ice cream, but it’s not… it’s Italian Ice! I got pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, and cherry. I liked them in that order πŸ™‚ What I was going for is that Italian Spumoni ice cream. I could eat this stuff daily.

My mom got Mango ice with vanilla ice cream (tasted like traditional custard.)

Big Daddy got vanilla and chocolate ice cream with wet walnuts. I would have taken a picture but bees started attacking and due to my history we retreated to the car.

In case you’re near Long Branch, here’s the place:

When we got home, my mom gave me a box she had found in our storage that was full of my stuff. She’s already given me most of my boxes of stuff, but once in a while will find one and pass it along.

In this box? My first three journals, 1998-2000.

Yep that’s Matt Damon on the front. Summer of 1998 begins it all. I was NOT a nice person!!!!!

Best of all? I found this entry:

Sound familiar? In Provincetown… “I got a bag” with a picture…

YEP, that would be the HEMP PURSE from my Purse Purse Pass story!!!! Sweet, sweet proof.

I think I’m going to make a blog where I post my journal entries. Partially because they’re hilarious (and obviously, reading other people’s journals can be enjoyable for many, as we learned with Lauren’s Dear Kitty.) But mostly, for my friends (yes, I’m shockingly still friends with those people from 12 years ago!!!!) who would probably die reading what I wrote. I was kind of fickle, catty, and really um… boy crazy.

Thoughts on the journals?

Can’t wait to tell you more about the Dirty Jerz!




8 responses

31 07 2010

OMG Kel that pizza UGHHH so jealous. It’s so perfect, the crust, the right amount of cheese and greese ahhhhh. I can smell it and taste it:)

Ok so your journals…. did you put massive amounts of tape on the cover to keep Matt from coming off?? LOL

Ok now the shore… ahhh so perfect and pretty. That made my day:)
BTW where did your mom move too?

Miss youuuuuuu xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

31 07 2010

Awww it looks like you’re having a great time!! That pizza and Italian ice look amazing. Please share more of the journals. You and Lauren have inspired me to go look for mine next time I’m home!

31 07 2010

Reasons you have made me want to visit NJ asap:

Yummy pizza!
Italian ice? Sold!
Pretty pretty beach!

PS-I’m super stoked to read more from the journals–too funny!

31 07 2010

OMG that Italian ice looks amazing! And old journals are the best!

2 08 2010

LMAO @ the Hemp entry. That story’s so funny.

Jealous of the beach time. I went to the “beach” this weekend but it wasn’t really good.

2 08 2010
Alexandra the Tsaritsa

I love your old journals! I think my mom saved some of mine back home, but I also threw out some along the way.

By the way, thank you for correcting that Jamie Kennedy quote πŸ™‚ “Don’t be hatin!!!” haha I corrected it here.

2 08 2010

I was hoping for a new blog post tonight! Oh well! Hope you had fun on your trip, that pizza looks AMAZING.

5 08 2010

hahaha I love your journals…mostly because I have very similar looking composition notebooks converted into journals with collaged clippings from teen people, ym, and all those teen mags! Hahaha oh teen angst….I read through mine every once in a while and die laughing!

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