Bed Bath & Beyond, Yo!

8 08 2010

I promise my NJ party recaps are coming. But no one ever reads blogs on weekends so I’m waiting for during the week.

But speaking of the party, we received some AMAZING gifts. A few mugs (including pug themed ones!), a picture album, dip mixes, and even a beautiful salad dish and salad tossers with a few dollar bills in there as the “salad.” (Seriously- how creative is that?!?!) And of course, we received a few gift cards. Including a $100 one to Bed Bath & Beyond! Who couldn’t spend $100 in under a minute at that store. We decided to spice up our day with a trip to BBB and boy, am I glad we did.

B had talked about getting a food processor, and I really wanted a Crock Pot. We ended up getting both! The sad part was we forgot to bring coupons (you know how BBB always has one) but they told us we could go back and get the price adjusted with just the coupon and our receipt. (So if anyone has any via email, feel free to forward to me!)

We went by the food processors and saw these little bitties, aka the mini food processors. Since we already have a blender, a 3-cup capacity food processor fits all our food processing needs. $40? Done!

Next we walked by the slow cookers. We weighed the pros and cons of the models, and decided on this one for $50.

Naturally we wanted some other little things. I wanted a kitchen timer since our microwave one confuses me and more than once, the power has gone out when I’ve used it (it goes out a lot in IN during the summer) or I’ve turned it off while using the microwave. So we got this one that’s magnetic and has a stand for $10.

We cut onions almost every day, and hate dirtying our large cutting board to do so. So we got this $7 Chop and Scoop mini cutting board.

And last but not least, we did some organizing! This $6 accessory saved our cabinet. Our corner cabinet looked like this:

And now looks like this:

Naturally, I’m pretty jazzed.

And I think I’m going to do a giveaway that has something to do with this. Very little to do with it, mind you. I’m not giving away an appliance. But today’s antics got me thinking about a possible giveaway. So don’t de-follow me just yet!




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8 08 2010
Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Whee for new kitchen gadgets and organizing!

How was the pizza?

8 08 2010

Ahem, *I* read blogs on weekends.

(I need a life.)

(and a job)

8 08 2010

I know right?! I told B today how my readership drops horribly on weekends and he was perplexed. I read them more on the weekend! I guess some people are able to read them at work and take a break on weekends… Lucky them.

8 08 2010

I love Bed, Bath, and Beyond! We have a $50 gift card we’ve been waiting to use there. I love that you and B both had something you want – David wants one of those glass drink containers on a stand that lots of people use at weddings (??) and I’m still trying to decide what I ‘need.’ Oh, and PS! You can use multiple coupons (at least at ours) so the last time we were there we were buying a wedding present and we bought them 3 sets of glasses and used a 20% off coupon on each of them! If you sign up to get the coupons in the mail you’ll get like one a week and they never expire! They say they do, but they’ll still let you use them. Love that place.

Ok, I just wrote a novel about Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I need a life and a job too. Can’t wait for your recaps!

8 08 2010

Sadly, I’m with Layla (need a life; need a job). Haha! I read blogs 24/7…

I wanted to let you know that you CAN use the expired coupons at BBB. They have told me that before and that they will let you use up to 3 coupons for 3 items on any one transaction. They said you can always bring in the expired ones too!!

And I have a crockpot that I was very content with until I just saw yours!!! *DROOOOOOL* I love that it even has that metal rack in the bottom!! That would be pefect for canning cucumbers to make pickles (you need to do a warm bath and the bottle cant touch the bottom of the pan .. it’s a crazy process).

8 08 2010

pefect = perfect … I hate when I misspell

9 08 2010

I’m in love with BB&B! I’m also uber jealous of your crockpot. Ours doesn’t have a timer on it and we work too long of days to actually use it otherwise.

PS I always check your blog for weekend updates, obvi I have no life!

9 08 2010

Oooo I love what you did with your corner cabinet! Ours looks like a cluster. I heart BB&B!

9 08 2010
Cindy G.

I love going to Bed, Bath & Beyond! Mike hates it because I usually spend an hour in the kitchen gadget area πŸ™‚ Looks like you got some great things.

9 08 2010

I don’t let myself go to BBB. Or Pier 1. Because it makes me sad that I can’t buy EVERYTHING (or usually, anything, because we’re broke ass college students). But I bought one of those totally awesome aero gardens with one of our gift cards for our wedding – fresh basil is frickin’ awesome!

9 08 2010

My fat behind sits in front of a computer all day long at work, I try to force myself not to touch one on the weekends – I even try to shun facebook on Sat & Sun.

Also: I spy a Pampered Chef pizza stone. It took me forever to buy one but now that I have it – I’m never giving it up.

9 08 2010

Bed, Bath and Beyond has the greatest set of sheets ever! It is the Euca-Lyptus Queen Sheet Set! I’m pretty obsessed. You should check them out. I’ve already convinced two other people that the need them.

9 08 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

Yeah I try to not write on the weekends because I know nobody reads (I’m one of them… and today is shatty trying to catch up. I love that organizer thing I need one… and the scoop and chop?! NEED IT NOW! Mostly because I tend to shop on the opposite side of the pan I’m cooking in and I try to magically run food across the kitchen haha

11 08 2010

Oh, I forgot about the scoop and chop (adding to registry now)! I love our food processor. Love it! And our crock pot (which we bought a year ago – I like chili too much to not have already had one).

12 08 2010


As a quick aside–I know I don’t comment that often lately (will be better after the wedding I promise!) but I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! Girl, we need to be real life friends, mmmk? I think we have the same damn personality [which is to say, we are both wicked cool]. Keep all these great posts coming! πŸ™‚

12 08 2010
Lil Giveaway! « kjpugs: ordinary in indiana

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