kjpugs Pampering

8 08 2010

I was having an off day yesterday so Big Daddy promised a kjpugs pampering day for today (Saturday. Although I think this will post in the wee hours of Sunday.) Pampering, of course, means food and beer.

When I got off work at Old Navy at 2:00, I came home to a sweet card from my man and my pugs!

My non-artist husband drew the pugs. I was on the floor laughing.

Sophie’s hanging teats, Harles’ scowl, and Dixie’s confused Bugg look, asking for a belly rub. Perfection!

After I had gotten over the cuteness of the card, we went up to Mellow Mushroom in Carmel, Indiana. It’s a chain (but not like Applebee’s or something… a smaller chain) that I became addicted to in college.

The place is really trippy looking:

Their ingredient list is extensive and a lot of their menu items are organic, gluten-free, etc. They’re pretty accessible, I guess. I just remember there was some crazy spinach shortage due to infected spinach (back in 2006) and they had it still available- when no one else did- because their controlled growing conditions kept theirs safe. Or something.

We had some pretzels to start. Their dough (both for pretzels and pizza dough) is a honey-wheat type flavor and absolutely IRRESISTIBLE. On both the crust and the pretzels, they top it with Parmesan and you then die from happiness.

Then our pizzas arrived. Mine was a red sauce base with red onions, bacon, and pesto. I would’ve added goat cheese if they had it. B had a BBQ style pizza with BBQ base, regular onions, bacon, cheddar, and chicken.

Pesto as a topping? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Buy a jar if you’re not familiar, and just experiment. You will be happy.

When we got home, I got a wonderful surprise… my alma mater’s magazine (Elon University) came and our wedding announcement was featured in the little catching up section! (That’s where promotions, marriages, births, and deaths are announced.)

It makes me a little pooped out that they listed ’07 since I technically graduated in December 2006. But Elon doesn’t have a December graduation so I had to walk in May 2007. I love that our pugs made the magazine! There was also then a little blurb saying when and where we were married, what I do, and where we live. If any Elon grads were in attendance you list them too but none came to our wedding.

We purchased a few items at Fresh Market this afternoon for dinner and future meals. It’s expensive, but amazing. B cooked these ridiculously good potatoes on the grill – they were 2 yellow and 2 red ones (the small ones) cut up into smaller pieces, with white onion bits, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, sugar, cayenne, parsley, butter, and olive oil. Talk about flavor! We are definitely making these again. We also had grilled sweet corn and B had some flank steak. I had leftover pizza (that I was so full from potatoes and corn I forgot to eat!) so I told B to pick a protein he really liked and not worried about me.

I also got a great beer recommendation at Kahn’s, an alcohol super-store near us. We have tried many Three Floyds beers before, but never their Pride & Joy Mild Ale. It’s like a really drinkable IPA. Amazing. I went in there not really knowing what I wanted, yet someone… THEY knew. Creeeeppppyyyy!

So tonight… we’ve been partying, if partying means just the two of us drinking beers with full bellies and mindless TV.

And it’s awesome.




10 responses

8 08 2010

I adore days like that! Love B’s card – he definitely got the pugs exactly right! So cute and sweet!!! πŸ™‚

8 08 2010
Jessica Lynn

Oh my gosh, have you tried MM’s Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza? Freaking amazing! I was hesitant to try it at first, because I’m not very adventurous with pizza, but I tried it when my friends got it and now that’s the only pizza I get. Looks like a great night!

8 08 2010

I used to get caesar salad pizza at a pizza joint in NJ, and saw MM’s and was intrigued. I’ll have to try it next time!!!!

8 08 2010

Aw, B’s so sweet. Does he give lessons?

8 08 2010

Aww that card is stinkin cute!! And thanks for another new restaurant Brad and I will have to try!! WOOHOO!! You are like my Indianapolis tour guide (even though I’ve lived here 99% of my life).

8 08 2010

My hubs used to do cards like that for me… I cleverly reminded him by showing him B’s card…

We lost our Mellow Mushroom a few years ago; one day they just up and closed. It was weird. The only time I went I made the mistake of ordering a calzone. Seriously, they didn’t put ricotta in it. Total fail. Everyone told me I’d have to try it again because it was totally awesome pizza, but then they shut down before I had the chance. But that pesto pie looks super delish!

Hope all that yummy food, beer and pug card made your day!

8 08 2010

Aww nights at home like yours are our favorites too. =)

8 08 2010

Awww that card is adorable! And I’ve got to go snatch my Elon mag from my parents’ house so I can see your announcement! I don’t even know how to submit one…if I ever get my photos I guess I should do it too!

8 08 2010

OMG I love Mellow Mushroom. We had one just a few blocks from campus (our house) until one day it closed. For no apparent reason.
My heart is still a little empty inside.
Glad you had a wonderful time!

9 08 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

I love partying with my husband. It’s my favorite πŸ™‚ And I sooo badly want to go to Mellow Mushroom. It looks bombdig.

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