Wonderful Jersey

10 08 2010

Back to some Jersey recaps. If you say Joisey, I will cut you.

Going to my mom’s new place with B was such a great experience. After I stopped being sleep deprived, I realized my mom had wayyy more wedding festivity photos up than I did. She ordered an album (nothing fancy, just pictures in a nice, heavy-duty album) and had at least 6 framed photos, including a wedding collage. Additionally, she had a collage framed from my bachelorette party!

She also has up some of my artwork… yes, kjpugs used to be an artist. I don’t have the time to breathe, let alone enjoy hobbies anymore (except blogging.) But I used to be a great artist, and mostly did pencil drawings. This one was the most prominently displayed.

That’s a drawing I did in somewhere around 2002 of my sister Rosh. Who is no longer that innocent looking. To the right are our senior pictures.

I still sometimes get the urge to draw when I see a cute newborn or younger kid in a picture that just screams “draw me!” But I digress.

I last left off with our Friday trip to the beach. Saturday, we woke up, had bagels (obv) and then my Mommers and I got mani-pedis. I found a new color I love, Jazz from Essie. It’s a “neutral creamy beige-taupe.” Still trying to locate it.

Then we hit the pool in my mom’s neighborhood for some rays, and then got ready for my friend Jackie’s birthday party. We went for some upscale Mexican first. My meal wasn’t so great, but B really liked his. His was also really pretty:

B and I were just happy to be in NEW JERSEY eating Mexican!

You should know up front that Jackie HATES taking pictures. Jem, though, loves them. Luckily for me since I’m also a photo whore 🙂

The whole crew:

After, we went to Jackie’s and a few more of my girls showed up!

Me and Jess:

Me and Nicole:

And of course, me and Jem:

This is very typical of us aka HK & DMA. Don’t ask. It’s very not politically correct and a wave of de-follows would ensue. I’m not up for that.

We tried to get our act together for Jackie’s cake and it went um not so much as planned.

Finally we convinced Jackie to take a real picture. Thank goodness because she is beautiful and I miss her pretty face.

(We rehabbed the “2” tempoarily)

These are my girls. I have two wonderful “groups” of friends in NJ and this is one of them. The girls I underage drank with. The girls I rode to school with. The ones I picked colleges with. The ones I permed my hair with (uh, yea.)

We then made it out to a bar where, unlike usual, I managed to not take any pictures.

Everyone (including my guy friends from high school) managed to be really nice and welcoming to B, effortlessly. Which is more than I could say for many of his friends here towards me. It was so great to be around a group of people who are just genuinely nice and good individuals, not to mention fun and caring! I was on cloud nine all weekend.

Up next? Our party the next day!




17 responses

10 08 2010

You look so cute in all of those pictures and that drawing is insane!! You’re so talented! I’m excited to hear more about your trip!

10 08 2010

You’re crazy talented, you secretly crazy talented lady! Looks like you had a blast!

10 08 2010

That pencil drawing is beautiful. I think you should open up shot and sketch people’s wedding photos. I’ll be your first customer. How much do you want? 🙂

10 08 2010

Thanks so much Hannah! I have a few things I’d love to open up an etsy shop for a few things but alas, two jobs kills my time and creativity. Although if you don’t mind waiting possibly forever, I could practice with one of your pics! LOL

11 08 2010

Seriously, if you ever have free time and want to do some sketches on the side let me know!

Glad you had a fab time at home and your Jersey friends are so great with B.

11 08 2010
Cindy G.

Looks like you had a great time! That picture you drew of your sister is really good. I used to be an artist too…my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Can’t wait to hear about the party the next day 🙂

11 08 2010

I’m sorry, DA VINCI.



11 08 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

My talented little bestie 🙂

You can see how extremely happy you are at HOME in Joisey (muwahha). Looks like you had such a great time!

11 08 2010

Sooo guess who CAN see your blog at work?!? ME! ME! Love it, I have so much catching up to do ❤

11 08 2010

Yesss!!!!! I guess I am work approved?

Next step… Twitter!!!

11 08 2010

Um you’re amazing at drawing!! Wow….I’m so jealous. Very, very nice 🙂

Looks like you had a spectacular time w/ your girls from home. I love going home and getting the hometown gang together. It hardly ever happens, but when it does it’s pretty crazy. Glad that your friends accepted B. I know how nerve-wracking it can be.

11 08 2010

Dang, you are talented my dear! Very lovely drawing. I love that your mom has so many pics displayed in her place! Awww!

12 08 2010

OH my gosh Kel, I didn’t know you had that hidden talent. Its awesome! So you’re totally going to draw me a picture one day, ok!? Promise? Great, glad we agreed on that 😉 Second, I wanna know the unPC stuff – email me because I’m dying to know!

12 08 2010

So, I’m jumping in line behind all of these lovely ladies on your list of new customers for your artwork. Seriously, you have an awesome talent!

So glad you had so much fun in Jersey! Girlfriends are the best!

12 08 2010

H0ly crap you’re talented. I second the notion that you should quit 1 of the jobs & go for the Etsy shop – you’d prob make a ton of $$.

I would NEVERRRR say “joisey” but I will ask the million $$ Q:
Which is it?
– Hoagie
– Grinder
– Sub


12 08 2010

LOL you are too kind! I wanted to do an etsy shop for painted birdhouses (random) before. I love doing these pictures, they’re more commissioned stuff for friends though cause they take for-EVER.

As for hoagie/sub/grinder I didn’t eat meat until I moved to NC so I have no idea!!! I still BARELY ever get them except the occasional meatball sub from subway. I just call ’em what the store does here!!!

13 09 2010
NJ Wedding Celebration Recap « kjpugs: ordinary in indiana

[…] trip to NJ was PHENOMENAL. We left off here. The next day, August 1, will go down as one of the absolute best days I’ve had. B said he […]

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