Frickin’ Vlog

5 08 2010

Well, I did it. I hope you’re all happy. (cough Layla cough)

And I apologize for the general awkwardness. And also realize that maybe I should have turned the music down a bit. WHOOPS.

Hope you didn’t fall asleep/puke/toss furious judgment in my general direction!




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5 08 2010


I lie, I haven’t watched it yet. I’ll be back.

5 08 2010

I think I may love you even more! Haha, I love your facial expressions!

5 08 2010

He’s like…MOM. LET ME DOWN.
Bug is like…k I am done.
Sophie. OMG CAN I HAVE?!

Love. Now I feel like I need to make one.

5 08 2010

PLEASE DO! It was mildly liberating. But don’t tell anyone I said that.

5 08 2010

Before you even mentioned your hair, I was going to comment that your hair was super freaking cute!

5 08 2010

Thanks! Oh if only you all could have seen it when it was 3 times as long! Very different.

5 08 2010


I can’t believe you played that song (againandagainandagain), you hookah!

Love your Bawbawa Wawa impression! Dead on.

I’m so in love with the Bugg, I could die. DIE.

You’re a mess and I loooooove it!!!!

5 08 2010

bwahahaha I knew you would *LOVE* that one, har har.

5 08 2010

Don’t tell anyone but I used to do voice posts from my cell phone for LIveJournal. Remeber that “website”?? HAHA I like that you were trying to keep the collar popped the entire time and also my ears are crooked and my glasses look crazy (not to mention my lazy eye). Ugh..

5 08 2010

BAHAHA YESSSSS! That’s amazing.

And I am glad you noticed that too about the collar…. when I watched it I was like WTF LEAVE YOURSELF ALONE I keep touching my collar and hair.

5 08 2010

Frikken cute is what it is – I wish our ghetto computer had a camera – I’d sooo do this. It’s so much easier than typing.

You absolutely don’t have an accent either. I kinda do – like those things behind you.., they’re “draws”, like when you draw on paper – not “drawers”. LOL Speaking of Jerz – I’m off to LBI in the morning & AC for my bachelorette. I’ll tip one back for you! 🙂

6 08 2010

Ok I know I just texted you, but you so made my morning. Sorry for being a slacker and passing out before you posted this last night. I love it! I love you! You totally rocked! Um, how long is the state fair in town for? And if you really, really wanna see some special people come to KY’s in Louisville – its Aug 19-29! Thats what you and B should come down for – we would have SO MUCH fun!!!

6 08 2010
Stacy Marie

Gorgeous pups!

6 08 2010

Ok I’m FINALLY watching this. So sad I didn’t catch it last night. I’m going to comment as I watch:

1. Thanks for the shout-out!
2. I think I have crooked ears, too. Is that how you spell crooked? It looks weird.
3. Your voice is not AT ALL what I pictured it. Like, not at all. I thought you’d have a deeper voice for some reason lol.
4. We should all pitch in and buy you a fryer, apparently.

6 08 2010

You are too stinkin’ cute, Twinner!

And I respectfully disagree with whoever commented up there that you do not have an accent. You SO do (to me), and it’s totes cute.

Thank you for answering my questions! I so wish you would have eaten something gross on camera. We are going out for steaks as SOON as I get there!

MY GLASSES ARE CROOKED TOO! Except it’s because of my crooked nose from where I sustained a serious injury on a playground that left a bump in my nose. I want to see your crooked ears.

Love the VLOG! ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 08 2010

Good Job!

I’ve got a black pug, a boston terrier, and a boston rat terrier so I love your pups they’re so cute!

6 08 2010

lol, I have been uber slacking on my Reader lately and just stumbled across this…but I LOVED it! First off, I’m happy to know that someone else out there has crooked ears, too!

And I can’t decide which pup I like the most…I’m a sucker for black pugs sooooo…..


6 08 2010


I love this. Now you make me want to jump on the vlog train. Curses!

6 08 2010
Aubrey @ My Simple Everyday

You’re so fun! Looking forward to more.

7 08 2010

OK Layla did # 2 – where is your # 2!? Get the new iphone and make a video with it @ the state fair!!!

9 08 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

i love you barbara jackson!!!

9 08 2010
Vlogging, here I come? | She likes ruffles, he likes truffles

[…] a bit nervous at the prospect but I’m open to trying it out, due to the success of my buddies kjpugs and Layla; I thoroughly enjoyed their vlog […]

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