Vlog Prep

4 08 2010

I cannot believe I’ll be doing a vlog.

First- how do I film a vlog? Just realized that on my mac I know how to use photobooth, and I know how to vid chat through iChat or gchat… but I’m unsure as to how to film a vlog. Do advise.

Also… and this is important… I am asking you to make my vlog less awkward/boring by submitting questions. Do so via comments on here or DM on my twitter.

So yea. Do that. I will answer them all (within reason of appropriateness, natch) and wow you with my vlog skills.




7 responses

4 08 2010

I have no questions at this time, but I DEMAND some pug appearances!

4 08 2010

My only request is that you wear your best Jen Lancaster attire.

4 08 2010

It’s funny, because I already decided on a boldly striped yellow and white polo with popped collar.

5 08 2010

Oh I just CAN NOT wait!!!! 😀 It will be so awesomely fabulous!

5 08 2010

Ahhh I die. I was just thinking about vlogs yesterday, and I am confident that yours would be much more interesting than mine would ever be 😉

I want a Bahbra WaWa impersonation

5 08 2010

I had no idea that you were doing a vlog, twinner! Are the questions supposed to be about something in particular? If not, here are my randoms:

Let’s talk about Jersey. Being from the south and all, I am totes shocked by shows like Jersey Shore. I did not know people like that existed. Is that for real? Is kjpugs a guidette? Do guidettes carry hemp purses?

We all know you are the worlds pickiest eater. I would like to see you try something that you have never eaten before and are afriad of ON VIDEO. Do it.

Introduce the pugs.

That’s all I have for now…


5 08 2010

That’s so funny you mention vlogs bc my friend and I were just talking about starting one 😛

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